Polish invasion of England complete

Help, I need an exit boat! You will recall from past posts Grit that England is experiencing high levels of immigration, particularly from the former eastern European states. It appears from an article in one of today’s newspapers, that it has now become a total takeover. A local council in the Midlands has been surrendered to the Polish people and no doubt other areas of the country will quickly follow.

You may wonder what is causing me such concern. The answer can be found here. The council in question has put up local diversion signs – in Polish. Despite the fact that it is rumoured that the local Polish population is only 6%, there is obviously something the council officers know that we don’t. Similarly, although officers at central government state the signs are illegal, is this just a ploy to lull us into a false sense of security?

I will be watching developments.

the Brit

PS: Jeśli otóż Polski słowa ukazywać się w mój poczty, you will know that I have have been captured.

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  1. vicki Says:

    Oh no! I wish they wouldn’t do that!

    Whilst we are used to a large number of Poles up in Scotland (they are about the best agricultural help there is!), I don’t want the dentists from Poland to think about coming to the U.K. Several people I know fly to Warsaw on a regular basis for dental work. The dentists are excellent and at a fraction of U.K. prices.


  2. Mick Says:

    Imagine the carbon footprint from Hillary’s pant suits? That is a lot of polyester.

  3. Dave Says:

    You mean they did this despite the fact of a rumour? Surely the fact that there was a rumour should have put a stop to such nonsense.

    I trust your research also included some reports in the quality papers, where it was noted that these were eight out of 200 signs, they were paid for by the contractor and not the council, and they were in response to an actual congestion problem.

  4. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Vicki
    A friend of mine is considering going to Poland for dental treatment. Maybe she will not have to go now!

    Hi Mick
    I am confused (which is not difficult). Was your post in response to something else that was written here?

    Hi Dave
    I did other research which showed what you say, but I just love it when the tabloids make such crazy news out of these items.

    the Brit

  5. Mick Says:

    Sure was. I was making a observation about Hillary’s very wide bottom and hips. And she is always wearing pant suits. Her media team asks that she be filmed chest high. Now full body shots.

    It’s not good for her image. She wants to look the part.

  6. Dave Says:

    Sorry for the misunderstanding.

  7. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Dave

    No Problem my friend

    Hi Mick

    Does this mean you over there need to give her a wide berth?

    the Brit

  8. Mick Says:

    Oh yes. I have some funny stories about her, I’ll tell a little later.

  9. bobv Says:

    i hate the polish they should all go home they are turning this lovely country in to a dump

    • Anonymous Says:

      lovely country? it’s the british people that turn this country into a dump. you better watch out for the blacks and asians.

    • Darious Says:

      I am writing this from Bournemouth Dorset. The Polish are everywhere you go everyplace you look, any place you go there is polish, polish , polish, polish , polish, polish, polish, polish, polish…
      Enough is enough is enough. There are herds of the most scummiest Slavic type coming to England from Poland. We have polish tramps here! all sorts all of them alcoholic. They have just arrived yesterday but they are already well clued up with all the housing and social security laws. Down the Citizen Advice wanting a flat…. Enough is enough . THERE HAS TO BE A BALANCE. You don’t see a Chinese man around every corner. You don’t see an Asian around every corner. You don’t see etc etc around every corner BUT YOU DO SEE A POLISH AROUND EVERY CORNER. Around every corner all around the British ISLE… There is POLISH POLISH POLISH.. ENOUGHH IS ENOUGH.

  10. bobv Says:

    rule britania

  11. bobv Says:


  12. bobv Says:


  13. anon Says:

    quite right! unless something is done there is no future for british people in britian.

  14. john Says:

    enok powel was right, england is no longer our country, immigrants are taking over and have more rights than us, get the bast@ds sent back

    • Anonymous Says:

      Nobodies going anywhere wanker, I’m born and bred here, get your Union Jack, find your own island, and stick it up your jacksie

  15. ola Says:

    Dear Brit

    If you feel so bad about having Polish signs in England swim in your boat to Poland. You’ll find English everywhere: in shops, on products, in tv, press. But oh, how many English people there is in Poland? Not so many. And no one grumbles about unreasonable idea of using English in Poland.
    And one more thing. Next time when you are going to write anyting in Polish, please check you gramma and pronunciation, because “Jeśli otóż Polski słowa ukazywać się w mój poczty” is totally bez sensu.
    Take care and good luck in learning Polish – it will definately be a useful skill.


    • Richard Says:

      The only reason they have English signs in Poland is so they get a basic understanding of the language before they ALL migrate over to the Britain. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind a bit of diversity but it is now taking the p!ss with all the stuff they demand and the fact that most can’t be bothered to learn the language. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to stop them either so all I ask is can the last polish person to leave, please switch off all the lights! Then maybe our fuel prices would be a little cheaper

      • Ben Hope Says:

        Yes in total agreement with you.

      • Darious Says:

        I am writing this from Bournemouth Dorset. The Polish are everywhere you go everyplace you look, any place you go there is polish, polish , polish, polish , polish, polish, polish, polish, polish…
        Enough is enough is enough. There are herds of the most scummiest Slavic type coming to England from Poland. We have polish tramps here! all sorts all of them alcoholic. They have just arrived yesterday but they are already well clued up with all the housing and social security laws. Down the Citizen Advice wanting a flat…. Enough is enough . THERE HAS TO BE A BALANCE. You don’t see a Chinese man around every corner. You don’t see an Asian around every corner. You don’t see etc etc around every corner BUT YOU DO SEE A POLISH AROUND EVERY CORNER. Around every corner all around the British ISLE… There is POLISH POLISH POLISH.. ENOUGHH IS ENOUGH.

    • harry Says:

      Fucking polish cunt, fuck off now!
      If your stinking country is soooo great why don’t you fucking stay there you fucking scrounging polish sausage eating smelly immigrant bastard, cunt!mudford69@hot mail.co.uk

      • Jonny Says:

        🙂 welcome my chav mate – the future of UK, BTW: we will go home after we do YOUR job you don’t want because is so underpaid and job center pays much better for fuck all :)))

      • warlock Says:

        What angers me is the fact that most can’t even be bothered to learn the British language, does Britain need these weird oddball people with their strange ways, languages and customs? Muslims treat their women as second class citizens, the Poles are a lost breed who only want to drink fight and kill one another and build big houses in Poland with non taxed money that they have stolen from the UK economy the Romanians will be over here soon nicking the Poles money and living rough on the streets. Oh dear they have only just arrived here and look at the problems so far.

    • Nikki Says:

      Fuck off Ola. You and your scum have taken our jobs.
      The reason there are street signs in English in poland is because English is an internationally recognised language. It’s also used by tour guides on your ghoulish trips to extermination camps such as Bełżec, Chełmno and Sobibór.
      poles have no shame.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Fair do, why do expats in Spain call people foreigners and eat egg and chips? Country’s changing cunt, hope you enjoy..oh you don’t? Then fucking do one..

  16. ola Says:

    One more thing I thought about.
    What do you mean by”unless something is done there is no future for british people in britian”? I’m sure you know that British people have mostly German origin (heard sth about Angles, Saxons or Jutes?). Think where does Celts come from, or Vikings. Even names like Britain or England are not English. Trace the origin of names like Birmingham, Worcester, Gloucester and thousands of others. Maybe it would be good idea to find out about the past of british people first, before you go to the future.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Oh fuck off

    • Anonymous Says:

      Fucking Council sucking cock cunts
      Fucking council estate Brits idiots lick
      My balls
      You fucking council primitive bitches eat my shit

    • Nikki Says:

      Yeah, we were invaded by those cunts as well.
      Try not thinking – it obviously isn’t good for you. Just pack your bags, take your passport and fuck off home.
      Btw, your English isn’t perfect, so quit slagging off a foreigner’s polish, you dumb cunt.

  17. Alex Says:

    Fuck all of you Polish cunts!! Fuck off back to your own shithole of a country

  18. Alex Says:

    Ive got a great idea. Lets put all the polish and all the muslims on a fucking island. The muslims would breed so much theyd probably sink the island. Rather polish than muslims i suppose…at least they work hard. Muslims just breed and sponge off the government

  19. mitch Says:

    Alex: To tell you the truth, I’d rather the damn Muslims. These Poles are an altoghether different breed of slaves. Undercutting the average Brit in ALL areas of employment, steeling our fucking jobs. Dont let the government fool you, these Eastern European immigrants aint only taking “the jobs we dont want” – I can fucking assure you!! Aint no Muslim ever stolen my job, but I have now been forced out of my decently paid job because of this Polish invasion and my boss sacking his old faithful British workers in favour of CHEAP Poles. Plus, they all get fucking income support benefits on TOP to cover their shit low wages. So we also have to pay for em through our taxes.

    They’re like fking cockroaches. Imagine, we Brits fought for CENTURIES through the Unions to raise the working-man’s standard of living and our Government and these Poles are destroying it all. Fuck em. cant stand the sight of em!

    • Anonymous Says:

      Fuck you you fucking lazy idiots use your shitty smelly brain to get the proper job not complain about people who really want to work.
      You live like fucking rats in your lovely council baracks.
      Good luck with your shitty traditional fish and chips junky shit.
      You are all imbeciles

      • manx Says:

        If we live like rats its because we’re copying your dump of a country that you laughingly call Poo- land, we Brits should all sponsor a german each to come here and finish off what they started in WW2 with the Poles they’d kick your polish arses, burn your ugly women and stamp on your scummy kids, you are a nation of benefit stealing shit.

      • Ben Hope Says:

        Polish shouldn’t you be speaking German. You’re people are like rat’s.

      • manx Says:

        Ben Hope ……. More like NO Hope ! Eastern European Loser

    • Anonymous Says:

      Go and fuck your mother you shit faced Brit! Haha, you are way too dumb to make an apicatiin and write a decent cv. I stole job of a lawyer not yours you illiterate low life twa haahaaa!!

      • union jack Says:

        Did you write your cv ? or buy it over the internet like your id and driving licence ? And qualifications ?

      • manx Says:

        You can’t even spell you ignorant Eastern European trash.

