Stop and smell the Global Warming

Hi Brit,

I believe I may have mentioned that the Global Warming Scare is about forcing social change and making money?  If not, consider it mentioned now.  Here’s another little bit of the life style make over the environmentalist wackos are planning for our future, Humans’ beef with livestock: a warmer planet.  The reason for this is that part, a large part, of their supporting mob are the lunatic “meat is murder” crowd.  This is just a bone to keep them in lock step.  Of course, they haven’t taken into consideration that the cause behind the massive flatulence capacity of cattle is their vegetarian diet.  Remember the old saying: “beans, beans, precious fruit.  The more you eat the more you…”  This, if they were rational, would leave them in paradox, keeping them paralyzed with circular thought, until their heads exploded.  I’m afraid our luck isn’t that good, since they show few signs of thought.  I would also point out, that this another example of why it is so important to liberals to disarm the general public. 

the Grit

12 Responses to “Stop and smell the Global Warming”

  1. Lord Crimson Says:

    Hi Grit

    I’m afraid the meat is murder crowd is in trouble on this one. Many, including myself will never give up that fine cut of steak cooked perfectly over a charcoal or gas grill. Pass the beans.

    Lord Crimson

  2. britandgrit Says:

    Hi LC,

    My fear is that, once they kill all the cattle, they will insist we all wear methane collection devices shoved up our…

    Steak, by the way, cannot be perfectly cooked over gas. Not even methane. Perfection requires a combination of charcoal and hickory chunks. I also smoke the beans on the grill.

    the Grit

  3. Lord Crimson Says:

    Hi Grit

    I see you are a connoisseur of fine grilling. You are absolute correct, a gas grill is only for convenience. Your method is excellent and I like the smoked beans idea. Thanks.

    Lord Crimson

  4. britandgrit Says:

    Hi LC,

    If you are ever near Memphis, I would take pride in cooking you some BBQ the right way. I have a stockpile of seasoned apple and pecan wood reserved for visitors of you status and refined tastes. I would note that a proper smoking of the pork takes at least 12 hours, so a bit of advanced notice is required. However, should you arrive early, the fine winery down the road will supply us with many fine beverages to sample while I tend the fire.

    the Grit

  5. Lord Crimson Says:

    Hi Grit

    Thanks for the offer, I will definitely keep that in mind. All this talk of BBQ makes we wonder what type of BBQ sauce is popular in Memphis – tomato based, vinegar or some other combination?

    Lord Crimson

  6. britandgrit Says:

    Hi LC,

    Well, Memphis BBQ is so good, sauce is not required 😉 However, most people put it on anyway from habit. The most popular style here is made with tomato and vinegar, sweetened with brown sugar, and reduced until it is fairly thick, although some places serve it thin. A good example is Sweet Baby Ray’s. Personally, I leave the sauce off as it tends to hide the wood smoke flavor.

    And your preference?

    the Grit

  7. Lord Crimson Says:

    Hi Grit

    I tend to avoid the sauces that have a high vinegar content, and lean toward the sweeter brands which are medium to thin in consistency. Unfortunately the kind I like the best is created by a local BBQ restaurant and can’t be purchased in stores.

    Lord Crimson

  8. britandgrit Says:

    Hi LC,

    Well, considering that several of the big selling name brands have been created by people in their own kitchens, perhaps you should do some experimenting? For that matter, did you know that Tabasco sauce had the same origin? However, as I recall, that taste in sauce is prevalent in the Carolinas, so you might check on line offerings from that area.

    If you decide to brew your own, I would advise starting with a base of sweetish wine, perhaps even a port. Simmer herbs and vegetables that you like in this, covered, then strain it, and use the liquid as your foundation. After that, you can add various things to enhance the flavor, chance the acidity, etc. Just be careful to keep it below a boil, or you will loose flavor. Oh, all of the best sauces have at least a tiny hint of hot pepper, as this opens the taste buds and brings out the full flavor. When you go commercial, send me a bottle.

    the Grit

  9. Dirty Bird Says:

    All this fruad about GLOBAL WARMING is the biggist lie around its less about saving the earth then its about controling our lives by wealthy enviromentalists these radicals would force us off our rural way of living and into their filthy cities ridden with crime this nation is a republic not a monarcy we dont live uner the control of a tyrant and so we should reject the KYOTO TREATY and stop allowing ourselves to be lied to by unscruplious politicians like AL GORE and the radical enviromentalists like GREENPEACE and SIERRA CLUB its time to send the KYOTO TREATY to the PAPER SHREADER along with other UN treaties and just got ourselves out of the UN and moved the whole UN to another country like VIETNAM or CHINA

  10. Just teens Says:


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    Oh stop and smell the oder of all the money changing hands smell the aroma of the rank hypocracy of all the hollywood eco-wackos and their GO GREEN poppycock

  12. Chase Peacock z Says:

    Keep in mind this started off with the home a regime returning uniformity consideration to official method.

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