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Political corruption does not affect voters

February 3, 2007

Hi Grit

This latest comment from Tony Blair has to be shows just how contemptuous politicians are of their voters. In a speech to the Labour party’s National Policy Forum he will tell them that the voter will not pay any attention to the “cash for honours” or any other political scandal for that matter.

Obviously we, the voters, have no morals and do not expect our politicans to be trustworthy. Despite that, we of course will be dumb enough to believe that these corrupt people will make decisions that are in our interests. The contempt with which the current crop of politicians hold the public beggars belief.

Over the past decade or so politicians have introduced stringent corporate governance laws and regulations onto commercial enterprises to stop corruption and ensure transparancy, as well as introducing extensive big brother tactics to monitor the behaviour of citizens. In my opinion it is high time that these were made applicable to the politicians themselves.

the Brit

Happy birthday to the King

January 8, 2007

Hi Brit,

As I’m sure everyone knows, Elvis was born on this day back in 1935.  I suspect this anniversary is what provoked my usually unreliable source to send me this:


“This photograph documents the first meeting between President Nixon and Elvis.  However, it is not going to be the last time the two will meet.  The bodies of each were quick frozen immediately upon their deaths and the corpses will be among the cargo shipped to the secret polar moon base.  The plan is to clone them and, using secret military technology, copy their memories into their new brains.  Nixon is being included because some of The Powers That Be suspect he still has deep cover operatives in their organization who will sabotage the escape project if the ex-president isn’t included.  Elvis is going because, well why not.”

I must say, I hope at least part of this is true.

the Grit