Sex five miles high

Hey Grit

Have you read the article about the air stewardess who was sacked for having sex in the toilet of the aircraft whilst it was in flight. What makes this incidence more newsworthy is that the male participant was Ralph Fiennes the actor. The stewardess in question, Liza Robertson, at first denied the allegation, but in a story released in the Daily Mail today, has conceded that it did happen and that she was a willing particpant. In addition, the lady further reveals that the fling continued in the stars hotel room that night, but ended after that one night.

What I find amazing about the report itself is that the reporter suggests that the stewardess should be seen as a victim because she lost her job as a result of the incident. It also suggests that the actor has “dumped” her and took advantage of a “vulnerable” young woman. There are several issues here. The stewardess knew full well that she was breaking her employment terms and therefore could have expected nothing less than the sack. Ms Robertson would also have been aware that an incident that started in this manner could hardly be viewed as the basis of meaningful and long-term relationship.

Raking up Ms Robertson’s past life in support of this image is hardly sound journalism, nor can it be used an excuse for the lady’s behaviour. Add to this the fact that the stewardess has been involved with a similar weekend fling with a passenger on a previous flight with Quantas, and the fact that no doubt the paper has paid her handsomely for her story, and I fail to see how the reporter can conceivably promote the notion that Ms Robertson is a “victim.” 

Similarly, the comment that somehow Ralph Fiennes has not helped and is somehow a villan of the piece is absurb. He did not force her to act in this manner, neither did he force her to spend the night with him at the hotel. If anything, the lady herself is the one doing the using. She has blatantly used the celebrity status of Fiennes to make financial gain out of the incident.

Ms Robertson has no-one to blame for the result of this incident but herself. Her actions have proven that she did not respect her position nor the fact that they were both consenting adults and that she willingly entered into this incident.

the Brit 

3 Responses to “Sex five miles high”

  1. Rudy Carrera Says:

    Well said. The woman dug for gold and struck a vein. She should be content with that, but now wants everyone to feel sorry for her. Ralph has little to be sorry over in this case, except for getting a bit of love with a tattle-tail who used his celebrity to rake in a few quid.

  2. skywindows Says:

    I would join the mile high club given the opportunity with Ralph Fiennes… yum!

  3. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Rudy

    I agree totally. However, no doubt she was encouraged by the media to portray her story in this way.

    Sky window

    Obviously the motto is “fly Quantas”

    the Brit

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