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Why scientists should stick to what they know.

January 17, 2007

Hi Brit,

This is something that has been stuck in my throat for years, Nuclear, climate perils push Doomsday Clock ahead.  These twits have been wrong for sixty years now, and still haven’t figured out that, while they may know how to design a nuclear bomb, they can’t find their collective ass with both collective hands when it comes to anything outside their extremely narrow area of expertise.  Now, besides dreaming that they are politicians, historians, generals, sociologists, head doctors, diplomats, and gods, they’ve added climatologists to their doctored resumes.  I’ve known plenty of scientists and engineers during my life and, while I respect their opinions in their field, I also know, that they don’t know, as a general rule, squat about anything else any more than the average person.  To me this is even worse than actors thinking they know how to solve the world’s problems, because these people are educated enough that they should know their limitations.  Of course, I noticed that one thing remains the same with the science elite, they know how to beg for money.  Check out their site at:

Notice that right from the start they have their hand out?  My advice, stick to what you know.  Quit wasting your time on things outside your realm of knowledge and go figure out fusion.

Sorry.  I suspect that was lingering resentment from college where one of my science professors wasted three days of class explaining why global Communism was the best course for the world to take.

the Grit