    • Darious Says:

      I am writing this from Bournemouth Dorset. The Polish are everywhere you go everyplace you look, any place you go there is polish, polish , polish, polish , polish, polish, polish, polish, polish…
      Enough is enough is enough. There are herds of the most scummiest Slavic type coming to England from Poland. We have polish tramps here! all sorts all of them alcoholic. They have just arrived yesterday but they are already well clued up with all the housing and social security laws. Down the Citizen Advice wanting a flat…. Enough is enough . THERE HAS TO BE A BALANCE. You don’t see a Chinese man around every corner. You don’t see an Asian around every corner. You don’t see etc etc around every corner BUT YOU DO SEE A POLISH AROUND EVERY CORNER. Around every corner all around the British ISLE… There is POLISH POLISH POLISH.. ENOUGHH IS ENOUGH.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I’m fed up with hearing that the polish are doing the jobs we don’t want. An entire building site a mate of mine was working on was swapped for poles and I assure you that every dam brit on that site needed that job. But the simple fact is the could not work for the same day rate as the poles. That’s not because we a greedy far from it. We just work hard and want to be rewarded and live the quality of life we desire. But the polish are happy to live in crowded condition on top of each other, their rent is fuck all when their is 10 in one house. I pay most of my mortgage with a little help from my partner. I was I Lidl the other day and there was six of them in front of me 5 guys and 1 slutty girl obviously all living together. She was walking like john wayne clearly she’d had all of their cocks. Welcome to multi cultural england

    • Anonymous Says:

      Yeah us Brits have fought everywhere, now we fight cunts like you. Lol

  20. mitch Says:

    Alex: mate, you said: “at least they work hard.” That’s another fking Government LIE to justify them being here. I can ASSURE you they don’t work any harder than anyone else. In fact they’re actually a lazy bunch of idle, pot-smoking, numbskulled twats! I know, I had to work beside em for over two months before me and half a dozen other Brits their were “laid-off”. The only thing that is attractive about them is that they undercut British people on the wage front. These Poles at my work-place were jpoining at HALF the fking wage of everyone else. About 8 of em living in ONE house! And us Brits are supposed to be happy about this and COMPETE with these cockroaches. There’s no damn way I’m going to live in a house with 8 other people when I’m doing a 9 to 5. Fucking pay me what EVERY working man deserves!! thats what I say!

  21. Mick Says:

    Mitch, the working man gets paid what he deserves. You need to get a better education and work harder, mate! Don’t think that Big Brother or Lobour Leaders will make things right. You have the most power over you life. Deliver pizza at night, while you keep your day job and get a degree online. Make yourself a plan.

  22. Alex Says:

    well anyone who fancies comes over and get free-bee’s. it ridiculous. But its not going to change though.
    Let me tell you something crazy; Ive been living outside of england for over 3 years. Ive started my degree outside of england. I want to stay over here now (since I am british through and through) and complete my degree, but I have to pay 3 times the price a pole would pay for the same degree! This is because im now classed as an “outside student”. I can wait 6 months to be re-classified, but i just thinks its mad. My family has been paying tax for generations and generations (well, hundreds of years)

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Init what a bunch of Fucking pikey cock sucker’s the poles r. I can c it now the pubs will be wanting there custom during euro 08 seen as thou england didnt get there. I cant wait cause me and a load of mates r gonna kick Fuck out of as many poles we can find

  24. Adi Says:

    Yeah the poles are Fucking muppets . They even sound like they suck cock for a quid a hour the Fucking jippos . There all Fucking inbreds like shagging there sister’s un what not. Lincolns getting a right Fucking shit hole cause of these pricks.

  25. Wakey wake Says:

    I wouldn’t mind if the poles just sent all the fit chicks over so they could suck our helmets and send the cash home . But as for the polish lads there just a bunch of Fucking knob jocks .

    • Polish Power Says:

      Polish stunning girls are only for stunning Polish lads 😉 Fuck Churchill the fucking Russian ass licker !

  26. Mick Says:

    The Polish girls are much prettier than your UK horse face cows.

  27. Wakey wakey Says:

    Want saying they wasn’t . But there only good for one thing . Sucking cock like blackpool rock. Send um round the pub’s on a wk end we’ll give um min wage

  28. Anonymous Says:

    R local night club has hired a polish doorman just to tell the scruffy Fuckers to Fuckoff you got shit clothes now do one

  29. Anonymous Says:

    The poles all need shooting the sly bastards .

  30. Mick Says:

    The Poles were once respected by your countrymen. Great Britian declared war on Germany the day they invaded Poland.

    I’d guess you think would have been better off letting Hitler kill them all.

  31. Anonymous Says:

    Two Fucking right. The local paper’s full of these mug’s, shoplifting mugging oap’s . Got enough prob’s of our own, without these mother Fucker’s adding to it .

  32. Anonymous Says:

    take a hike to hell you flathead lazy chav polish scum suckers

  33. Anonymous Says:

    go back home to poland feckin tramps, we dont want you here, read the writing the wall, you dumb fucks you stand out like a sore thumb you ugly mongoles, and dress like fucking chav scum if, i had my way id burn you out of the homes that should be for our enlish people, hitler shouldve finished the job he started, word

  34. Anonymous Says:

    I hate the poles . They hang round like poverty, and only speak english wen they want to scav sum freebies the Fucking cunts

  35. Mick Says:

    Hail to the Poles! A Polish General helped America defeat the British in the War of Independence!

    Poles have more of the Viking DNA than the rat-like East Enders like you scum!

    • Anonymous Says:

      there is more pakistani and indian DNA in poles. Check the facts before you write something, its very easy to google it. 😉

    • Anonymous Says:

      Mick you are a spanner- you really know nothing, keep it to yourself.

      • Ray Says:

        Well I think Mike the Pol should be the new Polish Prime Minister full of shit and ready to talk it, what a 100% twat ! I went for a job interview last week and the manager was a bastard Pol! Fucking cheek asking a poxy slimy Pol for a job in my own country, I gave him a smack straight away and got arrested but it was worth it watching the dirt-bag running up the road crying like a baby, give me some weapons and I’ll finish a few more off to save my country.

    • manx Says:

      Thats true, thats why Polish women look like cows with horns sticking out of the empty heads.

  36. Anonymous Says:

    hey anon its not just fkin england theyr invading ffs! I go anywhere in my school in wales and they r fkin there guarantee u t fkin sly bastards standing there sniggering at us, I’ve even seen ppl getting kickd out of their council house bcoz it was 2 bedroom and 5 polish ppl needed the house, one tip for u though nvr go near birmingham if u hate polish or muslims those fkin muslim cunts have taken over the city with Polish as their fucking helpers.

  37. Mick Says:

    Take your pick. The frogs have too many Muslims not enough Poles. You think they are better off? The French don’t even use deodorant. Maybe that’s why the Poles move to the UK. At least you people bathe.

  38. Rupert Says:

    The Polish are doing work cheaper and better than the lazy english working classes. If you don’t like it, then you should have gotten some A levels and a degree and got a real job that isn’t effected by immigrants. Also, Polish girls are quite pretty (often far better looking than lower class English girls), subservient and they don’t mind offering their services at a reasonable rate. Basically, the English working classes will soon be replaced by a more able, better looking, more obedient immigrant workforce. It’s amusing to observe.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Polish workmen are useless, only good for shovelling shit. People are foolish to employ them. Most of the their work will have fallen apart in a few years- they’ll be long gone and it will be up to us to fix all the problems.
      They come from a country with minimum standards and have little history of manufacturing, architecture etc etc. It was and largely still is a country of peasant farmers which has nothing in common with western Europe.

      • Union Jack Says:

        What a load of utter crap, only a Polish ponse would claim Pols are hard working and the Brits should get an education in order to keep their jobs. Pols buggered up most of the things they have done in this country rubbish lazy so called workmen, I watched a lorry pull and block a roundabout the other day a fat Pol got out and wanted directions so I sent the arsehole 50 miles in the wrong direction, you lot should all piss off back to the run down shed of a country that YOU created and stop living off someone elses hard work. I curse you and our useless government for allowing shit like you into the country.

  39. WAKE UP Says:


    • Anonymous Says:


    • Anonymous Says:

      Its not the “FOREIGNERS” as you put it, ITS THE SCUM POLISH. There has always been migration to Britain…
      Lets deal with the real problem and not generalise.

  40. anon from america Says:

    same everywhere. been happening since the beginning of time. i think its funny. time for you english pigs to give up. thanks for the language, tho.

  41. Mick Says:

    Great Anon! The Polish economy is booming. The hard working Polish immigrants in England are just saving up to be able to afford a decent home, manor house or villa back in Poland. Don’t worry, you will have your working class, rundown, rat infested apartments back in just a couple of years, sharing them with the Islamics moving in to take advantage of the UK’s public benefits.

    But you still don’t have the wisdom or energy to build your own future. You think the Labour Party is supposed to do that for you. Don’t you? But next, you will have Muslims replace the Poles. Don’t worry, they don’t work so hard at all. They won’t be competing with you for jobs. And they will have you bowing down with them giving paise to Allah in the years to come.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Get a life Mick. You treat the blacks in America like shit and they have an equal
      Right to be there. You are a sanctimonious twat- fuck off, mind your own business and if you need to complain about something concentrate on griping about your own retarded country you bellend.

  42. Emma Says:

    What has changed for me in the past few years is my battle to get a place at my local school for my children. In fact because I was one day late in completing my admission form, my son did not get his place at nursery so I had to pay another 6 months in private childcare.
    What bugs me about this is that at least a third of the nursery intake would have been immigrants. The health and education system is being stretched to its limits and my children just aren’t getting reasonable quality teaching. The qualified teachers are being supported by classroom assistants the majority of which are uneducated, can’t at least talk properly.
    I sat in on a reception class lesson one day and was quite appauled by the classroom assistants talking to the children in their London “fink” and fursday” accents. I am by no means posh but I think all children should be at least given a good start in life.
    Wake up Britain, you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. I would like to see exactly where all this added income tax from the poles is really being spent. I don’t see any of it
    at our schools.
    I can’t bear walking down my road anymore because hearing English speaking people is almost a rarity. I feel out numbered and more insecure than ever before.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Understood Emma- I feel sympathy for you. Most off all I feel sorry for young working class white men, this country has shitted on them for half a century.
      Working class conditions were bad enough prior to WW2. Then came the afro Carribeans, then the Pakistanis, then the Bangladeshis, then Nigerians, Somalis, Turks, Aghans, Iranians, now the Poles, soon Romanians and Bulgarians. Each successive wave has made life worse for us; lowered wages, lowered living standards, more corruption, more gangs, more alienation, less cohesive society.
      Meanwhile the lefty Labourites tore apart our culture, and Tory bankers and their like got wealthier selling off British assets whilst avoiding paying any taxes.
      Its only a matter of time now before the shit hits the fan and people get hurt- just pray you aren’t there to see it.

      • GEEZER Says:


  43. WAKE UP Says:

    Everyone hates Polish people because they are taking over our country to the point that we are going to become an ethnic minority in our own country, i.e. there will be more Polish than British in Britain which is shocking. Our people are coming back from the army and are being told that they cannot have a house because Eastern Europeans have been given them! Is it any wonder with all these foreigners coming in that (a) we’re the most overcrowded nation (b) are having to build more and more homes on floodplains (c)are often being turned down for jobs because migrants are getting over 80 percent of new jobs. It’s disgusting. For God’s sake, Mohammad is now the second most popular name in our country. It says it all: if the British National Party don’t get elected we’re heading for Muslim Sharia Law in this country. Fact.

