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Danielle Lloyd gets her teddy back

February 16, 2007

Hi Grit

I noticed today that one of the alleged “bullies and racists” from the big brother house seems to be getting her life back together. Danielle Lloyd, the 23 year old model, got a surprise Valentine’s gift with the return of her Teddy (the footballer that is). She was seen out in the back seats of a movie with him on valentine night, indulging in what all young love couples do in such a location, which is not watching the film!

Knowing how partial young women are to having an old teddy to cuddle in bed, I bet this has made Danielle’s nights far more comfortable and cuddly.

the Brit

Lies and damned lies!

January 31, 2007

Hi Brit,

If you need evidence that we have too many people making their living off “academic research” then here it is, Real men like romantic movies too: study.  OK, I admit that some of the chick-flick movies that my wife insists on watching are interesting, I would also point out that this is only true when the “romantic” aspect is alleviated by gratuitous nudity, violence, sex, action, murder, and other manly things.

the Grit