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Christians uniting over genital obsession

February 20, 2007

Hi Grit

You may or may not have heard that there are moves afoot in Europe for the uniting of the Anglican Church, our Church of England with the Catholic Church, run by the Vatican, an event which first came to light a couple of days ago. Bearing in mind the colossal wealth that these two organisations have, one might have been forgiven for believing that this was an international merger on a scale of some the global corporate mergers that have become so prevalent in recent years. After all the Church of England is one of the largest property owners in the UK, and the Vatican domain is worth a few dollars more. However, it appears that this is not the case.

It appears from current reports, that this merger is due more to the fixation on genital issues than a blend of faith or merging of wealth. Some see this merger as an attempt by the more progressive elements of the Anglican Church to become combined with a more liberal hiearchy. Perhaps I should explain. There is at present a continuing rumbling debate in the Church of England over the issues of women clergy, homsexuality and single sex marriages, some of which I have mentioned before. The old school people in the C of E, do not like this situation at all, wishing to remain in their pre-liberal days.

Apparently, the new school see this merger as an opportunity of tipping the ruling balance in their favour as the Catholic Church has a far more liberal and outgoing approach to these suxual matters. Obviously as the Catholics in Europe outnumber the C of E, theirs would be the deciding voice.

There was I thinking that the clergy wore long robes to present a united front to the world, but it appears I was wrong. It seems that all along, it is a cover up for fixation. Do you think anyone has asked God for his views?

the Brit

Naked Sunday Christina

February 7, 2007

Hi Grit

Yet more stars are at the “naked” thing. This time it is the pop singer Christina Aguilera. In a recenchristina.jpgt interview she revealed that she and her husband make Sunday a special “naked” day. It is a move to keep the marriage alive and interesting.

Christina confirmed that they even cook in the buff, which seems like a brave move, especially if you are preparing a roast dinner. I guess if they are worshippers the local minister and his congregation must be quite understanding as well.

However, I don’t think I will follow this craze.

the Brit

Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Lyndsey Lohan: Prosti-tots

February 6, 2007

Hi Grit

I think I must have come across brit_paris_lindsay_002.jpgthe only article that mentions all of the above mentioned girls in one breath. Recounting how at one time all of these girls were friends, and their ability to be able to individually or together garner fame, usually by actions or photographs that are less than tasteful, the newspaper in question reveals that yet again they have come together in a media circus.

The story is that time, in a recent issue posed the question whether the three girls have too much influence on the youth of today, with the cover asking whether we are raising a youth of prosti-tots. Surprisingly 77% agreed with this hypothesis. I find this surprising in that this must mean that the other 23% disagree. Based on internet statistics, it would seem that the lower percentage are either far more vocal and active than those who agree, or the agreeing percentage still go off and buy the papers, read the magazines and click on all the stories about them.

It’s a strange world sometimes.

the Brit

Britney Spears knickerless is catching.

February 3, 2007

Hi Grit

It seems like the knickerless trend started by Britney Spears is catching. The latest celebrity to get in on the Act is Jemima Khan, who decided to attend her 33rd birthday party in a PVC dress with nothing left to the imagination. This from a lady who was totally covered at her wedding to Imran Khan.

Popular opinion has it that Jemima was trying to keep her boyfriend’s (Hugh Grant) mind of his ex-flame Liz Hurley. In police terms over here they would call that entrapment!

I must be getting old because I really don’t see the point of this sort of behaviour. Are all these ladies just trying to put flesh impetous into their careers?

the Brit

Paris Hilton for $50K?

January 27, 2007

Hi Grit

It appears that one inventive company had the idea of of offering Paris Hilton to every male that wanted her – in the form of a lifesize blow up doll. However, their plans have received a minor setback as the lady herself has refused to endorse the product. Bearing in mind the other videos etc., that are flooding the net regarding the heiress, I find this decision somewhat at odds with her other activities.

Nevertheless it appears that the company is going ahead with their plans. Of course there is one obstacle to those wishing to indulge themselves – the price tag. $50K for a doll, whatever its capabilities, is a staggering amount and, in my view, you have to be seriously deranged to even think about it.

Paris Hilton might well be in trouble with her own career and life, but she is certainly creating a dollar bandwagon for others.

the Brit

Britney has found Ghost of knickers future

January 25, 2007

Hi Grit

I was pleased to see from a story in your press that Britney has finally come to her senses and been out shopping – for knickers. At least this will save the press a fortune on flash cameras. Mind you, they could be for her new boyfiend. Who knows?

However, I also noticed that according to one satirist, that she has been seeing ghosts – of her dead career.

the brit

Something to make you feel good about yourself.

January 2, 2007

Hi Brit,

If you, or anyone else out there, is feeling a bit down about yourself going into the new year, check out this picture, and you’ll know things could be worse.

the Grit

I like stupid people…

January 1, 2007

Hi Brit,

While I know I shouldn’t, I really like stupid people.  Heck, we all need something to feel superior about 🙂  Today, I’ve been gifted with this, Mannequin fetishist could get life.  OK, I could care less about this guy’s unnatural feelings about molded plastic.  However, considering the reasonable prices for which mannequins are available on the open market, why not just buy some instead of winding up in jail for stealing them?  Thank Mr. Mannequin guy; you’ve made my day.

the Grit