    • Darious Says:

      I am writing this from Bournemouth Dorset. The Polish are everywhere you go everyplace you look, any place you go there is polish, polish , polish, polish , polish, polish, polish, polish, polish…
      Enough is enough is enough. There are herds of the most scummiest Slavic type coming to England from Poland. We have polish tramps here! all sorts all of them alcoholic. They have just arrived yesterday but they are already well clued up with all the housing and social security laws. Down the Citizen Advice wanting a flat…. Enough is enough . THERE HAS TO BE A BALANCE. You don’t see a Chinese man around every corner. You don’t see an Asian around every corner. You don’t see etc etc around every corner BUT YOU DO SEE A POLISH AROUND EVERY CORNER. Around every corner all around the British ISLE… There is POLISH POLISH POLISH.. ENOUGHH IS ENOUGH.

  44. Liberalscumout Says:

    Fuck off Mick and Vicky, you’re bloody clueless. The Poles are making our once proud nation into a shithole like Afghanistan, where there are about fifty different nationalities and the place is at war. Traitorous scum like you should he jailed for treason. With any luck you will be when the BNP rise to power.

  45. anon from america Says:

    we hear the same in US about mexicans and other latinos. when i was a kid it was dp’s from all over europe because of ww2. these people are imported because the ruling and upper middle classes need servants, maids, limo and taxi drivers, and nannies. the food industry needs fruit and veg pickers, slaughter house killers, meat packers, etc. the hotel and restaurant industry needs waiters/waitresses, busboys, dishwashers, etc. there are always many low paying jobs that always require more work from the employee than the better paid jobs. in a growing economy the lower classes and working poor cannot fill these positions and, generally speaking, won’t take the level of sh_t (that the employers like or need to dish out) like immigrants will. in the US, if they are illegal, even better, because they can be treated as almost slave labor (you won’t see these guys striking). this is the way it is – and it is this way everywhere. it is highly unlikely that anyone contributing to this list is seriously competing with these people. if anyone thinks they are (e.g., emma), then i suggest she immigrate to the US and hire out as a nanny to see if she will have it better at the low end (collecting some dole) then at her obviously high end (she can afford private day care).

    • Anonymous Says:

      Eat shit and die u fat american shit. english aint pigs. u yanks are fuckin sick steeling native americans land and killing them and putting the best nation in the world into dept for 60 years. June the twelth, what would u say 8-0 to england. when it happends i’m going to burn that yanky flag and shit on it. Go watch an eposode of friends. dick head

  46. Polish Canadian Says:

    This whole situation is sad. I was born in Poland , grew up in Canada yet I still follow what’s going on in my country of birth and in Europe in general. I must say that I completely understand the British people’s frustration with the fact that so many locals are being laid off and replaced with cheap labour from Poland or the fact that housing is becomming an issue due to the recent wave of immigration. On the other hand who can blame those people for wanting to have a better life and using the opportunity that has been GIVEN to them? What I’m going to say now might provoke some of you , no offense but it is kind of Britain’s fault. Why did Winston Churchill give Poland away to the Soviets by signing a pact with Stalin , in Yalta? Quite a nice “thank you” for the battle of England in which Polish pilots risked their lives fighting for Britain. On the other hand , I feel for the British people nowadays , it must be horribly frustrating loosing jobs etc. because immigrants are willing to work for less.

  47. Mick Says:

    Churchill and America’s FDR let “Uncle Joe” Stalin take half of Europe. Stalin was at least as evil as Hitler. What was WWII for?

    Britian also let thousands of Cossacks, both Russian and Polish be lined up and executed by the Communists run with the iron fist of Joe Stalin.

    So it’s Karma for you Brits. And I thank the Polish for helping New England defeat England during the Revolutionary War.

    Hey, enjoy the Polish sausage and bagels, invented by the Poles.

    • Anonymous Says:

      we saved the poles in ww2 u stuiped yank. P.S 9/11

      • John Smith Says:

        no, you didnt, Polish pilots saved your sorry ass british country and you left us under soviet occupation. NOW, we will flood your country and there will be no more Britain. We will make Poland v2 right on your land, shit on your culture and burn you down to the ground. Now cheap workforce, soon your employers and bosses.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Don’t think so.

  48. SomeonewhohatesPoles Says:

    The Poles are like leeches sucking the blood out of our country, no one can get a good job anymore, those who want to train to get a better job are denied help because of all these Polish fuckers flooding over here so the companies won’t fund the training of their workforce. It stinks and its so wrong! I don’t give a shit what they did in world war ii, they are destroying our country, I hate the Polish Czech and Lithuanian scumbags, I wish they would all feck off. We should have let Hitler have them if we knew they’d repay our generosity by coming over here to turn our country into a rundown shithole like their own.

    • Polish Power Says:

      , Polish pilots saved your sorry ass british country and you left us under soviet occupation. NOW, we will flood your country and there will be no more Britain. We will make Poland v2 right on your land, shit on your culture and burn you down to the ground. Now cheap workforce, soon your employers and bosses.

      • Shootapol Says:

        Rubbish, Pols were fucking lunatic pilots , who disobeyed direct orders from command and risk the lives of British, Canadian and Australian pilots, so get you facts right, even now on British motorways check out how many trucks with PL number plates are in collisions with British cars, fucking pissed most of the time or thieving the rest of the time.

  49. Anonymous Says:

    I hope anarchy starts soon! we how the strength and power to reclaim our land.

  50. Anonymous Says:

    Fuck off polish cunts, everyone hates you, go back to your own stinkin country!

  51. Mick Says:

    Don’t worry, they will and be replaced with Islamic jihadists. You’ve lost your country 60 years ago.

  52. Big Orange Says:

    I don’t think the majority of Polish labor should be scapegoated or blamed for Britain’s current unemployment woes (just about kept in check by cheap consumerism, media lies, government spin, and a bloated welfare system). The public anger should be directly entirely at the government for selling us down the river to the EU and our greedy native employers being total dicks, taking advantage of the surplus of cheap Eastern European labor coming into the country, blatantly displacing most of the native youth and non-white immigrants, cutting costs on training and proper wages.

    Our multinational corporations are not helping either, by packing up and shipping out entire sections of their businesses overseas, leaving no real domestic economy behind and drying out proper jobs even more. Our own businessmen, both company executives or independent employers, are the real bloodsuckers, traitors, and blights on society. The hordes of foreign workers these fucking sharks are cynically taking advantage of both here and overseas is at the expense of this country’s future and even the longevity of their own companies. It seems like our politicians are acting in much the same way, just being on the take, not caring about this country or the people they should serve.

    Don’t worry, some near future disaster will knock most of them out of their trees and Britain will be genuinely great again.

  53. Mick Says:

    Big Brother exists today in the UK and US because of the under-educated, anti-business lower class. Large corporations are being taxed out of business. So what choice do they have but leave for tax havens like the Antilles.

    If you don’t invest in yourself in a real education such as engineering, IT, law or business, and actually work and invest money, you will never crawl out from the filthy drug-infested apartments you live in.

    The hard working Poles will be your landlords in a few years.

  54. Emma Says:

    I recently heard of one scam that these Poles were doing. One businessman hired them and was paying the wages the same as they would any other person.
    Something happened and the poles took the businessman to court for unfair dismissal/ discrimination, can’t remember the full reason, but the Poles won the case and cost the businessman a fortune. YET the same poles went to work for another company and tried the same trick again. What does my head in is there seems to be a secret guidebook of how to scam Britain. Yet I was always brought up to be polite and wait my turn and do things by the book.
    Still no further to getting a decent sized house for me and my three children. Yet in my road which is Housing Association and Council, all the British people who have moved out are replaced by any other race except British.
    I am a single mother, I refuse to be on income support and work all day long and all night
    to make my money. Plus the money I earn is honest and also benefits animal charities worldwide. I paint dogs! At least it is one job the Polish can’t muscle in on.
    Heck there would be no chance of getting a job local to me so I can be there for my children, every bar, supermarket is full of…….. the POLISH.
    And I have read some of the other’s comments on the females being much prettier than us British, and I think mick you said we are like horse faced.
    Tut Tut. Of all the Polish girls I see in my area, to be honest they dress like prositutes,
    wear too much make-up, and not particularly pretty.
    There is a GREAT deal of unrest and the British are getting very uneasy. I am just waiting
    to see where this unrest will go? So much negative energy cannot stay bottled up forever.
    Me I give up on being offerered an affordable home. I will do anything for my children so will just work even harder than ever for our bigger house.

    • Darious Says:

      I am writing this from Bournemouth Dorset. The Polish are everywhere you go everyplace you look, any place you go there is polish, polish , polish, polish , polish, polish, polish, polish, polish…
      Enough is enough is enough. There are herds of the most scummiest Slavic type coming to England from Poland. We have polish tramps here! all sorts all of them alcoholic. They have just arrived yesterday but they are already well clued up with all the housing and social security laws. Down the Citizen Advice wanting a flat…. Enough is enough . THERE HAS TO BE A BALANCE. You don’t see a Chinese man around every corner. You don’t see an Asian around every corner. You don’t see etc etc around every corner BUT YOU DO SEE A POLISH AROUND EVERY CORNER. Around every corner all around the British ISLE… There is POLISH POLISH POLISH.. ENOUGHH IS ENOUGH.

  55. bob lucas Says:

    hey at least i get to eat polish food now,it can be really spicey and tasty,its almost like indian food all over again

  56. Mick Says:

    I love to barbeque Polish sausage. Did you know that the Poles also came up with Bagels? They make English muffins taste like cardboard.

  57. Daz Says:

    Mick…..One. the English dont actually eat “English Muffins”…I do not disagree with you about the fact that most of the comments on here are from rather silly (and possibly inbred) pikeys who wouldnt want a job anyway and possibly live off council benefits…

    BUT…dont keep throwing examples of the 1776 civil (or as you call it…revolutionary) war up…The north American colonies were fighting the British government (headed by a strongly pro-US prime minister) NOT the British people…for which, WASHINGTON, FRANKLIN and that French-loving turncoat JEFFERSON WERE ALL British ruling class stock.

    They were no your “average Joe” on the street, so it was no “people’s revolution” like France…not by a long margin…..so really, dont throw that example at the English people….we didnt fight in your little local squabble…seriously.

    I welcome anyone who wants to make a better life for themselves.

    But really…sorry to burst your bubble…but only McDonald’s (a US company) sells English Muffins in England.

