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Simon Cowell, long term drug addict?!?

January 12, 2007

Hi Brit,

 While I’m not sure if anyone over there has heard of Simon Cowell, he’s modestly famous over here as a critic on the reality show, American Idol, which I must admit I’ve never managed to watch all the way through, mostly because Mr. Cowell repulses me far too much to for the mental pain to be worth the effort of struggling through an entire show.  However, the basis of the show is to allow armature singers a chance to perform, then allow the overly critical Mr. Cowell to make fun of them.  However, the sharp tongued one has finally given us evidence of why he’s such an ass, Bob Dylan bores me to tears — Simon Cowell.  The only rational reason for Simon’s deteriorating brain is long term abuse of seriously damaging drugs, most likely sniffing glue.  Well, I suppose it could be that Cowell may just be naturally stupid, or so poorly educated that he is incapable of appreciating the complex lyrics written by Bob Dylan (he does use some big words after all,) but, considering the abusive nature that Simon demonstrates (over and over again) with seeming personal pleasure, long term drug abuse resulting in considerable brain damage is, probably, a better explanation. 

the Grit