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Sex and seduction becomes mainstream

February 23, 2007

Hi Grit

You may think that sex has always been a part of art, which to a certain extent is true. However, one of our youngest london public gallaries the Barbican, having reached the ripe old age of twenty five, has taken this to a new level by hosting an exhibition called Seduced: Art and sex from antiquity to now, entrance reserved strictly for those aged 18 and over.

The intention of this exhibition is to cover the art of seduction as it has been practiced over the past 2000 years. Kate Bush, apparently no relation to the singer or your President, says that it is a “no-holds barred exhibition” the intention of which is to examine and explore all aspects of seduction of any preference. With well over 250 exhibits including portraits from the walls of Pompeii; Indian sexual literature, little known paintings of sexual acts from renowned painters such as Turner, pornographic woodcuts from Japan and Andy Warhol’s short 1963 film entitled “Blow job,” it is not difficult to see what they mean.

Although the museum stresses that this an attempt to cover a serious subject, from the final paragraphs of the article it becomes apparent that the real motive is anything but. Being a public gallary, the Barbican relies heavily on grants from the local authority, in this case the City of London. The director (curate) of the museum has admitted that these grants are being cut back, which will severely curtain their activities unless they can replace funding from elsewhere.

Thus, despite all the brave and intellectual words and phrases, at the end of the day this is not a “serious” exhibition, simply an example of an organisation utilising an age old promotional theory that “sex sells.” Why can’t they be honest about their motives?

the Brit

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It’s that time again!

February 14, 2007

Hi Brit,

No, I’m not talking about Valentine’s Day.  Even better!  It’s time for Sports Illustrated to publish the Swimsuit Issue.  You’ve got to love the brilliance of the concept, a magazine full of scantily clad beauties rolling in the surf of warm tropical beaches, released right in the worst part of winter.  No wonder this one issue sells more copies than everything else they publish for the year combined.   I have to say that just the cover, featuring Beyonce in a bikini, is enough to take a good deal of the chill from the air!  You should check out the link; they’ve done it up good this year with video and photo galleries.

the Grit

Britney sex secrets

February 12, 2007

Hi Grit

You can’t seem to keep Britney out of the news for long, or at least those who want to make money from being associated with her. This time it is her latest ex – Issac Cohen, who lasted for about a month. In an article in the UK News of the World, he reveals all about the star’s sex secrets, going into great detail about their antics in bed.

If it was that fantastic for them, one has to wonder why the relationship did not last very long. Perhaps it was Issac who could not stand the pace rather than Britney.

the Brit

Anna Nicole Smith – Death attracts vultures

February 12, 2007

annanicolesmith_wideweb__470×3610.jpgHi Grit

No doubt you will have heard of the death of the former “UK page three” topless model Anna Smith last week, pictured right with Howard Stern, one of three male companions who claim paternity of her son. Anna’s death is being blamed, allegedly, on a drugs overdose, although this has not been officially confirmed as yet.

What I find disturbing about all this is the way the Media and Solicitors have pounced upon this news. Within hours of her death the media are setting up “ratings attracting” programmes, such as the two aired by Fox News and NBC, with fox seeing a 400,000 increase in viewers. Similarly, the Internet was immediately flooded with articles for sale and videos ostensibly of the actions of paramedics at the scene of here death. Then followed the legal fight over her estate, particular her house where, subsequent to her death, the locks have been changed twice by parties that feel their client has a right to the property. Most distasteful of all is the fight over her son, with three men claiming paternity. It seems to me like they are all trying to gain some benefit from the newsworthy aspects of the lady’s life.

It is strange how the “vulture” instinct seems to grab the public when a celebrity dies, irrespective of their views of the person when they were alive.

the Brit

No cover up here!