  58. Mick Says:

    Daz, compare Polish sausage to your horrible bangers then. Better yet, hagis with warm beer. It makes me puke thinking about it.

    The Polish also have the best vodka in the world, Belvadere.

    As for the American Revolution, the key people were George Washington, a soldier, Ben Franklin was just an apprentice almost a slave as a youth, but a genius and hard worker who built his political strength from scratch. His own son was loyal to the crown and Franklin disowned him for it.

    The American Revolution changed the world.

  59. Mick Says:

    Daz, Americans aren’t called subjects like you sad bastards are.

    • Anonymous Says:

      O my days u stuiped yanky, gutless shit. Go watch a shit eposode of friends. Come to England, go to Wembely, then u can judge us. Do u even know what Wembely is? The queen is only for torism, we get to vote.

  60. Daz Says:

    Actually, we’re called citizens, we are citizens of the European Union and were Subjects by CHOICE only…perhsaps you should read the Magna Carta…go on, it’s only in the national archives in DC…and the name Franklin pretty much gives it away Mick….Franklin means Yeoman…the highest esteemed name outside of roalty, a gentleman farmer. he was no pauper.

    I know a lot more about Franklin than you might believe…his son had the right idea, the last governor of NJ…hang em like Toddy…his son lost his fortune, gambled it in Paris and ended up on the outskirts of London…trust me.

    Also a genious who would turn sides at the drop of the hat, as his own son said often. Our horrible bangers are a darnslight better than your sausages. And besides, Polish people are very hardworking, if I had the chance to move somewhere I’d be set after a few months I’d go.

    But carry on believing that all English people are putrid, life, liberty and due course…those are your rights as laid down in the “rights of Englishmen” bill.

  61. Daz Says:

    Besides, the only reason the USA was created because all the racist WASPS didnt want the catholics to come over and work like they were in Canada. And I think if you read your history correctly, Washington, Hamilton and Jefferson had quite a to-do about if they should stick with the new freedom-loving republic of France or disown them as they wernt the same maniacal monarchy that virtually single-handedly won them their freedom.

    Face facts, behind all the freedom, lee Greenwood nonsense, you are and have never been more free than Britain is. Remember, people make choices and those choices dont always match how the US see’s the world.

    a lesson that never fails to repeat itself.

  62. PATRIOT Says:


  63. PATRIOT Says:


  64. PATRIOT Says:


  65. Anonymous Says:

    I say send the Polish guys home, and let the girls stay!!! They are fit as fuck!! Also dirty sluts as well. I’ve humped four of em so far, and my mate, who is 52yrs old has just shacked up with a 21yr old Polish bird. Humping the shit out of her every night, by all accounts! Great stuff. If we can’t throw you fuckers out, we’ll breed you out…….and have a bloody good time in the process!! HA HA HA

    • Polish Power Says:

      Polish pilots saved your sorry ass british country and you left us under soviet occupation. NOW, we will flood your country and there will be no more Britain. We will make Poland v2 right on your land, shit on your culture and burn you down to the ground. Now cheap workforce, soon your employers and bosses.

  66. Anonymous Says:

    I know a Polish couple that got married four months ago. She’s now having an affair with her Hindu boss lol. Dirty trollop hehe.

  67. Michał Says:

    I sincerely hope we can get our workforce back, that way we can finally completely rebuild our economy and ally with the Germans and Russians and fuck the rest of europe for good.

  68. Michał Says:

    Oh yeah. We’re not helping you witht he musilim invasion this time. The west’s going under. And we’ll just go rape and pillage what’s left. TAAA TAAA and FUCK YOU!!

  69. Mick Says:

    Michal, Good comments. Let the spineless Brits stay drunk and weak and collect off thier UB-40s while you, the hard working Poles make money while the sun shines and help fuel Polands fast growning economy.

    May burkas are not a bad idea for the English hags.

    • Oscar Says:

      Mick, why put a picture of your mother on your thread ? Or maybe its your Polish sister or wife oh no wait a minute, forgot your sister IS your wife Polish inbred.

  70. Daz Says:

    The chances of them getting there workforce back are minimal….lol…the Russian team up with the Germans and Poles?……what Planet are you on?

    Britain has closer ties to Germany than Poland does to it….why the heck do you think the Germans AND the French didnt want the Poles to join the EU?……Nope, it was THANKS to Britain that the Polish are even in the EU….all because we wanted a bigger hand and thought the eastern european countries could be persuaded lol.

    Mick……I’ve seen some seriously butt-ugly mutts in the US too. And they tend to be much easier…….for me anyway…perhaps not you…..maybe thats why you bother us English so much.

  71. scott Says:

    they r taking the piss now.polishstaff .co.uk ,change that 2 english and we would be fucking hung,they live 20 per house ,got no outgoings,steal our jobs,then piss off back with loads of money,but most of ththe work they do is shit.what about good english tradesmen who have families 2 keep,this country is turning 2 shit

  72. Mr. Angry Says:


    • Oscar Says:

      Here Here Mr Angry, the Poles are all very cocky at the moment but lets hope its not too long before we rally together as proud Brits and force these little fuckers into the North Sea once and for all, VOTE BNP and show these Eastern Europeans who is really boss.

  73. Mr. Angry Says:


    Fuck off back to your stinking shitbowl and stop trying to recreate Poland here. We don’t want your smelly sausages; we don’t want to be undercut by arrogant, selfish foreigners who live ten to a room. If I was you I would GO HOME NOW, and that goes for all immigrants.

    • Polish Power Says:

      Polish pilots saved your sorry ass british country and you left us under soviet occupation. NOW, we will flood your country and there will be no more Britain. We will make Poland v2 right on your land, shit on your culture and burn you down to the ground. Now cheap workforce, soon your employers and bosses.

  74. 88 Says:

    Heil Hitler!

  75. raz Says:

    i hate polish they are dickheads they go to our village pub get drunk and cause trouble they are alway causing trouble with local youths and people expect them to do nothing back and if they do they are inflicting racial hatred if i was them i would petrol bomb the fucking lot of them the horible imbread fucking scum bags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. andy Says:

    you know every country in the world has invaded conquered poland without wanting the bastard place ie nazis to get at the ruskies they were in the fucking way..even the turks conquered it and thought bollocks 2 this
    being in our empire i blame the russians 4 leaving …now free even they dont wanna be there either…its the greedy capitalists doing ok and screwing us and them and being safe they cant afford to live near them
    or get on the housing list or have thier kids at state school with teachers
    now having to face children who dont speak english and spend more time with them at the cost of our kids education but shit that suits the ruling classes just fine dumb cheap british labour.now we fucked of the unions for the european one

    • Adrian Says:

      Turkey was defeated by Poland in the Times of Kazimierz Wielki. “Kazimierz the Great” Poland also defeated the Crusades in 1410 in Grunwald. And the reason you still have the privilege of speaking your own language is because… Read my Post – it’s he last one down about Division 303 and the Battle of Britain.

      Learn history, don’t make it up – you mislead sheep who then end up fighting for an untrue cause.

  77. andy Says:

    well my partners father 78 and deaf lonely recently bereaved
    and now has 6 poles living rent free in his house coz hes in love with a 21 year old girl from poland she talked 2 him at the italian he always went to alone … of course he fancies ayoung girl .but hes handing cash over hand over fist now we are worried he wont have any pension left after hes taken 2 of them to the usa ..hes paying the flightd hotels n food and they are paying 4 the rest …he told her… he had a comfy life but hes sold his classic jag caravan etc and taking lump sums out of his fund its so sad..
    hes never been poor he was a scientist now he could be old and poor u know we dont give a shit if he spent it all on him and left nowt..but 2 be
    mugged and manipulated into taking the girls 2 kennedy sppace port coz the are thinking of doing astro physics at manchester uni ..how ridiculous
    u can just imagine the bitches going well russias cosmanaut city would be closer but weve never been to disneyland .or had hot weather .sad thing is he gets angry his daughter doesnt want to see him happy and now
    the only one who didnt ever want 2 take advantage of him is the jealous daughter …she used 2 cook wash and iron and look after him every day
    now hes looking scruffy unkempt and they left 4 6 months now they are back 4 lads in tow none paying rent …and they decided to have the house decorated as it was looking a bit old fashioned did they do it did they fuck got decorators in and had it done to suit them …. so if any pimps out there preferably a pole that would prey on fellow poles two bitches need 2 work 4 you and earn there passport back to the asshole they crawled out off
    fuck the germans knew how to care 4 them walled them up in warsaw got em to work 4 nowt or one of the holiday camps they built 4 them

  78. ross Says:

    the fuking polish are everywhere they should all be hung by there necks and it goes for all you muslum cunts and fucking niggers aswell.
    here in ireland 1 in 3 people are foreign and i cant get fucking work i had work and then a lituanian cunt took it why cant immagrints just stay in there own country and leave the rest of the world alone they all come to exploit our country.
    why do you think the ressetion is happening becouse foreigners come work send the money back to there own country and they dont pay tax there all theifs me and my mates put togeteher a little irish kkk and on a fridy nite we all go out get stoned and go and kick the shit out of all the foreigners we can get ahold of its very fun der lik rats if hitler was alive today he wud die in disbeleif and the last thing i will say is dat mussys stink of curry.

    kill the foreigners………………………….

    • Anonymous Says:

      Oops, posted in the wrong one before so sorry to Jim buddy 🙂

      You stupid thick Irish cunt! Irish are well known to be the thickest race on Earth, just Google it. Reading your post shows that you are uneducated. Stay in their own countries? Yes true but why are thousands of Irish road digging wankers in England then you tosser? Why did the Irish thick as shit pillocks invade America back in the days? Dirty Irish beer drinking pot bellied shitbags. You didn’t get the job because you are thick and uneducated you fucking leprechaun! You should have gone to school instead of milking your mama’s cows on the farm. FOOKING TWOSSER!!!

  79. Anonymous Says:

    lol so true

  80. Terminator after the poles Says:


    Good day, sir

  81. Jim Says:

    You people are all sick and need help!
    Muslims were disgraced by Bush to make you sheep believe that they were terrorists so he could have an excuse to grab their oil and resources. You people are so stupid not to realise the truth and believe the media all the time. Talk about thick! I live in Birmingham amongst muslims but I am white British and I can truly see that Bush has hired or threatened a few bad muslims and made all the thick swine flu infested sheep believe what he wanted them to believe.
    As for the poles, yes we have a few and most of the ones I know are thieves and bad people. I have also noticed that 95% of the Polish girls will fuck anyone for money, talk about a nation of whores! What happened to self-respect?
    Sad sad world. We need another Noah’s Ark thing to get rid of ALL human vermin as it is getting too corrupted and start afresh. Amen!

