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UN career with free ATM

January 27, 2007

Hi Grit

I have been looking over some of the comments you have been making regarding the UN and decided that it must be a good idea to apply for a job with the UN, especially as it seems that free cash comes with almost every title held (hence the title free Access To Money).

Amongst the scandals that appeared to have developed are the misappropriation of millions from the UN development program curtesy of Kim Yong II, which by all accounts has been going on for nearly a decade. Then there is the small matter of $18 million on parking tickets. Of course, added to this is the scandal involving the bribery of officials responsible for the Iraq oil sales. Staying on Iraq, money has gone missing from the redevelopment fund, of which $12 billion was delivered in cash (WHAT!).

Although auditors have brought some of these matters to the attention of the UN and other nations, there is a hitch in the system. Organisations within the UN, such as the UNDP, do not have to show their accounts to the member countries they serve.

Excuse me for being critical Grit, but the introduction of the Sobarnes-Oxley Act was an effort to eradicate corporate problems and bring transparency into business financial reporting. It was also intended to ensure that commercial organisations were run at the highest level of corporate governance. Am I reading here that whilst it is okay for business to be whipped into shape in this way, with one of the most stringent financial regulatory structures in the world, this does not apply to international bodies? Also, who in their right mind would allow such large quantities of cash to be floating about?

Whilst I accept that the US provides a large percentage of the funds that keep the UN running, the rest of us also contribute our hard earned cash as well. Therefore, I think it is about time that not only financial statements should be issued to member states, but also they should be made available to the public. It seems to me that we could cut the UN diplomates by half and it would have no affect on the people to whom the money is being distributed.

If not, can I have a UN job please on the same terms as some of the idiots and criminals they have employed?

the Brit

UN to investigate UN corruption

January 27, 2007

Hi Brit,

I know we’ve had many discussions about corruption in the United Nations, but we can quit worrying, that topic is closed, everything is going to be alright:

Will the U.N. Development Program Probe Be Ban Ki-Moon’s First Cover-Up?

See, the new Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, has everything under control.  Under the control, that is, of the same group of auditors that turned a blind eye to the oil-for-food scandal.  I say ban Ban and ban the whole crooked UN while we’re at it.

Note, despite the number of times the word “ban” is used in this post, it is not an advertisement for an underarm deodorant.

the Grit