February 8, 2007

Hi Brit,


I mentioned earlier that Paris Hilton needed to release another sex tape to take attention away from her recent bout of Politically Incorrectness.  Well, there is a new celebrity sex tape about to be released, although it only stars a friend of Paris, Vivid Acquires Kim Kardashian Sex Tape for $1 Million.  It seem, as usual, the tape was stolen and sold by a Third Party.  Even pop culture tarts of Hilton’s stature can’t sell such a thing, since that would make them actual whores instead of just sluts.  While Kim doesn’t look all that trashy in the above photo, she tramps up pretty good:


The other amateur porn star in the flick is someone or something named Ray J.  My guess is that this is just a warm up for another Paris Porn Picture to get her back in the good standing with her Hollywood friends.  Of course, if celebrity sex tapes fall out of favor, will Kim and Paris be required to attend pornhab?

the Grit

Shilpa, Jade, Danielle and Jo – a week later

February 8, 2007

Hi Grit

Just thought you would want an how the people from the big brother house have got on since leaving just over a week ago.

Shilpa Shetty

Yesterday Shilpa Shetty went to Westminster to meet Tony Blair and other Members of Parliament. The crowds were so large that the police moved the following press conference for fears of security issues. Following this she travelled to Leicester, which has a large Asian community, where the crowds were even larger, forcing the police to not allow Shipla to get out of the car for the arranged Radio interview.  


Jade’s planned trip to India has been called off for the present, on advice of doctors who say that she still needs treatment to deal with the psychological affect of her recent stay in the house. Mind you she got into more trouble for taking a ride with her three year old son sitting on the top of the petrol tank of a quad bike. Jade’s agent has also confirmed that she has no work as all previous engagements have been cancelled.


Danielle, after being interviewed by police, has decided to take a holiday in the sun with her parents. Apparently, she has still not met with her boyfriend, Teddy Sherringham, an English football player, so that does not look very promising. In addition to all the modelling contracts Danielle has lost, she is also being sued for £100,000 by the Miss GB organisers for bringing the pageant into disrepute by appearing topless in a magazine and having an affair with one of the judges – you’ve guessed it, Teddy Sherringham.

Jo O’Meara

Like Jade, Jo has spent the week getting psychiatric help. Out of the three, Jo is the one who has kept the lowest profile, partially due to death threats that have been made about her.

Other news is that the police are planning on interviewing seven of the big brother housemates, so there is more to come on the potential for criminal charges.

They say a week is a long time in politics. In entertainment it is proving to be even longer when one considers the dramatic effect that it has had on these four ladies lives.

the Brit

Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Lyndsey Lohan: Prosti-tots

February 6, 2007

Hi Grit

I think I must have come across brit_paris_lindsay_002.jpgthe only article that mentions all of the above mentioned girls in one breath. Recounting how at one time all of these girls were friends, and their ability to be able to individually or together garner fame, usually by actions or photographs that are less than tasteful, the newspaper in question reveals that yet again they have come together in a media circus.

The story is that time, in a recent issue posed the question whether the three girls have too much influence on the youth of today, with the cover asking whether we are raising a youth of prosti-tots. Surprisingly 77% agreed with this hypothesis. I find this surprising in that this must mean that the other 23% disagree. Based on internet statistics, it would seem that the lower percentage are either far more vocal and active than those who agree, or the agreeing percentage still go off and buy the papers, read the magazines and click on all the stories about them.

It’s a strange world sometimes.

the Brit

Barbie in tears after taking a bashing

January 29, 2007

barbie.jpgHi Grit

Like me, I doubt that when a child, you came into contact with the “Barbie” doll, but my sister certainly had one, as did most of the girls in the area. Barbie was more than an icon, she was every child dream. Every girl had to have one and every boy wanted “a doll like that when I grow up.” Hence why, up until recently, she enjoyed 75% of the global fashion doll market.

But now the cute little Barbie is being bashed. A new doll called Bratz is giving Barbie a bashing. Yet another example of bullying, this time in the commercial marketplace. Barbie’s market share has already dropped to 60%? Is this any way to allow the doll idol of millions of children for nearly half a century to be treated? Surely not!

I think we should start a triple B campaign (Bring Back Barbie). Let’s spread the word through the Internet, with a double triple B campaign – BRING BACK BARBIE and BANISH BULLY BRATZ.

the Brit

Paris Hilton for $50K?

January 27, 2007

Hi Grit

It appears that one inventive company had the idea of of offering Paris Hilton to every male that wanted her – in the form of a lifesize blow up doll. However, their plans have received a minor setback as the lady herself has refused to endorse the product. Bearing in mind the other videos etc., that are flooding the net regarding the heiress, I find this decision somewhat at odds with her other activities.