    • Anonymous Says:


    • Anonymous Says:

      You stupid thick Irish cunt! Irish are well known to be the thickest race on Earth, just Google it. Reading your post shows that you are uneducated. Stay in their own countries? Yes true but why are thousands of Irish road digging wankers in England then you tosser? Why did the Irish thick as shit pillocks invade America back in the days? Dirty Irish beer drinking pot bellied shitbags. You didn’t get the job because you are thick and uneducated you fucking leprechaun! You should have gone to school instead of milking your mama’s cows on the farm. FOOKING TWOSSER!!!

  82. Jim Says:

    errr my brother wants to have his say too!!!

  83. Robin Says:

    i disagree with my brother because i have 4 polish whores on the side and they fuck like no british bird can and they do it all. i don’t have to pay them either because of my ten incher so it’s all good as they say in the adverts. i fooking hate the polski guys though, what a bunch of ugly looking twats they are. girls are pretty but the guys look a hairy elephants ass

  84. Jim Says:

    Yeah right Rob. Oi I didn’t know about the 4 women on the side??? And what??? 10 incher – you lucky cunt…

  85. Anonymous Says:

    Reply to Ross…
    You stupid thick Irish cunt! Irish are well known to be the thickest race on Earth, just Google it. Reading your post shows that you are uneducated. Stay in their own countries? Yes true but why are thousands of Irish road digging wankers in England then you tosser? Why did the Irish thick as shit pillocks invade America back in the days? Dirty Irish beer drinking pot bellied shitbags. You didn’t get the job because you are thick and uneducated you fucking leprechaun! You should have gone to scholl instead of milking your mama’s cows on the farm. FOOKING TWOSSER!!!

  86. Anonymous Says:

    scholl = school

  87. Scotish Says:

    Its uk immergration. you english fucking cunt!!!!!!! you fucking cokcsucker i fucking want to kick the shit outa you. FUCKing wanker

  88. anonymous Says:

    I really don’t know how I feel about this. In all seriousness. There does seem to be an awful amount of polish people here, not just young ones, the whole family! Including the grandparents! If i was to walk out into my street and shout pavel or marek, most of the windows would open. There have also been some nasty attacks and rapes by them and other eastern europeans and attacks on eastern europeans by locals. There is such a sense of unease here now and I just feel the EU is all wrong. I for one, would never have voted for this. The UK is fucked! The bottom end of the job market, traditionally posts taken up by students for example is gone and there has been a rise in drop outs in the university in my city. The poles have a hunger and determination to get on that can’t but be admired but the EU and an incompetent UK government has dumped this problem on our shores rather than having it dispersed across the entire continent of EU members. The French and the Germans must be laughing loudly. I really fear for the future here, something will give sooner or later.

  89. GeoNeil Says:

    Have the Polish commisioned their own version of “Auf Wiedersehen, Pet” yet?

    You do remember Auf Wiedersehen, Pet? That programme from the 80s about dirty English immigrants taking German jobs, working for fuck all, getting free housing, causing trouble with the locals ans taking their German women?

  90. GeoNeil Says:

    By the way, my Polish mate, Drunkon Zubrowka hates the Germans, and thinks that any Polish people over here should either learn, English or go home.

    He also tells me that the phrase that most English men want translated into Polish (once they’re telling him to fuck off back to where he comes from) is “Hello darlin, I wanna shag the arse for you, pet!” because they think the nice bit of stuff in the Polish Deli (or “that shop that sells the 96% vodka”) will find that line irresistible. Mind you, if it works on the slappers down Yates’s…

  91. Hand of God Says:

    I am tired of all the english twats, this is got to be the dumbest nation in the world.The Pakistani’s, the Indians, The Afganis Have more culture , more clout then an average fish and shit eatting twat. These people have the culture, not the brits who are inbred shit eating twats. I would suggest reading a book, going to France for some REAL food, and Fucking off, ya pricks. Oh by the way get your black rotten teeth fixed will ya? You pathetic cunts.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Alrite mate, i would like u to say that in wembely, you would get the shit kicked out of u. Ur a fucking french pussy, i’m going 2 burn a french flag and shit on it. We saved you and the Polish in WW2, so show some fucking respect

    • Oscar Says:

      Its eating not eatting you thick uneducated twat, learn our language before you attempt to use it, and you call us Brits uneducated ….. you knob.

      Hand of God more Hand full of cock

  92. MikeK Says:

    I’m English.

    Having just read through this thread, it strikes me that the majority of the British people who posted here can’t even write properly in their own language.

    For various reasons, I know a lot of Poles and more than a few of them have better written English than the native English people here.

    It’s embarrasing, really. It makes me laugh, though. Some of you will be raging at my comments, but you won’t even be able to express it properly in your own language. It’s really sad, but amusing, too.

    The English really are on the way out if they can’t communicate in their own native language.

  93. tiocfaidh ar la Says:

    The english armies and government have raped pillaged and robbed,firstly the celtic countries and secondly the rest of the world,so a few polish people working in england getting your shitty minimum wage is hardly a reason to get your english knickers tied up in a knot.And by the way,why don’t you fucking english get the the fuck out of my country.inbred bastards.OUR DAY WILL COME.

    • MikeK Says:

      You had your chance in 937 at Brunanburh and muffed it. Even allied together, the Celts were no match for Æthelstan and the English.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I’m going to burn a french flag and shit on it.We saved u and the polish in WW2 so show some respect. My grandad died 4 u. English who live in france r traters

      • Mike Says:

        What the fuck are you talking about? Who mentioned the French?

        Can’t read, can’t spell. Typical English chav.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Mike you stuiped cunt. Look at the name. Stuiped polish cunt

      • Mike Says:

        Sigh. God you really are retarded, aren’t you?

        Tiocfaidh ar la is a Gaelic/Celtic name, nothing to do with France at all. That’s why I commented about Æthelstan and the English kicking their arses at Brunanburh in 937 AD. Get an education about Englis hhistory sometime, why don’t you. Oh and Google Brunanburgh, then you might learn something and can at least insult the right people.

      • Anonymous Says:

        What was that? Get an education about Englis hhistory.You can’t even spell in your own langue. You stupid cunt

      • Mike Says:

        I missed a space. Wow. I note you don’t addres the first point, which was that you mistook the guy for being French.

        How on earth can you be ignorant of Brunanburgh? One of the most important battles of English history – if we’d have lost, there would be no England.

      • Anonymous Says:

        You’ve spelt address wrong, you stupid cunt. And I do know what The Battle of Brunanburh is. It was a battle between The Kingdom of England, The Kingdom of Scotland, The Kingdom of Dublin and The Kingdom of Strathclyde that resulted in an Anglo-Saxon victory. I’m just not that fluent in Gaelic, but at least in can spell in my own langue you stupid cunt.

  94. tiocfaidh ar la Says:

    Brits out

  95. A englishperson,not many left!! Says:

    fucking cunt poles, leave our freshwater fish alone, thieving scum.
    poles and english chav conts, both are fecking tosspots.

    • MikeK Says:

      A Englishperson?

      You don’t seem to know much about the English language, do you? For an Englishperson, that is.

      Not only don’t you seem to know that you should use ‘an’ before a vowel (ah, you probably don’t even know what a vowel is, though), but capitalisation and sentence structure also seem to escape you.

      Thank God I married a Polish girl, she’ll manage to teach our son better English than you are capable of even without my help.

  96. Robert Says:

    I do not know much English people, but I love those who I know, in some kind of way,thay are awesome realy. I have to say that. You have a quite deferent culture guys than our. You guys are so kidnes for other people even for those from deferent countres. I have a big big favour to ask of you guys , we have to keep together polish and english ones because the bad people who want to make big mess between us. My grandpa died for this country , he was a pilot. But… there is a some polish guys over here who are realy, realy unusualess bitches and they give wrong opinion about us good those so we have to sort it out together.I love my country, but a lot of people living there has a very bad way of the thinking ,comunist way of thinking I hate that so I am here in UK.. did I had to choose? Yes I did and hate it as well. People should have to made that kind of choices so what can we do? We should to concentrate how can we do change the World ,make better living place for everyone 🙂

  97. mike Says:

    Why don’t all you polish cunts fuck off to where you come from. Hitler was so right with the Zyklon B.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Fuck off yourself you stupid, cretinous little shit.

    • Polish Power Says:

      Polish pilots saved your sorry ass british country and you left us under soviet occupation. NOW, we will flood your country and there will be no more Britain. We will make Poland v2 right on your land, shit on your culture and burn you down to the ground. Now cheap workforce, soon your employers and bosses.

  98. MikeK Says:

    I’m not Polish, I’m English. People like you are a fucking embarassment to this country, you bigoted cunt.

  99. dave Says:

    its the intergration i think is the problem,polish shops them talking in polish whille you stand blissfuly unware,and the work point is valid if middle class you have little contact but low skill jobs is now a fight to get employers to take english on,at least the wave of bengals,indians ect opend shops resturants and smile and say thank you,i no there is getto mentality amoung the older indians but as a whole not to bad,
    i think there should be a cap on the amount of poles comming over and the myth of them staying a few years and going is crap.

  100. ADOLF Says:


  101. ADOLF Says:


    • Mike Says:

      Well done Adolf. You managed to spell every word correctly! You could have done better with the punctuation though.

      And yes, I am a Pole lover. My wife is Polish and my son is half-Polish. Polish women are so much better looking than the average fake-tanned, overweight, binge drinking, gutter vomiting English slapper, don’t you think?

      • Anonymous Says:

        So ur saying English birds are chavy. If u arn’t tell me otherwise.

        Funny that because i seen two polish birds talking in polish. One of them was pissed, had a bottle of vodka in one hand and a pram in the other, she must have been about 17.

      • Mike Says:

        Not all English birds are chavvy. Quite a lot are, though.

        Go into Nottingham town centre on a Saturday night and you’ll see lots of drunken, vomiting English slappers getting into fights, screeching their heads off and fuckinng like dogs in the alleys. Go to a Polish city on a Saturday night and you’ll see lots of beautiful, classy slim women in the bars and restaurants, not drunk and not acting like sluts.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I think your being very stereotypical. I’ve never been to Poland but I’ve seen alot of them in England and I’m sure there are places in Poland that have alot of chavy girls, just like if you go to night’s bridge, London on Saturday night, you will find lots of slim, classy English girls.

      • 1966 Says:

        Come on Mike you must love a chavy slut deep down. Everyone does

  102. ADOLF Says:


  103. ADOLF Says:


    • Mike Says:


      Change the record, Adolf, you pigshit-thick ignoramus.

      If your brains were dynamite, I doubt you’d have enough to blow your own hat off.

      Głupi mały chłopiec bez mózgu.

    • Mike Says:

      Oh and have you started English lessons yet?

