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Blair to become the next Nixon

February 1, 2007

Hi Grit

The “Cash for honours” saga is continuing to gather momentum. Last week Blair was secretly iblair-1a.JPGnterviewed by the police for the second time over the scandal. One Scottish party leader suggested that, instead of his friendship with George Bush, perhaps the British public should be looking more towards his likeness to Richard Nixon. From the response by Blair, it was easy to see that this current development has him rattled and the bookmakers, who don’t often back a loser, lowered the odds of him being charged from 12/1 to 7/1. Perhaps the picture from earlier was not so far off the mark

As he approaches retirement, the man has now achieved a record that no other previous PM can compete with. Tony Blair is the first Prime Minister to be interviewed by the police. As simply a mere citizen, it would seem to me that the honorable thing to do at this stage is to step down. However, that does have its down side.

Waiting in the wings to take over the job is George Brown, a Scotsman. Bearing in mind that a vote in Scotland yesterday showed that 74% of Scottish people thought that being part of the Union (UK) was a mistake, I have visions of us English people being cast adrift in a Dunkirk type flotilla of small vessels as Scotland takes over the entire country.

the Brit 

Death by hanging

January 31, 2007

Hi Grit,

You will remember all the todo there was about Sadam Hussain’s hanging? I have just found another very descriptive, detailed and gruesome account of a hanging in Scotland, although without video. You might well be wondering how this could be, bearing in mind that the UK no longer have the death penalty.

The answer is that this hanging took place 178 years ago. It involved a man named “Burke” of Burke and Hare fame. You will note that the media coverage then, was just as outrageous as it is now. However, in those days at least the public did not hide their feelings, being prepared to pay 20 shillings (must be over £20,000 now) to watch the event.

Just goes to show that, despite the technological and civilisation advances, we still have the same basic instincts as we did then.

the Brit

A little help on Scottish independence!

January 16, 2007

Hi Brit,

This one has gone right over my head, Blair warns against Scottish independence.  When you get the time, I and, hopefully, our readers would like your input on this.  I’m hoping that this isn’t leading up to something like our War of Northern Aggression, more commonly know as the Civil War.

the Grit