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Man’s penis can be seen from space

February 1, 2007

Hi Grit

My apologies for lowering the tone, but I just could not resist this piece of news. It appears that two schoolboys from Southampton (UK), used weedkiller on their school field, to burn the shape of a penis into it. Obviously, the school reseeded the area as soon as they found out, but this was not before the image was picked up on a satellite image.

Do you think the women from Venus might be having second thoughts? Perhaps this is why Aliens are not that keen to visit.

the Brit


Feminism taking over the world

February 1, 2007

Hi Grit

Maybe it is time for the male of the species to pack their bags and head off into the jungle. From recent reports here in the UK, it appears that the ladies are taking over the world. From records of University is transpires that the number of female students now outnumber males by 4 to 1 and it is rising. It is anticipated that within a few years the majority of doctors will be female, and the bastions of the Corporate boards is being invaded in a similar fashion.

One of the problems with the scales tipping this way attracts to the relationship issue. Scientists (them again!) who have studied the growing gender divide, are saying that ladies will not enter relationships with men who are IQ inferior. In fact the optimum for a relationship is that the male IQ should exceed the female by 16 points. If not, the female prefers monogomy. Hence why there is a shortage of males to marry.

I can actually see the situation being reached where, instead of a kiss on the first date, the first show of affection will be an IQ test! A month spent in a reference library seems to be beckoning.

the Brit

Lies and damned lies!

January 31, 2007

Hi Brit,

If you need evidence that we have too many people making their living off “academic research” then here it is, Real men like romantic movies too: study.  OK, I admit that some of the chick-flick movies that my wife insists on watching are interesting, I would also point out that this is only true when the “romantic” aspect is alleviated by gratuitous nudity, violence, sex, action, murder, and other manly things.

the Grit