      If you did, I’m sure you’ll eventually be able to write it at the level of an educated Polish person.

  104. HH From Devon Says:

    i fucking hate polish. They’re cheaky cunts. I’m going 2 fucking burn the Polska shop in Torquay and shit on all the flags. What’s wrong with this country? If this were the 60s we would kill the bastards and shit on there graves look at the Notting Hill Roit. They fink there hard because they watch a Green street film. Poland is a shit hole, that’s why there’s so many in England. If a Polish scum is reading this fuck off back to Poland.

    • Mike Says:

      6/10 for the spelling and grammar. Not too bad for an Englishman writing in his own language, especially with the apostrophes. Well done, you!


      ‘cheeky’ not ‘cheaky’

      ‘shit on their graves’ not ‘shit on there graves’

      ‘Riot’ not ‘Roit’

      I’ll give you a pass on ‘fink’ because obviously you’re trying to be a cheeky little chappie.

    • Polish Power Says:

      Polish pilots saved your sorry ass british country and you left us under soviet occupation. NOW, we will flood your country and there will be no more Britain. We will make Poland v2 right on your land, shit on your culture and burn you down to the ground. Now cheap workforce, soon your employers and bosses.

  105. HH From Devon Says:

    Cheers mate, always was good at English

  106. Anonymous Says:

    Fuck off Powrót do Polska

  107. kipper Says:

    blimey……..we all get a bit anyoyed dont we.adolf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yes he was a great buddy to the uk.
    stupid hitler loving nob if he is english i bet his mum and dad are so happy .
    always the sad lonly ones who love nazis.

  108. badbike Says:


    • Anonymous Says:

      That’s because you live in London you prick. If that happend anywhere else in England you would get a fucking army of men rushing over to help you up. Anyway half the people who live in London aren’t fucking English.

  109. Dave P Says:

    The politicians in this country are so stupied. They should of of learnt their lesson years ago when the Notting Hill race race riots happend. Now the same thing is going to happen with with the polish.

  110. billy Says:

    Annon,the English are sneaky and always fight in groups.They are the least educated in Europe and their women are ugly,and I hear their men have very little downstairs,and much les upstairs.I will now spell and talk in a way you might understand.Fuck of an if icee u in Belfast i woll keek you head in and take ur shitty troops home.Over here you do wot u are told an tow the line u dick head.

    Up the Ra

    • Ernie Says:

      Actually it’s “toe the line”. You draw a line and have your toes up to it, you see, to show that you’re behaving, and don’t cross it.

  111. billy Says:

    Annon I bet you are a typical scrawny little English man and pure ugly. you are a dirty smelly little cunt and I would love to meet you up a dark lane,and that is not to fuck you.I would love to screw your scrawny little English neck,if you are even English,you knacker.

  112. billy Says:

    Hope England get knocked out of the World Cup.I must say they have a good mix of blood going by the names and the way they look.I would rather have a hundred Poles than a few scrawny English cunts.

  113. Adrian Says:

    For the ignorant English people out there. Polish people work in the primary economies e.g. Food and manufacturing of goods… Before we emigrated here, you didn’t use those Jobs, the British steel trade fell apart in the 70’s and you did none of this work. We come here, we all work (I estimate that around 10% immigrants are unemployed) we recieve benefits – for which we pay with tax. Do you even know what would happen to your primary economy without us? You say that your taxes are paying for our inhabitance in this country? Where I live (a council estate where there are numerous social houses) Out of approximately a hundred families, around only 15 of them have a family member who works – So who is sitting, living on benefits being fed by tax? The fat uneducated, teenage mums who enjoy a little fun. As for the myth about Polish people being inbred? Learn your history. The English were and are still the most inbred of people in Europe – You can marry your cousin in a church here! As for Polish people being dumb, I’d pay to see someone who has been educated in England and go to Poland for a maths lesson… I know this because I went to both schools and haven’t really learned much since I was in year 4 in Poland. I have some good English friends and I am not racist towards the British – they came to our rescue in World War 2… But we are the reason the UK still speaks English. I’m sure you have been indoctorinated with the Great British victory over Germany in the Battle of Britain. What you don’t hear in your schools is who fought in the Battle of Britain and what army division won it. Well, it was Division 303 – a polish unit who came to help Britain out. They also contributed most largely to the victory. If you think Polish girls are easy? I bet you I can take a 13 year old to bed from my neighboorhood. I know because I already had the damned choice!

    If I am to speak for the Polish community then I want to say this.

    We are not looking for enemies, we are not here to steal – we are here to enhance our Quality of Life. However, most Polish are a fighting people and if you continue to disrespect us – you will get a fight you aren’t prepared for. If you see Polish people acting in a disorderly manner – Don’t look at them as Polish people – look at them as people i.e. If you saw an English person doing an english person doing the same thing would you say “What an English idiot” no you would just say “What an idiot” We are human, you are human. Work with us – we WILL work with you.

    To all my English friends – Peace!

    To all ignorant English people – I pray that God can lift your veil of ignorance from your eyes.

    • MikeK Says:

      Adrian, I love your post and much of what you say has merit. I am very pro-Polish, being married to a Polish girl for 15 years and I know for certain that they are not ‘easy’ in any way.

      However, I have to diagree with this:

      “They also contributed most largely to the victory.”

      Having been involved in things Polish for so many years, it’s amazing how often the ‘Poles won the Battle of Britain’ turns up. It’s something of a national myth: the Polish pilots were brave and ferocious fighters and had the advantage, early in the combat, of having already faced the enemy in the Polish September Campaign and also in the Battle of France. They were very much needed as the main problem wasn’t lack of planes (British industry was outperforming German in fighter production) but rather a lack of pilots. It’s true that the 303 Kościuszko Squadron had the highest kill rate in the war, but that wouldn’t have been enough to win the Battle of Britain for the British. The numbers of Pilots engaged in the Battle speaks for itself: non-British pilots 595 (including 145 Poles) compared to 2,341 British. Luftwaffe losses were 1,652 of which the 303 squadron claimed 126 kills. A useful total, but not as great as a lot of Poles seem to think.

      Don’t get me wrong, I am a great admirer of the bravery and skill of the Polish pilots and love Poland and its people and my lovely, loyal and amazing Polish wife, but please let’s stick to History, not Myth.

    • George Says:

      Before we emigrated here you did’nt use those jobs, oh really adrian is that a fact? I was a hard working Fuel tanker driver for 30 years I got laid off when my company relocated, I have been trying to find work for the last 2 months, the local fuel depot have 7 Polish drivers.
      Would you and your fellow countrymen like that happening to you in your own country? No I thought not. As long as you are ok ah chum!

  114. Adrian Says:

    Ok. I’ll agree that it’s a little exaggeration that the Poles won it by themselves. They didn’t. It just sickens me that People here consider themselves the saviours of the world. Hitler was bad killing jews or putting them in work camps. When Britain conquers 1/4 of the world, puts people in work camps and kills huge numbers of people – it’s cool. “The sun never sets on the British Empire”. But enough history. It’s the racism. I have to say that you must feel ashamed to have people blather such racism and claim they deserve to be English.

    I admire the England where people actually respect each other, Not the England with uneducated 16 year olds looking for something to blame. Let me tell you an example. In the city where I live an 18 year old was murdered by foreigners… Automatically, the Ignorant people said “The fu**ing Polish” So three Polish people got beaten up. Because of this they begun to form gangs for protection *by gang I mean the dictionary definition of many people in a group*… I walked with 20 friends to feel safe… Once all the information was revealed, the nationality of the offenders was proven to be… Lithuanian. Do you know what used to happen when I went to a park? “m8 r u lifanian?!?!” I always replied “My nationality is none of your concern” Then my told me to tell them where we’re from to avoid a conflict. So I did. Then one of them replies “oh, ve saim fu**ing fing m8″… See. I am willing to take on 100’s of these ignorants in a debate because, with all respect, my friends are family are Polish and I will not have dust thrown on their name. But mostly, nationality doesn’t matter.

    It is good to know that there are thinkers in England – I am just not fortunate enough to know many of them.


    • MikeK Says:

      Another post I can agree with. If you look upthread, I’ve been arguing against the racist idiots myself. My wife has come across some racist behaviour herself, in spite of being here for 15 years and being a British citizen for 10 of those years. My favourite moment must be during the election campaigns when the BNP canvasser came visiting. Normally I’d just shut the door, but I thought it might be amusing to see what she would talk about. Naturally she began to complain about the number of Poles in the area (there are hardly any black people where we live), so I let her go on a bit before saying “You should meet my wife. She’s Polish”. She turned red, shut her mouth and scuttled off. Hehe.

      You also really show up a point I have been making: you’re Polish, but your English is so much better than the illiterate scrawlings of the majority of the English people on this board who come here just to rant on and on and in so doing demonstrate their ignorance and prejudice to anyone with any education at all.



      • Adrian Says:

        I just read upthread… You dealt with the army of Low IQ and Very low EQ morons! I agree that if you run out of arguments to use against them (pretty damn difficult) then you can just laugh at their ability to type in English.

        The BNP came to visit you? Hahahaha. If they came to visit us, they’d get… a cup of tea and a debate which would embaress them. I don’t believe in any politics being of benefit to the people – They are run by the Bilderbergers and the Bankers because money runs the world, not the puppets on TV. Just to clarify some things. I am 15 and moved here Almost 5 years ago.

        I sincerely want racist people to respond so hopefully I can help them open their eyes to the truth.

        I am not pro-Polish, pro English… I am pro-Human, pro-Equality and fairness.


  115. Diego hand of God Maradona Says:

    mike and adolf are closeted homosexuals. They are sexually frustrated ,and therefore angry ,and closeminded.
    They exude the stench of ignorance ,and are not intelligent.
    mike and adolf represent the british intelligencia.
    They laugh at pee , and pooh jokes like a five year old.
    Bravo mike and adolf you have made your country proud.With sons like you Britania will rule the waves again.lol

  116. Jack The Ripper Says:

    There only one thing i hate more than the Polish that is Lard ass f**king Americans, in the next ten-years the U.S.A will be called the United states of Mexico, hell even the Mexicans work hard then the in-bred Polish.

