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Anna Nicole Smith – Death attracts vultures

February 12, 2007

annanicolesmith_wideweb__470×3610.jpgHi Grit

No doubt you will have heard of the death of the former “UK page three” topless model Anna Smith last week, pictured right with Howard Stern, one of three male companions who claim paternity of her son. Anna’s death is being blamed, allegedly, on a drugs overdose, although this has not been officially confirmed as yet.

What I find disturbing about all this is the way the Media and Solicitors have pounced upon this news. Within hours of her death the media are setting up “ratings attracting” programmes, such as the two aired by Fox News and NBC, with fox seeing a 400,000 increase in viewers. Similarly, the Internet was immediately flooded with articles for sale and videos ostensibly of the actions of paramedics at the scene of here death. Then followed the legal fight over her estate, particular her house where, subsequent to her death, the locks have been changed twice by parties that feel their client has a right to the property. Most distasteful of all is the fight over her son, with three men claiming paternity. It seems to me like they are all trying to gain some benefit from the newsworthy aspects of the lady’s life.

It is strange how the “vulture” instinct seems to grab the public when a celebrity dies, irrespective of their views of the person when they were alive.

the Brit

Barbie in tears after taking a bashing

January 29, 2007

barbie.jpgHi Grit

Like me, I doubt that when a child, you came into contact with the “Barbie” doll, but my sister certainly had one, as did most of the girls in the area. Barbie was more than an icon, she was every child dream. Every girl had to have one and every boy wanted “a doll like that when I grow up.” Hence why, up until recently, she enjoyed 75% of the global fashion doll market.

But now the cute little Barbie is being bashed. A new doll called Bratz is giving Barbie a bashing. Yet another example of bullying, this time in the commercial marketplace. Barbie’s market share has already dropped to 60%? Is this any way to allow the doll idol of millions of children for nearly half a century to be treated? Surely not!

I think we should start a triple B campaign (Bring Back Barbie). Let’s spread the word through the Internet, with a double triple B campaign – BRING BACK BARBIE and BANISH BULLY BRATZ.

the Brit