Islamic schooling in the UK

Hi Grit

Your mention of Islamic matters reminded me of what is going on in education over here. There is an organisation here called the “Muslim Council,” whose task it is to see to the needs of their people who have immigrated to this country or were born here. Of itself, I have no objection to such an organisation. However, I do get very irate when organisations of this nature try to destroy our heritage and culture.

The latest example of this is the report that this council has just put together a report, which apparently they are going to present to the government. This report outlines ways in which they feel that “un-islamic” activity and behaviour should be eliminated from school teaching and other activities. I personally find such action insulting, primarily because if the roles were reversed and we were living in their country, we would not be expected, or even allowed to deign to interfere with their religious and cultural traditions. Whatever happened to the concept of “respecting your hosts?” To me this is taking human rights and political correctness just a dozen steps too far. If people want to live in our country they could at least extend us the curtesy of treating our home with respect.

Of course what angers me even more is that, knowing our present government, there will be more than a few who will be prepared to listen to this outlandish idea. After all, they have already stopped the singing of Hymns in school assemblies, in case this offends our immigrant friends. Are we next going to see schools being built facing in the direction of Mecca?

the Brit

12 Responses to “Islamic schooling in the UK”

  1. totaltransformation Says:

    Don’t be surprised by that.

    J. Kaiser

  2. Kurt Says:

    I will never comprehend the thinking of religionists, whether they be Islamic or Christian.

  3. thelonedrifter Says:

    Kurt, the difference between the though processes of “religionists” as you call them, is that Islam seeks to be in control of all that they can and subjects those who do not agree to methods of force. A true Christian will try to win you over with love, and will certainly not kill those they don’t agree with.

  4. the Brit Says:

    I have the same problem Kurt, nor am I surprised Kaiser. The Clergy and politicians seem to live an unrealistic life of their own.

    the Brit

  5. icanplainlysee Says:

    Hi Brit,

    Thanks for bringing attention to this wholesale attempt to bring the UK to her knees, insisting submission to Islam to be enforced by government, no less, and without firing a shot, at that.

    We have the same efforts ongoing here that you do and, sadly, a seemingly apathetic public about this.

    It’s time to stand and take notice and fight this arrogant promotion of Islam to the exclusion of British law, history and culture.

    Personally, I’m doing all I can to expose this seedy, underhanded scam of my nation’s laws and sovereignty.


  6. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Brit,

    Along these lines, although not totally based on religion, in our most liberal, and most confused, State, California, they passed laws to force the public schools to provide instruction in whatever native language pupils might have, despite the Federal requirement that all citizens have a functional knowledge of the English language. Thus, they are on the verge of bankruptcy as they currently must supply translators for over 100 languages to any child in any school who does not speak the common language. Thus, in a general way, my point is that, in any form, Big Government sucks.

    thelonedrifter, sorry Dude, but all organized religions, as history shows, also suck. Fanatic Christians have slaughtered more than their fair share of non-believers, as have followers of any religion I can recall, with the exception of Buddhists, and I may have missed something in that area. The point being, religion should be a personal thing, and when it goes beyond that, one should stop, and think twice.

    the Grit

  7. surfsander Says:

    Hi all,
    Everyone here seems to be in agreement with the main topic, (thankfully.)
    As for me, I am of the same religious beliefs as the Grit, but you don’t see me crying about the religious aspects that permeate the American society. I encourage that we keep these aspects in our history and culture, otherwise we are more apt to repeat the same atrocities once the tide swings back.
    We cannot change our history, we can only forget it or learn from it.
    It angers me that people from other areas and cultures come to ours and want to transform them into those from which they came. Do they not realize, that by doing so, would be the same as saying “I wish I never left —-insert culture of choice—?” Um, remind me again why you left?
    It’s just sad that our own leaders want to erase the history and traditions of the people and nation they claim to represent.
    Yes, almost all faiths have, at one time, resorted to terrible acts, it just seems that, presently, Islam is the one we should keep a close eye on.

  8. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Surf

    Thanks for your comment. I agree entirely with your sentiments.

    The Brit

  9. elizabeth jackson Says:

    i’m a christian- not just by culture, but by being a believer in christ and trying to adhere to the bible, it’s a walk i do better some days than others. I’m not proud of the zealots that slaughtered people in religious wars in the past. Just as I’m not proud of how my fore fathers slaughtered native indians, or had slaves. I do know many muslims that are normal and respectful of our land. But this story… is just absolutely frustrating. I don’t expect there to be prayer to be required in public schools here because i’m christian! why would they force their stuff on us! (or you, in the UK i should say, though you are probably just steps ahead of us.)

  10. totaltransformation Says:

    The Muslim community is trying to take advantage of the cultures “tolerance.” I worry that Europe will fall sometime before 2050 to an ever growing Muslim population if something is not done to tone down Muslim rhetoric.

    -J. Kaiser

  11. icanplainlysee Says:

    Hi Liz,

    “why would they force their stuff on us!”?

    Because Islamists ideology sees every non muslim as an unbelieving infidel in need of Allah for the salvation of their souls.

    The difference between you and them is that you passively set examples for non believers, whereas they are on a modern day crusade to evangelize the world, by the sword, if necessary.

    Woe to those who refuse to submit to Islam: refusal to revert (not convert, they think everyone is a muslim, you just don’t know it yet) and without subduing your inclination to look elsewhere for eternal salvation, or to ignore God completely, brings you to the final stage of fundamental Islam: death. By beheading, when possible.

    Being a loving, understanding, tolerant soul buys you no quarter.

    This is not a nutjob understanding of Islam. Most muslims would rather not go to the trouble to act upon every Mohammedan edict and Quranic admonition, just like Christians.

    But, many, many 10’s of millions do. You see their activities on TV every day.

    The UK is a bit farther down the road of an Islamic usurpation of British law, culture and freedom.

    Do what you can to thwart this menace.

  12. britandgrit Says:

    Hi all,

    I watched a news spot about this last night. It was on a mid-western city with a sizable Muslim population. They had adapted very nicely to American ways, made a point of all learning English and our customs, and their local religious leaders had gone to great lengths to hold community sessions to explain their religion to locals and get to know each other. In other words, they managed to fit in nicely. I suspect, if this group had settled in a large city, things would have been different. The problem, it seems, lies with the rate of immigration and with liberals catering to them.

    the Grit

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