  117. MTguy Says:

    Hello, I’m polish. I came here 6 years ago. What can I say? During GCSE I outperformed some 70% of the students. In college I managed to get good grades for A levels. Now I’m at the uni. The educational system upto college sucks balls. Maybe that’s why so many chavs are produced. 16s get fucked by those chavs and a new generation or retards is born. Really if some Polish dude takes your job, ask yourself why? Is it coz your shit at that job? Is it coz he got better experience/qualifications? In most cases those are the reasons. We don’t work for less(legally), coz if some employer paid us less we’d sue the shit out of him 😀
    Oh and gotta love some STUPIED awesum “oi mait” writing skills here.
    I’ve been reading all of the posts, some are just hilarious.
    Now get over it idiots, your not gonna get a job coz your british. You get a job based on experience/qualifications. If you got a shit instead of brains then be fucking unemployed bitchesssssssssss. That’s the evolution doing it’s work mofos.
    Oh and btw, I got a 2 bed flat from council and there paying for it. And there are many more examples like that. And we’re gonna have it our way, you know why? Coz we pay the taxes so we can use luxuries of this welfare state:D

    Oh and btw maybe you should be worried about your Muslim friends. Seems like they’re overtaking. They fuck quite alot, make babies and drain the moni:D but you don’t say bad things about them, ofc not that would be racist mait wouldn’t it???
    Now about ww2. GB fucked up twice, they didn’t help after the start of ww2 and they sold us out to Russia without any remorse. If you helped us to get independence back, we’d be in much much better position now, and therefore wouldn’t have to emigrate to UK go get moni-mainly by working honestly.
    Btw after my uni course ends, I’m gonna be an engineer, earning some 25k/a. Most of you chavs will get that salary after 10 years of W.E. lol
    Must hurt no?:D
    Hope my lengthy post with fairly good English didn’t melt your chav braincells.

    PS(POST SCRIP TUM-for idiots who don’t know wtf it is )
    PS2: Learn to fucking spell really, theres no reason for you to write like some mentally challenged/dyslexic person.

    For all chavs>> have a dick and come out of the closet.

    • Rolex Rick Says:

      Ohhhhh ” I’ve been to uni” so you think that makes you something special I was born in the poorest part of London and have more qualifications than you could ever dream about, I could sign a cheque for you life at anytime and I have just taken delivery of a new Lambo, not bad for a chav ah ? You see, people like to collect things in this world, I like to collect super cars, you like to collect thoughts that you are somehow better than others so when I am next passing your freebee 2 bedroom council flat in my Buggati you can wave your qualification out of the window at me and I’ll rev my engine for you. Whatever childish insults you throw at us Brits we all know that really, deep down, you want to be a Brit, you know you do, but that can never be, you will only ever be second best 😦
      Because you are a Polish failure with a qualification and a bitter outlook on you betters.

      Never mind MT Guy perhaps when you die you may come back as a Brit………..Or another Pol 😦

  118. Anonymous Says:

    Fuck off u polish cunts

  119. Paul Says:

    Sure the first few Polish that came to the UK might have been hard working, as they had the motivation to get off there arse and come to the UK to look for a better life, but it did not take long for the rest of the lazy arse pols to follow. As far as I can see all the Polish have succeeded in doing to this country is force unemployment up and as a result wages have come down (why would a company owner pay a Brit a fair wage when he can give a pole the job for minimum wage?). So in short, the Wealthy don’t mind the Polish invasion, as it makes them more profit, The government don’t mind the Polish invasion as there getting a piece of the pie from the tax. AS USUAL THE LITTLE GUY IS GETTING SHIT ON.
    Other Eastern European Countries that are in the EU such as Romania can still come and go from the UK as they please but have to apply for a work permit to work in this country, therefore controlling the amount of jobs they can have. Why can’t the same rules apply to the Pols?
    It is obvious no Labor or Conservative party will ever care about the little guy, the Rich get Richer and the Poor struggle on as always. I don’t know who I will vote for at the next election but it will be a party willing to go to extreme measures to sort this shithole of a country out.

  120. tall Says:

    It amazes me how many poles have got the balls to come on forums like this and try to defend themselves or openly admit they are taking the piss, Polls are a Nation of Leeches, they come here to suck the life out of this country.

    MTguy, you really do well on trying to mend relationships between our two nations, you are the idiot and not previous posters, would you be so brave if you were not hiding behind your computer? I don’t think so

    • MTguy Says:

      Nation of leechers? Why? Coz we took these “shiity jobs” and now you cry coz you want these “shitty jobs”? It is obvious, if Ireland was much richer than UK, many brits would work there, thts common sense, but it seems your common sense is nonexistent. I’m not defending anything, just dissing you idiots and I must say its alot of fun. Why blame people who wanna get a better life? Do you also blame all the pakistanis and hindu and all the blacks? Do you blame all the irish coz they wanna get more money? NO you don’t. Blame your fucking government, it didn’t have to allow unrestricted access. Besides polish worker force contributed over 2% to your economy in 2008. As you see, we contribute to the economy, so why wouldn’t we take the benefits? Lol. Last time I checked, some cities full of “BRITS” had unemployment of >30% (more than 30% in case you didn’t know) so whos leeching who here?

      And finally, oh your a tough guy huh? I can say whatever I want, be it the internet or street, since we have freedom of speech. I don’t intend to be intimidated by small brained wannabe bad men lol.

  121. MikeK Says:


    Ah, extreme measures, eh? Well don’t worry, there are millions of us who’ll march against and fight to the death against any party who thinks they can use ‘extreme measures’ and get away with it.


    Labor? Ah, forget it. You’re American anyway.

    • union jack Says:

      Wow MTguy pity the rest of your cowardly country did’nt gob off to Adulf as you do on here, then we would’nt have had to protect your delicate little population of cabbage soup eaters from naughty Mr Hitler and his size 10 boot up your arses. So you are not as bold as you boast.

  122. Paul Says:

    Not American and there is not millions of you here yet… 700,000 I believe the last figure was earlier in the year, although with the amount of you lazy fuckers coming here each day, it is probably over a million by now… Poland must really suck so much…..

    • MTguy Says:

      Wow you must be ill informed. Really like 4 years backwards lol. Between 2004 and now more than 1.5 miilion of poles migrated to UK. When you do the maths this 1.5/39, you see that its 0.4%. Now use your critical thinking skills, if you got any. Well if poland sucks so much why dont we have say hmm 5% immigration rate to into uk? But of course you fuckheads just love to cry don’t ya? Well you should’;ve done that A level instead of going to work straight after failed GCSE. Maybe you wouldn’t be earning 5.50/h as a construction worker. It is really funny how you cry that theres no work left in UK, but I personally know few people who came from poland and found work within 2 weeks after their arrival. Quite extraordinary isnt it? Someone with weak/no english finds job, when the mighty and intelligent brits cant lol. As you can see, your arguments fail. You juist need to hate someone to justify your failed life. Must be sad, but I guess there are winners and losers in this game. Take care lol

      • union jack Says:

        Thats because you undercut British workers rates for your own greedy selves, gimme gimme gimme, I’m a poor Pol !!! never had a proper job in Poland because there is’nt any so I’ll take yours instead, speak in Polish infront of the british and abuse their generous benefits system (designed for Brits needs) If you Pols think you are so highly educated why did you make such a fucking mess of your own backward country (by the way Mr educated, you can’t spell).

  123. Martin Says:

    To all polish assholes: PS: If you’re not an asshole, dont read it.

    Why people hates you?

    1. Drinking Culture and NOISY behaviour!

    Your drinking culture, agressive behaviour and what is the most annoying thing , your rat style screaming talk and laughing like a bunch of clowns.
    When in ASDA always two lazy polish assholes are hidden between the shelves talking loadly in polish language!!! saying Kurwa Kurwa Kurwa …because they are so thick they dont even know that most of us can understand what this KURWA word means and we are not happy to hear that at 7 am after night shift when we buying some brakfast. Just keep the noise down, improve your unacceptable behaviour and dont be so agressive – remember – you are here as visitors only.

    2. Housing

    You people just destroyed everything about nice housing because you cant afford decent living. And why you cant afford it when you working hard and your earnings are about £300-£400 a week? The answer is quite easy. An average polish immigrant is every weekend when off the work on his way to buy huge amount of alcohol which is a bit expensive, then drinking all friday and saturday and finally at the end of the both days they are going night out , drinking however already pissed and spending all money on drinks again. Whole Sunday spend home with another drunk assholes, puking everywhere and on Monday – here we go! A new Fresh start with no money in his pocket. 95% of you poles will never leave England with savings, because you dont know how to do it.

    No future

    Like everywhere else,first wawe of immigrants are uneducated people, or people in deep debt or criminal history,scary of police or solicitors in their own polish country, in second wawe – the better part came here dovorced people, still thick but not so dangerous, mostly heavily addicted alcoholics. The best group of polish immigrants are intelligent people like students, babysitters, doctors etc (2-5% of whole immigrants if not less)

    Creating MAFIA style job position

    One of the biggest hotel chain in the country had internal secret message sent to all hotel site:

    “Please dont talk to anyone that we only employ polish housekeepers and when one of them is leaving job,this polish housekeeper is replaced immediately by another polish person.”

    You’re like Cancer. A team in Costa restaurant before polish invasion – Friendly, equal – team included white people, hindi an da black people too….after polish attack: First Pole did start his first shift and just a couple of hrs later he complained about two colleauges, saying , you know, sack them and i will bring new fresh hard working people.
    A months later in the same Costa cofee restaurant only Polish workers are. One day “Marek” is sacked but another day “Pavel” is hired. No interviews, no advertising elsewhere… its like nowadays Mafia style.

    • MickK Says:

      Martin, your writing style proves that you’re not English at all. In fact your style is more East European. Why are you writing about Poles like this?

  124. crapp. Says:

    Really, I think you english cunts should all be blown the fuck up!

  125. Erudites Says:

    Highly skilled and highly qualified my arse: all the Poligrants I’ve met are stupid diddy men. Its a tsunami of peasants brought here to erode our employment payrates, prospects and conditions. Why are we not rioting about this?

    • MikeK Says:

      I bet I’ve met a lot more than you. Some are indeed poorly educated and treated as cheap labour by employers. There are plenty of highly educated ones too, such as the Polish lady I know who works as an anaesthetist and earns over 90K a year. It’s a mixed bag of folk.

      Why aren’t YOU rioting, then?


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  127. Bart Says:

    Right let’s put it this way, some foreign take over your job and it was only one person who pissed you off, does this make you hate whole nation ? wth is wrong with you peps 😐

  128. Felicity Borrocks Says:


  129. Tom M. Says:

    It’s a pure economical migration. Poles have no real interest to “make livings” in UK. They want to earn as much as they can and send it back home or buy things like flats, houses, cars, all back in shitty Poland. UK should BAN this kind of migration as it is only taking money out of the country and pissing the natural Brits off. It was a big mistake to allow such a fucked up nation like Polish to move freely across West lands… guess what would happen if USA allowed them to…

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  136. Anonymous Says:

    britons are stupiddiest nation,least educated on the Europe.Only what they can is hate polish and muslims because they are rulez in UK.Brits out of the UK,everybody else in!By the way:what is the britons?Are they people who lost theys country,and became Normans slaves?The nation where queen is german,and she’s family is a jewish/german mix?hahahahah:)

  137. Anonymous Says:

    Sunday,bloody sunday…All Brits Are Bastards!

