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Britney suicide attempt

February 22, 2007

Hey Grit

I know we have been following the antics of Britney over the last few months, but this latest report must be the most worrying for her family and friends as well as the girl herself. It seems that, after leaving the rehab clinic, and following on from a row with her ex over the custody of her two children, Britney tried to commit suicide by walking in front of traffic.

In my view, the time has come for someone to take a serious view of this situation. It is obvious from the laxity of the rehab centre that they are more interested in the dollar and promotion impact of having a “headline grabbing” star in their clinic than actually doing the young girl any good. At the same time everything she does appears on the media within minutes, which suggests that someone, somewhere, is feeding them with information. Thus it must appear to Britney that there is no way out of this circus and that she stands a good chance of losing the two people she loves most, her children.

Granted Britney has bought a lot of the media attention onto herself by her antics. But there comes a time when they have to sit back and consider the psychological impact of their constant hounding of her. Maybe the time has come for them to back off and leave the girl to sort out her relationship and other problems out in private. And maybe the time has come for her friends, family and other hangers-on to take a step back and concentrate on helping Britney to recover from whatever demons are haunting her.

We have already had one celebrity suicide in the last few weeks with Anna Nicole Smith. Let us not allow the press and our own insatiable curiosity lead to another one.

the Brit 

Feminism taking over the world

February 1, 2007

Hi Grit

Maybe it is time for the male of the species to pack their bags and head off into the jungle. From recent reports here in the UK, it appears that the ladies are taking over the world. From records of University is transpires that the number of female students now outnumber males by 4 to 1 and it is rising. It is anticipated that within a few years the majority of doctors will be female, and the bastions of the Corporate boards is being invaded in a similar fashion.

One of the problems with the scales tipping this way attracts to the relationship issue. Scientists (them again!) who have studied the growing gender divide, are saying that ladies will not enter relationships with men who are IQ inferior. In fact the optimum for a relationship is that the male IQ should exceed the female by 16 points. If not, the female prefers monogomy. Hence why there is a shortage of males to marry.

I can actually see the situation being reached where, instead of a kiss on the first date, the first show of affection will be an IQ test! A month spent in a reference library seems to be beckoning.

the Brit

Britney has found Ghost of knickers future

January 25, 2007

Hi Grit

I was pleased to see from a story in your press that Britney has finally come to her senses and been out shopping – for knickers. At least this will save the press a fortune on flash cameras. Mind you, they could be for her new boyfiend. Who knows?

However, I also noticed that according to one satirist, that she has been seeing ghosts – of her dead career.

the brit

Clinton and Bush – keeping it in the family

January 22, 2007

Hi Grit

I see that, after having the Bush father and son, your country is trying for a husband and wife in the hilary.jpgPresidency, with Hilary Clinton seeking to follow her rather “infamous” partner Bill into the White House. Is this a new trend with US politics, to keep it in the family? Based upon past records are we also to expect the possibility of Mother and daughter repeating the Bush and Bush trick, only this time daughter Chelsea following Hilary?

Oh and a little help if you please. I found this quote from the lady and wondered if you could interpret it for me?

 “I concluded, based on the work of my life time and my experience and my understanding of what our country has to confront in order to continue to make opportunity available to all of our citizens here and to restore our leadership and respect of America around the world, that I would be able to do that – to bring our country together to meet those tough challenges,”

the Brit

Pelosi at it again

January 5, 2007

Hi Grit

I see your new speakpelosi-1.jpger is at it again, promising a new and “open” congress. What really made me laugh is that she is also promoting ethics as part of her reforms. This is great considering the “cash in the freezer” (I really must look in mine), Mollohan’s suspicious property legislation and Murtha’s somewhat murky past.

Mind you, I think you have some real problems with Pelosi and the German chancellor both having a go at the same time.

By the way, does the large mallet she is wielding have any significance?

the Brit

Another men’s club falls!

January 3, 2007

Hi Brit,

Well, this one held out longer than most: Female Beefeater: towering milestone for women?  Of course, considering the Tower of London is a fortress, and prison, it’s not surprising that it took feminists over 50 decades to force their way in.  Although, as I recall, several women were incarcerated inside the Tower over the years, but I guess that doesn’t count as being gender integrated.  So, I tip my derby to the Yopeople for marching proudly into the present.  Now, let’s talk about the uniform…

the Grit