I told you things would get nasty on the campaign trail.

Hi Brit,

I told you things would get nasty as the race of 08 heated up.  Obama and Clinton have are in the process of firing the opening shot, Maureen Dowd Column Incites Hillary Attack On Obama — and Geffen.  The whole piece is worth a read, but here’s what I found interesting:

“Everybody in politics lies, but they [the Clintons] do it with such ease, it’s troubling,” Geffen said.


Clinton campaign spokesman Howard Wolfson just released the following statement: “While Senator Obama was denouncing slash and burn politics yesterday, his campaign’s finance chair was viciously and personally attacking Senator Clinton and her husband.

And these are just ranging shots.  I get the impression that we haven’t seen anything yet.  Good times, good times.

the Grit

5 Responses to “I told you things would get nasty on the campaign trail.”

  1. elizabeth jackson Says:

    letting them fight it out with each other may be the winning strategy for the G.O.P. I’m just going to sit and watch this one for awhile. I still haven’t figured out who i want running the country less… Obama or Hillary. I feel like Hillary will make us go socialist, But Obama is so smooth it’s scarey, I feel like we don’t even know who he is or what he is REALLY about.

  2. britandgrit Says:

    Hi ej,

    You, as I see it, have it pegged correctly. I suspect Hillary, in her heart assuming she has one, goes beyond socialism and is really a communist. Remember that she studied in Russia for a spell, if I’m not mistaken. As to Obama, he is currently at the top of a list I piddle with, containing my current guesses as to the identity of the anti-Christ. My hope is that these two will inflict such harm on each other as to leave Hillary the bloody victor. At least she has baggage to use as ammunition in the real campaign. Obama scares me in the same way Hitler did, all charisma and no indication as to the path he would lead us down.

    Of course, things on the other side are interesting as well. The polls this morning were showing Newt in third or forth place, and he isn’t even running!

    Cursed, it would seem we are, to live in interesting times. Still, it gives us something to write about 😉

    the Grit

  3. libertas01 Says:

    I agree that we have no idea where Obama might take the country. He has no depth when it comes to most of the key issues. If Clinton does make it to the White House, it would not be surprising to see her more hawkish than many Republicans. A new Mrs Thatcher, whom feminists would then disown. You might find my Obama posting of interest.

  4. britandgrit Says:

    Hi libertas01,

    As I recall, it is said that Hillary has quite a temper. Perhaps putting her in control of our nuclear tipped missiles would not be wise.

    the Grit

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