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January 31, 2007

Hi Grit

I can’t say that I am the worlds best shopper, and the activity of consumers in shopping centres often iritates me. Hbaboon.jpgowever, I have just found out the cause for this. It is because a lot of them are baboons. It’s true my friend!

Scientists have just discovered that baboons in the South African woodlands sit down and work out shopping trips. Not only that but they also, apparently, are adept at bargain hunting. So next time you go shopping and see someone resembling the attached picture, you’ll know why.

the Brit 

Pelosi and Reid shaft Bono

December 18, 2006

Hi Brit,

Speaking of politicians not making friends, now it seems that the new Congressional leadership have stuck it to another would be supporter.  Democrats leave Bono disappointed

It would seem that the famous rock star got the cold shoulder from Nanny Pelosi and Senate leader Harry Reid, when he tried to make sure the new power holders weren’t going to cut funding to his favorite causes.  One of those, US aid to fight AIDS and malaria in Africa, just happens to be an intuitive of President Bush’s, and perhaps that’s why the Democrats aren’t tickled with the project.  Typical liberal attitude; they’d let millions die because they’re not getting credit for the idea.  Very sad.

the Grit