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Hi Dixie Twits!

February 12, 2007

Hi Brit,

I suspect this will confuse and bore you, but I have to get it out of my system, sorry.


 The musical group, Dixie Chicks, who made their name as a country-western group, screwed up several years ago and let their lead singer open up her fat mouth about politics.  She,  Natalie Maines, during a concert in a foreign country just had to go and bad mouth President Bust.  Of course, the vast majority of their fan base, including me, were conservatives, and their music quickly dropped off the play list for country music radio stations.  To me, this was a great shame, as I really enjoyed their music.  Of course, after they associated themselves with a political ideology, it totally ruined the experience foe me, and several million other people.  This action has put a major hurt on their career ever since.  However, their new liberal friends have tossed them a bone, in the way of five Grammy awards.  Of course, this is probably not that much help, as liberals are hardly likely to purchase their music, let alone enjoy it.  In my view, all entertainers should learn a lesson from this, and keep their political views to themselves.

the Grit