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And now for something completely disturbing

January 10, 2007

Hi Brit,

If this story doesn’t doesn’t conjure up some seriously disturbing mental images, you’re not taking the right drugs, Gere dances with Indian sex workers in AIDS fight.  Beyond the wild and frightening visualization of Gere doing a conga line down a mud covered street with thousands of Sari clad Indian whores chanting about condoms, just the fact that there are 600,000 women of the night in that area is enough to make one cringe.  Mumbai is thought to have 13 million people, so five percent of the population are hookers?  Even assuming that some are commuting just for the chance to grab Richard Gere’s ass, this offers some astonishing insight into what is wrong with India; they’re sex obsessed savages.  No wonder y’all can afford food, you’re spending all your money on nookie.  This might also explain why your country is rapidly reaching standing room only status.  Fellas, for everyones’ sake, try keeping it in your pants for a few years.

the Grit