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The Great Race of 2008

January 27, 2007

Hi Brit,

As promised, here is a more in depth look at the Presidential race for 2008.  I would have got this to you sooner, but, there for awhile, people were entering faster than I could type.

First, a bit of background on how our elections work.  We have, basically, a two party system.  While other parties or even individuals can run, our laws make it exceedingly difficult for them to get on the ballot in enough states to have a serious chance.  Inside the two main parties, Republican and Democrat, they select one candidate to represent that party in the election.  This is done by a system of primary elections, where only the registered members of that party can vote.  These are done on a state by state basis, and state keep changing their laws trying to be one to hold an early primary.  That’s because the first few primaries get lots of attention from the candidates, and lots of money from political ads.  Most candidates will drop out after the initial handful of state races if they do poorly.  Once selected as the party’s choice, the candidate will choose a Vice Presidential partner and start trying to undo the damage done during the primaries.  This damage occurs, usually, because of nasty campaign tactics by other party members and, as only party members can vote, the candidates often have to take more extreme stands to please them.  One more thing, Federal law require that to start raising money, a candidate must either actually declare they are running (by filling out some paper work and paying a small fee) or start a committee to “investigate” the possibility of running, called an exploratory committee.

Off we go then:

Official Candidates:


          Sam Brownback

          John Cox

          Duncan Hunter


          Christopher Dodd

          John Edwards

          Mike Gravel

          Dennis Kucinich

          Tom Vilsack


          Don’t care

Semi-Official Candidates (started exploratory committee):


          Jim Gilmore

          Rudy Giuliani

          John McCain

          Ron Paul

          Mitt Romney

          Tom Tancredo

          Tommy Thompson


          Joe Biden

          Hillary Rodham Clinton

          Barack Oboma

          Bill Richardson


          Don’t care

Probable Candidates:


          Newt Gingrich

          Chuck Hagel

          Mike Huckabee

          George Pataki

         Mike Pence


          Wesley Clark

          Al Sharpton


          Don’t care

Keep in mind that more may have entered the race while I was typing this.  As to why there are so many, this is an unusual election.  Normally, either the setting President or Vice President will run and be the obvious choice for one party.  This also, depending on the popularity of that candidate, limits the number of people from the other side of the isle who think they can win.  Next year, Bush can’t, by law, run again and Cheney isn’t running, leaving things wide open in both parties.  I’ll fill in more about each later.

the Grit

The race for ’08 starting a bit early.

January 21, 2007

Hi Brit,

Since the campaign to be President in 2008 is starting a bit early, like a year early, we may as well start keeping track of the players.  Considering more Democrats have thrown their pleas for contributions into the ring, let’s start with them.

Barack Obama, man of mystery and little experience (7 years as a state senator and less than one term as US Senator) who’s early years are carefully left mentioned by the liberal press.  The candidate has been cautious about discussing anything of importance, including his stand on political issues.  We do know, however, that he is a fan of the Bears (American football team) and that there is a minor scandal, Barackwater, that may haunt him later.  Considering the trend in US political races toward massive amounts of negative campaign ads, Barack’s lack of history may be a valuable thing.  Oh, and you’re going to hear his middle name a lot, that being Hussein, as in Saddam Hussein.

Hillary Clinton.  Whitewater.  Socialized medicine.  Dead lawyer.  Monica.  Bill.  Scandal, scandal, scandal, and they’re all going to come back.  Besides, almost as many people hate her as hate Bush.  Still, she’s evil and conniving enough to have a shot at the Big Prize.  Plus, she’s got that selling her soul to the Devil thing going.

Bill Richardson.  Currently Governor of New Mexico, which is appropriate since he’s Hispanic, whatever the heck that means.  Of course, Mexicans are also said to be Hispanic, and, given our insane illegal immigration problem, this isn’t going to be a check in his plus column.  He also carries a good deal of baggage from his days as President Clinton’s minion.  Good luck Bill, because that’s the only chance you have.

Dennis Kucinich, who cares?  Sorry, I really don’t know much about Dennis, except that he is a US Representative, he’s run for President before, he’s short, and he’s so funny looking that I can never hear what he says because I’m laughing so hard.  If he does a lot of radio spots, who knows, the Hobbit vote may propel him to single digits in the primary.

That should be more than enough to get us started. 

the Grit

Catching up with the Brits

January 16, 2007

Hi Brit,

Now that we have liberals in charge again, it looks like we’re going to start catching up in the race to take away personal liberty.  Kucinich: Congress To Take On FCC  The key bit in this story is the return of the Fairness Doctrine, which was a law requiring programs broadcast over the public airwaves to present both sides of an issue.  Of course, in practice, it never worked and was mostly used as a tool for Democrats to shut down radio programs which favored the conservative view of an issue.  It’s main effect was for most stations to remove political debate from their content, so as to avoid trouble with the Government. 

While I’m at it, let’s take a look at Representative Kucinich (D-OH),


who just happens to be running, yet again, for President on a platform designed to win the Hobbit vote, as well as that of overly liberal humans.  I’ve heard rumors that, in the unlikely event of his 2008 victory, he is planning to cover the White House with a mound of dirt so he will feel more at home.

the Grit