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Political correctness hits Mother’s day

February 8, 2007

Hi Grit

The crazy march of political correctness is continuing to gather pace in the UK as it bulldozes its way through every aspect of our lives. The current issue in line for PC demolition is Mother’s day celebrations. A headmaster in a school in Wales has banned the children from making Mothers day cards. Her reason is that 5% of the children have little or no regular contact with their birth mothers, or have suffered bereavement.

From my point of view this is another mad decision on two counts. Firstly, it is just another case of the minority beating the majority. Secondly, has it been considered that this small number of children might wish to make cards for the ladies that are now looking after them, be those step mothers or other carers.

Why is it that every good tradition in this country is being attacked by PC gangs?

the Brit

Cancer and the spirit of a child

February 2, 2007

Just the mention of the word cancer brings feelings of dread, hopelessness and pain to anyone. Imagine you are five years old and you hear the word relating to you, not once but three times. It such a situation one would understand if even the strongest sufferer gave up completely, let alone a

However, Chloe Harrison never did give up hope; she never gave up fighting. Struck first with stomach cancer, a successful operation removed this. Chloe thought that it was all over, but it was not. A short time later it was found that she had cancer in her lungs. Another round of operations got rid of those, apparently successfully. Not the case. Chloe was soon to be told that the cancer had returned to both her stomach and lungs. More operations were undertaken. Now, finally, Chloe has been given the all clear.

Yes there were tear through this terrible time; yes there was despair, loneliness and sadness. But Chloe never gave up. She fought the big C all the way. Her determination, suffering and fighting spirit has brought her through this terrible time. Just by looking into the eyes of this beautiful child one can see the scars of the journey, but also the spirit and determination that has brought her back to full health.

The spirit of this special child contains a lesson for us all. Never to give up hope; to believe in the power of oneself and to be thankful for what we have and are. Children are our future and what a special example Chloe is of that.

I think we should all take time out from the pressure of everyday life to send a message of love to Chloe on the comments section below this story. We send to Chloe and her family our very best wishes and admiration. Chloe, may you live a long and happy life. You deserve it.

the Brit