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The fix is in!

February 20, 2007

Hi Brit,

While I am not, generally speaking, a gambler, my usually unreliable source has given me the inside line on a sporting event:

“Read It’ll Be Trump vs. McMahon in Hairy Battle at Wrestlemania.  Considering that Donald Trump has been bald for years, and what some people assume to be hair on his head is actually a space alien, assigned to him by the Government to advise him in furthering the cause of the Military Industrial Complex, it is obvious that Trump will not loose his hair.  Actually, since Trump’s symbiont, known as “Curly,” is almost indestructible given our current state of technology, it would be very difficult to collect on the bet in any case.”

Well, that’s a load off my mind.  I’ve always wondered how someone why someone with that much money couldn’t do something with their hair.

the Grit

She’s not done yet

January 31, 2007

Hi Brit,

Remember the big to do over Miss USA, Tara Conner, boozing it up, almost loosing her crown, being forgiven by The Donald, and going to rehab (which solves all problems) ?  Well, she’s back with more confessions, Miss USA cops to coke use.  Is this a plea for attention and more rehab?  Will Mr. Trump utter his famous line?  Are they trying to push the Big Brother scandal off the front page?  Stay tuned, this could get interesting.

the Grit

Try it, Britney, one more time.

December 22, 2006

Brit,  I’m sorry to harp on Britney so much, but she keeps teasing me with tawdry tidbits, that I find too tempting to ignore.  After all the criticism she got for publicly displaying her naughty bits, it seems that lesson has been learned by the ditsy Deva.  Unfortunately, the burden of this new information seems to have driven the concept that underwear do not constitute a complete outfit from her mind.  Britney Parties In See-Through Lace, Rosie Objects

As to the part about Rosie O’Donnell having objections to Britney’s attire, or lack thereof, who cares?  Really Rosie, put a cork in it.  I’d think having Donald Trump, and a horde of high priced lawyers, looking to carve off a pound or two of your figurative flesh would make you tend to your own business.  Not that you don’t have plenty of flesh to spare, but I’d recommend a less painfully expensive method of weight loss.

the Grit