Britney suicide attempt

Hey Grit

I know we have been following the antics of Britney over the last few months, but this latest report must be the most worrying for her family and friends as well as the girl herself. It seems that, after leaving the rehab clinic, and following on from a row with her ex over the custody of her two children, Britney tried to commit suicide by walking in front of traffic.

In my view, the time has come for someone to take a serious view of this situation. It is obvious from the laxity of the rehab centre that they are more interested in the dollar and promotion impact of having a “headline grabbing” star in their clinic than actually doing the young girl any good. At the same time everything she does appears on the media within minutes, which suggests that someone, somewhere, is feeding them with information. Thus it must appear to Britney that there is no way out of this circus and that she stands a good chance of losing the two people she loves most, her children.

Granted Britney has bought a lot of the media attention onto herself by her antics. But there comes a time when they have to sit back and consider the psychological impact of their constant hounding of her. Maybe the time has come for them to back off and leave the girl to sort out her relationship and other problems out in private. And maybe the time has come for her friends, family and other hangers-on to take a step back and concentrate on helping Britney to recover from whatever demons are haunting her.

We have already had one celebrity suicide in the last few weeks with Anna Nicole Smith. Let us not allow the press and our own insatiable curiosity lead to another one.

the Brit 

6 Responses to “Britney suicide attempt”

  1. elizabeth jackson Says:

    man i have been following this stuff too. It seems that her family and friends have been doing some things. They supposedly had an intervetino on Valentines day. And they are trying to “not pad the bottom” of her hitting rock bottom. It sounds to me that they have been given the typical counseling of not enableing by helping. it seems to me that britney is not really ready for rehab no matter how badly she needs it, and until she is caught in crimes they can’t just lock her up (at leats from what i remember with similiar problems in my family). It is rumored her parents have the kids and that her staff in malibu was layed off last week. don’t you think it is weird with not credit cards she is trying to stay in hotels instead of just taking the drive to malibu. weird. poor girl. she needs help so bad. My heart breaks for her kids. But you can’t really force somenoe to change.

  2. britandgrit Says:

    Hi ej,

    Good point. Let’s just hope she makes it long enough to want change.

    Brit, true, she’s moved past the eccentric, fun to poke fun of stage.

    the Grit

  3. britandgrit Says:

    Hi ej

    Let’s hope the kids are being cared for.

    the Brit

  4. surfsander Says:

    Hi all,
    You know, I just can’t seem to grasp why the media follows this kind of stuff so closely. For one, there are so many other important things going on in the world than to follow the lives of “celeBritneys.” And two, give these people some PRIVACY. There is a time to cover them, press conferences, award banquets, guest appearances, etc., let them live their own lives in their down time. I guarantee that these sort of episodes would drop significantly. I do feel bad for her and her family and hope that she can get a handle on her problems.
    Another thing you touched on grit, is the Anna Nicole case, on my lunch break today, I went to a local sub shop and the only thing I saw on the news for the whole half hour, was this court case. They had on experts and analysts and all I could think is, “why do all of the news stations think we give a $h!+ about this court case?” With so many things going on right now, I want to know about actual news.
    And yes, my little vacation is over, so my posts won’t be as plentiful, but I’ll check things out when I get home. Bye for now.

  5. britandgrit Says:

    Hi s,

    Getting a glimpse of Celebrities in their daily lives is part of the attraction for those who live vicariously through them. It’s the price of stardom. As to the trial, people like court coverage for the opposite reason, they’re glad it’s not them on trial. Or something like that.

    the Grit

  6. elizabeth jackson Says:

    definitely celebrity facination everywhere. but in these times with anna nicole and britney i THANK god my life is very normal and that the world could care less what i do with my hair on any given day.

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