Nevertheless it appears that the company is going ahead with their plans. Of course there is one obstacle to those wishing to indulge themselves – the price tag. $50K for a doll, whatever its capabilities, is a staggering amount and, in my view, you have to be seriously deranged to even think about it.

Paris Hilton might well be in trouble with her own career and life, but she is certainly creating a dollar bandwagon for others.

the Brit

Danielle Lloyd – big brother – to be evicted – twice

January 24, 2007

Hi Grit

Just to update you on the Big Brother event, around which there was so much controversy with Jade Goody, all of the rest of the housemates have nominated Danielle next to be evicted. Danielle was one of the three who were involved in the bullying and racism attacks on Shilpa Shetty.

She said sometime that she was looking forward to getting back with her boyfriend Teddy. What she does not know yet is that not only has she been evicted from the Big Brother house, but her boyfriend has also evicted her.

There is a shock coming to  that young lady.

the Brit

To hell with Starbucks!

January 22, 2007

Hi Brit,

As you may or may not know, I’m not a regular Starbuck’s customer, even though our small town has been invaded by them.  However, if this outfit opens a store, my reluctance to buy overpriced products may crumble, Some coffee stands get steamier.  My rule, actually it’s my wife’s rule, is to look but don’t touch, so this business, considering my daily intake of coffee, would definitely attract my attention. 

“The advent of “sexpresso” is harder to track.”  You have to love that name!  Even here in the Bible Belt, if someone doesn’t open one by the year’s end, I will!  Not that it will be easy.  It took two or three years for Hooters to get through the gauntlet.

“Drive-throughs are a growing part of Starbucks’ business, too, with more than 1,500 drive-through locations throughout the United States. But a representative of the company said it has no plans to sex up the dress code, as it wouldn’t fit the company’s brand.”  Good!  Honestly, I hate Starbucks, and an addition like this might tempt me to give them my money.

the Grit

Jade Goody admits Big Brother offences – Danielle Lloyd a loser too.

January 21, 2007

jade.jpgHi Grit

As expected, the Jade Goody “Big Brother” story has continued this weekend. In an interview with the News of the world, the evicted housemate has admitted that her actions were both bullying and racist. She has apologised again for them and stated that she would be seeking to put the matter right.

The cost of this incident to the two main protagonists is continuing to climb. Jade Goody is not being paid for the interview, and the fee of £50,000 plus the £50,000 she was paid to enter the house is being given to charities chosen by Shilpa. Danielle Lloyd, on top of a lucrative £100,000 plus contract has lost two more modelling contracts. Not only that, her boyfriend Teddy Sherringham, a famous footballer, has dumped her, wanting her out of his life and mansion.

It has been a really bad week for these two.

the Brit

Party naked! It pays!

January 13, 2007

Hi Brit,

Do you recall our Miss Nevada, Katie Rees, who lost her title when photos of her nearly naked and very naughty came to light?  Well all is not going badly for the hot tart, Ex-Miss Nevada Back to Work in Sin City.  How appropriate that she has found a gig in Las Vegas.  It would also seem that the money is better as well.  It makes me feel good to see people finding their true place in the world.

the Grit

Paris Hilton on beach!

January 2, 2007

Hi Brit,

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water:


Sorry we inflict these celebrity types on y’all down there every winter but, for the moment, they still have rights.  Of course, I’ve heard rumors that there’s a movement under way to nationalize all celebrities.  The entertainment industry make big bucks, and we need the money.  So, if and when, you’ll have to rent Paris if you really want her on your beach.

Also, if you can’t afford to zip down under for a personal look, here’s a surfcam of the beach:

Who knows, Paris does seem to be attract to cameras, so you might catch a glimpse.

the Grit

You’ll get a charge out of this.

January 1, 2007

Hi Brit,

It seems that we, all of us, have been too creative in the past, and there’s not much left inventors to do.  That’s the only way I can explain how Solar Powered USB Bikini could make it off the cocktail napkin where the idea was first doodled after a long night of drinking, all the way to a working model.  However, it will be interesting to see if any are sold, not to mention, how well they hold up to swimming.

the Grit