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Weird Animal tales

January 16, 2007

Hi Grit

I came across some really weird news about animals this morning whilst rambling the web.

Fish & Flush

For those who get bored in the toilet, a US manufaturer has now come up with a loo that is also an aquarium. Well that’s a relief! I was wondering how I could make my time in the little room more enjoyable. Mind you, I think the fish might see it as the “fin” edge of the wedge.

Pandas too fat for nookie

Over in Taiwan, one of their male Pandas (331 pounds) is being rejected by it’s mate (253 pounds) because she can’t stand the weight (obesity that is). The frustrated male has obviously complained to his keepers, who have now put him on a diet.

Guess it makes a change from “not tonight, I’ve got a headache.”

Stowaway stinker

Police have been receiving complaints from California to Canada, about the stench emanating from a truck that made the 5,000 mile journey. The culprit was found to be a stowaway skunk.

However, the skunk is now having problems getting a lift home. Bus and Airline companies are refusing to carry it in case it creates similar problems on their transport. Animal rights people will no doubt raise a stink over this.

the Brit

Laws in the UK

January 14, 2007

Hi Grit

Just thought I would clarify a few things on the law. With regard to the RSPCA they, like other organisations have the ability to take action against people over issues that arise, as in the case of the dog, and get these cases to court. Similarly, individuals can take action against others, neigbours etc, for incidences such as the smoking situation I mentioned in an earlier post. These actions, usually classed under nuisance and the law of Tort, are usually taken through magistrates court and can, in some cases, lead to custodial sentences. However, depending on the severity cases can also be heard in crown courts.

There is no intermediary system of deciding whether cases going to court have any basis or not. Additionally, in most of the nuisance cases the onus is “guilty until you prove your innocence,” unlike the criminal code which is the reverse.

We also have several civil situation with optional penalties (the option being exercised by judges of course). For example, if you abandon your car for any reason, the penalty is decided between £2,500 in fines or 3 months in prison. Noise nuisance – the authorities have the power to remove the offending equipment, or take you to court, where other options come into play.

UK law is quite complex and in many areas can be seen to be quite irrational.

the Brit

Too much time on their hands

January 14, 2007

Hi Brit,

Y’all appear to have people with too much time on their hands, Fat dog pair convicted of cruelty.  This would seem to include the judge who allowed the case into court, assuming your judges have that authority.  It would be interesting to know how the RSPCA (related to our SPCA?) picked this particular dog to be concerned about. 

And, with a quick bit of research, I found a potential answer; England has Pet Nazis!  About the RSPCA – RSPCA today.  Which makes me even more confused about how things work over there.  If this is a charitable non-government organization, how do they have any inspection or enforcement power?  Can one of their uniformed thugs just waltz into your home and check out your pet?  Can just anyone off the street bring you to court on a criminal charge?  No wonder y’all don’t have laws against jaywalking.  A little help please.

the Grit