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For anyone who doesn’t know why we are fighting Islamic nut jobs…

February 20, 2007

Hi Brit,

While this may amuse you, it’s aimed mainly at those who turn a blind eye to the threat of Islamic fanatic, nut job, terrorists.  For the slow among you, that would mainly be liberals.  Here is a little picture on the future you are aiding and abetting, Islamic spies to snoop on lovers.  I would point out that they are going to these lengths just so the RELIGIOUS POLICE can arrest unmarried heterosexuals kissing in public.  Note that they will arrest you for KISSING.  If the one eyed worm makes an appearance, they kill you.  What they do to homosexual displays of affection, is worse.  Considering the sexual behavior of our elected representatives, I am surprised that we haven’t nuked every Muslim country off the face of the Earth.

the Grit