Christians uniting over genital obsession

Hi Grit

You may or may not have heard that there are moves afoot in Europe for the uniting of the Anglican Church, our Church of England with the Catholic Church, run by the Vatican, an event which first came to light a couple of days ago. Bearing in mind the colossal wealth that these two organisations have, one might have been forgiven for believing that this was an international merger on a scale of some the global corporate mergers that have become so prevalent in recent years. After all the Church of England is one of the largest property owners in the UK, and the Vatican domain is worth a few dollars more. However, it appears that this is not the case.

It appears from current reports, that this merger is due more to the fixation on genital issues than a blend of faith or merging of wealth. Some see this merger as an attempt by the more progressive elements of the Anglican Church to become combined with a more liberal hiearchy. Perhaps I should explain. There is at present a continuing rumbling debate in the Church of England over the issues of women clergy, homsexuality and single sex marriages, some of which I have mentioned before. The old school people in the C of E, do not like this situation at all, wishing to remain in their pre-liberal days.

Apparently, the new school see this merger as an opportunity of tipping the ruling balance in their favour as the Catholic Church has a far more liberal and outgoing approach to these suxual matters. Obviously as the Catholics in Europe outnumber the C of E, theirs would be the deciding voice.

There was I thinking that the clergy wore long robes to present a united front to the world, but it appears I was wrong. It seems that all along, it is a cover up for fixation. Do you think anyone has asked God for his views?

the Brit

4 Responses to “Christians uniting over genital obsession”

  1. PB and J Says:

    it is pretty amazing that an issue like homosexuality could bring together the two churches. especially as the c of e would be the one giving up much more. the catholic church will not give up the infallibility and authority of the pope just because anglicans say they wanna join.

    personally, i think it would be a sad day for the c of e.


  2. the Brit Says:

    Hi PB and J

    Thanks for stopping by. I agree with your comments. There is too much importance placed in the position of the pope for compromise

    the Brit

  3. britandgrit Says:

    Good morning,

    Our version of the C of E is the Episcopal Church. Those issues are in the process of splitting it as well.

    the Grit

  4. PB and J Says:

    i was talking with a friend tonight about the topic of c of e possibly joining the catholic church. as we were thinking about it, we both realized that this would be a horrible thing.

    think about it: if the c of e joined the catholic church, england being probably the second most powerful country in the world would now support decisions made in rome and make the pope even more powerful than he is (which is a bad thing i think).

    but in addition to this, i could easily see the episcopalean church doing something similar. and if they joined the catholic church, there would be a huge amount of shift in US policy. because the episcople church has about a small percentage of people in total pop of the US, but it has almost 30% of congress. so i could see the US also backing rome.

    so i could see the pope getting a lot lot lot more power through something like this.


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