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Bush or Pelosi? Go for conviction and that begins with B.

January 16, 2007

Hey Grit,

As a Brit I probably should not be getting involved in this debate, but what the heck my countrymen and friends are in Iraq, so why not. In addition, our heir to the throne, Prince Harry, is about to join the British forces in Iraq as well, and I quite like the guy.

So here goes! If asked to support the policies of Bush or Pelosi on this issue, I would side with the President. Many would criticise that decision, but I think it is well founded for a number of reasons.

It seems to me that in a number of countries when the lastest war with Iraq was about to start, that opposition parties and a large number of people, supported the effort to remove Sadam Hussain. Now that, to many, that reason has been achieved, they seem to want to get the heck out and leave the rest too it.

I don’t know how many British troops have died in Iraq, but it is several hundreds. Add that to your 3,000 and others, and that is heck of a lot of individuals who, on the basis of support for the war, went and laid down their lives as asked by their country. It appears to me that, turning around and walking away at this time is being disrespectful to those service men and women. At least Bush is showing respect for these people.

They died to free oppressed people and there is still work to do. The new democratic government of Iraq, having been given a chance through the blood of these people, need help to finish the job of creating a just society. Give them that chance.

the Brit

California seduces one more to the dark side.

January 10, 2007

Hi Brit,

In my continuing quest to figure out what character flaw or genetic defect turns people into liberals, I’ve been thrown a curve ball.  Sure I know Arnold runs with a bad crowd, including Teddy Kennedy, a known rich and famous elitist drunken sexist liberal murderer, but, I had high hopes for Schwarzenegger.  Hell, if anybody should understand the value of hard work and self determination it should be him, right?  Unfortunately, it seems he’s been blinded by the dark side of political power, Schwarzenegger: Calif. is ‘nation-state’ leading world.  Apparently we do need to toughen up that citizenship test, especially the parts concerning the Constitution and the Civil War.

the Grit

Arnold terminates California health care

January 9, 2007

Hi Brit,

Does it ever seem to you that power drives people crazy?  I often feel that way, and here’s a good example of it: Gov. seeks sweeping health system reforms.  Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is registered as a Republican, although he doesn’t seem to have read the party platform, wants everyone in California to have health insurance, while at the same time bringing down health care costs.  To do this, he wants to tax businesses, doctors, and hospitals.  Right off the top, it seems obvious that taxing doctors and hospitals isn’t going to lower health care costs, assuming, of course, that one wants doctors and hospitals to stay in California.  Which, may well be at the heart of Arnold’s plan.  After all, if no health care is available, health care costs drop to zero, and the Government gets to keep the tax on business to waste on other projects.  Perhaps the Governator is taking the right approach after all.  Somehow though, I expect to pay for part of this somewhere down the line.

the Grit