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To hell with Starbucks!

January 22, 2007

Hi Brit,

As you may or may not know, I’m not a regular Starbuck’s customer, even though our small town has been invaded by them.  However, if this outfit opens a store, my reluctance to buy overpriced products may crumble, Some coffee stands get steamier.  My rule, actually it’s my wife’s rule, is to look but don’t touch, so this business, considering my daily intake of coffee, would definitely attract my attention. 

“The advent of “sexpresso” is harder to track.”  You have to love that name!  Even here in the Bible Belt, if someone doesn’t open one by the year’s end, I will!  Not that it will be easy.  It took two or three years for Hooters to get through the gauntlet.

“Drive-throughs are a growing part of Starbucks’ business, too, with more than 1,500 drive-through locations throughout the United States. But a representative of the company said it has no plans to sex up the dress code, as it wouldn’t fit the company’s brand.”  Good!  Honestly, I hate Starbucks, and an addition like this might tempt me to give them my money.

the Grit

Speaking of unwanted immigrants…

January 16, 2007

Sorry Brit,

Y’all should have guarded your boarders better, Starbucks to open new branch every fortnight for the next decade.  Now you’re doomed.  The Camel’s nose is in the tent.  You’ve given them an inch and they are taking a mile.  The real question is, of course, when did y’all switch from tea to coffee?  Also, shouldn’t the English version be “Starpounds?”  Finally, at this rate of growth, will Starbucks control the world coffee supply by 2012 and be the cause for the world ending?

the Grit