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No cover up here!

February 8, 2007

Hi Brit,


I mentioned earlier that Paris Hilton needed to release another sex tape to take attention away from her recent bout of Politically Incorrectness.  Well, there is a new celebrity sex tape about to be released, although it only stars a friend of Paris, Vivid Acquires Kim Kardashian Sex Tape for $1 Million.  It seem, as usual, the tape was stolen and sold by a Third Party.  Even pop culture tarts of Hilton’s stature can’t sell such a thing, since that would make them actual whores instead of just sluts.  While Kim doesn’t look all that trashy in the above photo, she tramps up pretty good:


The other amateur porn star in the flick is someone or something named Ray J.  My guess is that this is just a warm up for another Paris Porn Picture to get her back in the good standing with her Hollywood friends.  Of course, if celebrity sex tapes fall out of favor, will Kim and Paris be required to attend pornhab?

the Grit

Sienna stirring something

February 1, 2007

Hi Grit

It seems like Sienna’s new film is causing a stir across the celebrity pages, and it is not about the quality of the film in general, but concentrating on one particular lovemaking scene with her co-star. Apparently, even some of the guys at the movie lot are saying that this performance was more than just acting.

Sienna’s management says it just shows what a good actress she is. Meanwhile, the two stars are refusing to comment on the rumours. Whether it is real or not, it will certainly increase the box office receipts and increase their fees for future filmwork.

I hope it was acting, because I have had enough of reality media for a while.

the Brit

Lies and damned lies!

January 31, 2007

Hi Brit,

If you need evidence that we have too many people making their living off “academic research” then here it is, Real men like romantic movies too: study.  OK, I admit that some of the chick-flick movies that my wife insists on watching are interesting, I would also point out that this is only true when the “romantic” aspect is alleviated by gratuitous nudity, violence, sex, action, murder, and other manly things.

the Grit