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Britney suicide attempt

February 22, 2007

Hey Grit

I know we have been following the antics of Britney over the last few months, but this latest report must be the most worrying for her family and friends as well as the girl herself. It seems that, after leaving the rehab clinic, and following on from a row with her ex over the custody of her two children, Britney tried to commit suicide by walking in front of traffic.

In my view, the time has come for someone to take a serious view of this situation. It is obvious from the laxity of the rehab centre that they are more interested in the dollar and promotion impact of having a “headline grabbing” star in their clinic than actually doing the young girl any good. At the same time everything she does appears on the media within minutes, which suggests that someone, somewhere, is feeding them with information. Thus it must appear to Britney that there is no way out of this circus and that she stands a good chance of losing the two people she loves most, her children.

Granted Britney has bought a lot of the media attention onto herself by her antics. But there comes a time when they have to sit back and consider the psychological impact of their constant hounding of her. Maybe the time has come for them to back off and leave the girl to sort out her relationship and other problems out in private. And maybe the time has come for her friends, family and other hangers-on to take a step back and concentrate on helping Britney to recover from whatever demons are haunting her.

We have already had one celebrity suicide in the last few weeks with Anna Nicole Smith. Let us not allow the press and our own insatiable curiosity lead to another one.

the Brit 

The Church of Britney

February 14, 2007

Hi Brit,

Funny you should bring up Britney Spears and church, since my usually unreliable source sent me this at lunch:

“There is a new movement, based only on Internet contact, that is seriously disturbing the Powers That Be in many countries, The Church of Holy Britney.  This semi-religious movement is based upon interpreting her song lyrics and public activity in a prophetic light.  Some of the conclusions of the nameless high priests of this “Church” are considered by those in charge to be dangerously subversive and/or a potential danger to the general public.  For instance, the line, “Hit me baby one more time,” has been interpreted as meaning that the US and France, which have each had one revolution, are due another.  Since contact over the Internet is so anonymous, the only ready method of identifying members of this rapidly growing cult is by their act of devotion, as expressed by not wearing underwear.  It is not known at this time if Britney is involved in this, or even knows of its existence.”

Well, I know I’m going to be looking at the other people in the checkout line differently from now on.

the Grit

Anna Nicole Smith – Death attracts vultures

February 12, 2007

annanicolesmith_wideweb__470×3610.jpgHi Grit

No doubt you will have heard of the death of the former “UK page three” topless model Anna Smith last week, pictured right with Howard Stern, one of three male companions who claim paternity of her son. Anna’s death is being blamed, allegedly, on a drugs overdose, although this has not been officially confirmed as yet.

What I find disturbing about all this is the way the Media and Solicitors have pounced upon this news. Within hours of her death the media are setting up “ratings attracting” programmes, such as the two aired by Fox News and NBC, with fox seeing a 400,000 increase in viewers. Similarly, the Internet was immediately flooded with articles for sale and videos ostensibly of the actions of paramedics at the scene of here death. Then followed the legal fight over her estate, particular her house where, subsequent to her death, the locks have been changed twice by parties that feel their client has a right to the property. Most distasteful of all is the fight over her son, with three men claiming paternity. It seems to me like they are all trying to gain some benefit from the newsworthy aspects of the lady’s life.

It is strange how the “vulture” instinct seems to grab the public when a celebrity dies, irrespective of their views of the person when they were alive.

the Brit

One more to add to the “exposed tart” list!

February 6, 2007

Hi Brit,

You seem to be correct in your theory that there is a knicker shortage.  What, I must wonder, is the origin of that word?  Anyway, Mischa Barton, who ever she is, has joined the Britney club, Mischa Barton shows off her butt in tights.  So, was there a health notice that I missed warning of the dangers of underwear? 

the Grit