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How to be a successful Valentine – another survey

February 13, 2007

velentines-1.JPGHi Grit

Following fast on the heels of the sex survey mentioned earlier, we now have another one, this time relating to being a successful Valentine. With the big day arriving tomorrow, I thought it might be a good idea to take a look at this. However, this time they did interview 4,000 people, a significant improvement on the “sex” survey.

The results apparently prove that men judge women by beauty, but that in reality this means that they choose a lady who is fertile and has the right genes to pass on to their children. In addition, men choose youth because it means that there is more time left on the reproductive cycle. On the other hand women prefer men in the older range group, who they perceive as being futher along the road to success and more settled in their careers. Similarly, looks are more important from a man’s point of view than from a woman’s.

The two qualties that both sexes agree are important are a sense of humour and intelligence. Well, that’s a relief! However, the really surprising part of the survey is that it revealled that, on average women had experienced eight sexual partners and men eleven. (Where did they find these participants? Passion Alley?).

There was one significant omission from this survey as far as I could tell and that is “love!” And there was me thinking that Valentine’s was all about LOVE!

the Brit

And I thought Muslims were touchy…

February 6, 2007

Hi Brit,

Brace yourself.  We may, just may, get the chance to follow events as a new addition is made to Politically Correct speech.  You probably recall that one of our Presidential Candidates, Senator Biden, complemented a fellow Candidate, Senator Obama, by saying he is articulate.  He also said he is clean, but we’re beyond that for the moment.  However, according to, The Racial Politics of Speaking Well, “articulate”, as said of a black person, may soon be on the Politically Correct Big List of Bad Words.  I’m not sure I completely follow the logic of the piece, but, it seems to make the case that calling one African-American articulate, implies that most aren’t well spoken and, thus, is a racial insult.  I can hardly wait to see how far this goes.  Who knows, in a few years we may not even be able to speak to or about a tenth of our population.

the Grit