    • nine elms Says:

      No we’re not, I have a birth certificate to prove it, my parents were in fact married for many years before I was born.

      Definition of confusion…………Fathers day in Poland

  138. tropica Says:

    You british cunts have no one to blame for the situation I face other then ur stupid ducking govt.



    • MikeK Says:

      Good Lord, Robert, you can’t even express yourself in written form in your own language.

      I feel sorry for you: the education system in England and Wales is obviously set up so that when foreigners come here, their English is better than most natives.



    Wow now that all you polish and eastearn prikks can come to OUR country live on cabbage and potatoes save up and buy a laptop get on skype and ry and and have an opinion. im sorry we still dont like you and any opinion you might have so fukk off back to Warsaw we dont wantt you here or your opinions.
    Much Hate Robert.


    And do you you think all you fat pregnant polish girls can come to our country and have a baby get a british passport abuse our health care system do you actually think we like you!!!! i dont think so. Ive withdrawn my kids from school to make room for all you foreigners becauase i dont want them to be mixing with you lot. This country will be segregated believe me we dont like you or want you.


    W0w please put me in charge iwould fill that tunnel and ban all ferry transport no international lorry trnsport. and that would be done within a week. All these cunts waiting to jump on a lorry to England would be sent to al catraz to spend the rest of there lives in solitry. we need to just catch these cunts and lock them up for ever.just make it known to the rest of the world where they will end up.
    bring the army back from shitland and deploy them in our country to hunt down all the illegals that are here Im sure they would be doing a great job without getting there legs blown off and dying im sure there parents and girlfriends would prefer that job dont you. The whole countries priorities seem to be wrong to me. Leave Afghanistan who likes the place anyway bring our people home, hunt down all the afghanis who have sneaked in too our country and send them home. With no legs.We need to change these laws about political asylum im saying there is none ane know weeks of waiting for a result just send the cunts back or to jail. do not recognise human rights laws definately do not even think about it
    And i was just thinking the prikks who are in charge and sending these young boys who end up being killed or getting there legs blown off why dont you go and have a tour of duty? Yes answer me why dont you go? And jump out of helicopters with machine guns killing the local population. No the reason you dont is because you are all sitting in the houses of parliament eating your nice lunches and recieving your inflated expenses going to girlie bars at night time and drinking fine scotch in your gentlemens clubs. Well just tell me if im wrong. Well am I.??


    Hi its me again , I was also thinking where are you do you really wanna go on patrol with thi Paras and get your legs blown off. no i didnt think so so why dont we train up and send the polish. and the romanian. Let them get there legs blown off. nd leave them to get 5 pounds a month disability benifit .Back in theri homeland and not britain. Yes why not ?? that too me seems a good idea. Please I need an answer. Does anyone have one.


    Why dont we just kill these cunts in parliament im sure we can do it why dont we.

    • MikeK Says:

      Just to correct you:

      Why don’t we just kill these cunts in Parliament? I’m sure we can do it! Why don’t we?

      There you go. Next time, ask a Polish immigrant to check it for you. I’m sure they’ll make sure your English is perfect.

  145. Anonymous Says:

    Jesus Christ,Robert,You schould changing Your dealer,or take next time only a half dose…You’re english?!?Can You writting,reading,speaking?I know a lot of polish english language teachers,They can teach You english,really.Where was Your parrents from Your birth,what did They do?Or maybe You are from BNP?This would all explain…

  146. annoymous Says:

    theres a conspiracy going on , These fuckin poles are here for a reason and thats to ponse of us Cant talk english at all and think they work hard but they do fuckall apart fron brown nose the managers who treat them better than the British, we pay for there childrens education , child benefit,and multiple other things thats why there here. Taking over our jobs for half the money and trying to say they will do twice as much for that pay when they really do half of what a british person can do. That old saying Quantity or Quality, England has definatly gone to the Mother of all dogs polish tramps who have come her in the millions , causing a massive impact on UK,S crises for unemployment and Finacial status. there not the only fuckers here, pakistanis , romanians , latvians, irish , all here to cause problems but little do they realise if it was not for us these fuckers who have to que up for bread for hours at a time back in poland , eastern/western europe . Hope the queen brings out a policy to send the huge ingress of these pricks back home to make england a better place like just before the fuckers came………..

  147. Anonymous Says:

    one thing i can clarify, i have worked all over europe ,France, Germany, Spain, Greece and the Poles are indeed the most arrogant, ill, mannered, unpolite, disrespectfull breed i have ever come across

  148. fukof Says:

    fuck off you fat sausage eating chavs

  149. Liisa Says:


    All the ‘English’ here make me more than a little ashamed that it’s my native language. If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s idiots who can’t even write or speak their own language.
    I’m embarrassed by the racism in the majority of these posts. ”Go back to your own country” is what I’m seeing and I’m just sitting here thinking I’d like all you retarded chav fucks to leave the country.
    I welcome Polish workers if they came here to work harder for their families. Granted, I have come across more than a few rude Poles and have gone into a Polish store where I was told to leave because I wasn’t Polish. I moved into my own place and had the British council workers out, months on end having them in and out and doing the minimum then I made a complaint. They sent me a Polish council worker and the jobs were done within an hour and he had great manners and was very efficient. We even talked about him being here and he joked about the chavs outside who couldn’t speak English 😉 He told me he thought anyone who wanted to sponge from the Government should fuck off, Polish, English or whatever nationality.
    The point is, the majority of Poles in Britain are perfectly fine. They go on about their business like everyone else does. Working and then enjoying themselves. Regardless, you get some twats who get wasted and cause trouble and commit crimes and it’s not just Poles it’s Brits too. It’s mostly Brits actually. A Polish worker was stabbed to death in my local supermarket just because he was Polish. Is that ok? If your children go study for a year in another country and get hurt, is that ok? That’s their own fault for being foreign in another country?
    Sickening to know people like you actually live amongst us.
    Go back to school, get a job, learn to fucking spell and live with people in harmony.
    You give yourself and the hard working Brits a terrible reputation!

    PS – I live in Scotland, speak a few European languages and at first opportunity will be moving the fuck away from this country. To Russia I believe. Not to get away from the Poles, to get away from the chavvy, uneducated, welfare system scroungers like the majority of you are.

  150. Big Al Says:

    Unless you vote BNP you have no right to complain, put our own people first, end of story.

  151. yorkshire alex Says:

    End of the day I wonder how much respect Poles have for all British people?
    makes my blood boil that my grandparents were fighting to keep Poland free from Germans,and in the end as a nation,we dint have a penny left to scrach our arse with. and now coming over here in droves! gratitue for you. we gave you your home back why do to us as the germans tried with you ?

    i wonder at times if,we would have been better to have told Poland to Bollocks! least then we could have gone about our own business. and there may have been a chance we would have kept the Empire its due to helping others that we in such a shit state now.

  152. Paul Says:

    The British Government is obviously not listening to its people’s views, they have forgotten they are there to serve its people. I suggest that you forward your views to them until they take notice.

  153. san Says:

    we should have never let the east europ in the eu. those poor countries let all people come over to the uk.there are millions poles in the uk.I just hate it

  154. lady Says:

    why is it that if you say something about a pole they poles always talk about muslims asian and blacks? they came before you we are talking about YOU.we think they work hard but when home they just sleep lazy around and guys have sex with eachother.I have seen it pole room mates.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Are you English, lady? If so you should be fucking ashamed that you can’t write your own language properly.

    • DS Says:

      Nice to see everyone getting along, isn’t multiculturalism great?

      • Anonymous Says:

        Most people do get along. It’s just the thick-as-pigshit illiterate chavs like ‘lady’ who have the problem.

  155. ifureadthisurgay Says:

    I’m not surprised none of you can find a job. It’s clearly obvious that each of you lack the adequate levels of intelligece and the correct educational achievements to be employed. It is not the Polish, Muslim or Asian fault, since they are clearly more intelligent than all of you. The government spends millions feeding you benefits while you sit on your greasy chav asses looking for scapegoats. Enjoy being slaves to Islam, you will make for great cheap labour in the future..

    • paddy Says:

      If you got the address of some of your countrymen can you send it to me as I want to ask them for £20 to feed my kids. Hope you have a wonderful and guilt free life.

  156. British for eva Says:

    the sooner we leave the EU the better

  157. Anonymous Says:

    fucking racists! sort yourself out

  158. mus Says:

    multiculturalism does not work.

  159. Anonymous Says:

    mick, a question for you? How much polish cock do you suck on a weekend? fucking polish cunts, kiss my black ass!

  160. Anonymous Says:

    all the foreign bastards should fuck off back to their own country instead of moaning about hard done to they are, rule Britannia and god save the queen

    • SPANISH Says:


  161. r2d2 Says:

    every english is a german lazy pigshit,in 20 years you will be beirut anyway,and sing muslim halal way,so, little hitlers,enjoy remains of europe on this island.

  162. poon Says:

    i run a guest house and take in homeless from the council and i can totally confirm that polish are given higher priority than the british and whats more the women get pregnant within weeks of coming into the country and that helps to speed up the housing process , once a house has been allocated all the rest of the family arrive , also in our town the crime rate has risen and more worrying violent crime , around 15% involving non british citizens on uk benifits… its a sad fact that things are so bad in poland that they have to come here but its a fact and its not their fault , they are merely trying to survive , sometimes in terrible circumstances such as prostitution etc , its our government that has created the problem…and in most cases have made it an acceptable level existense merely on benifits…. trust me , i have lived with it for 7 years and i see all the worst of it everyday.. you wouldnt believe the benifits system and the unfairness of it and the terrible attitude of those who get the most for doing the least…

  163. Anonymous Says:

    fuck the bastards off for good

  164. Anonymous Says:

    nothing but trouble and beggers there scum

  165. Anonymous Says:

    they rob then fuck off back to there shit polish land,there fuckin weak,fight1 and 5 turn up ha there wankers,wish we had left them to the germans….

    • Mike K Says:

      Their English is better than yours, though.

      You should actually be ashamed at how bad your written English is. Go to night school or something for Christ’s sake. You’re insulting our beautiful language.

      Bet you consider yourself an English patriot, don’t you? Yet you go around spoiling our language. The irony.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Please comment on something other than everyone’s bad English. It’s getting really boring.

      • warlock Says:

        They’ve taken our money, got our benefits houses and jobs, interbred, not much more for the fuckers to take is there ?


      • Anonymous Says:

        UKIP or BNP. They’re the only ones who can do something about this mess now.

  166. Union Jack Says:

    What pisses me off about the Pols is that they ar so cocky and full of bravery in print, pity you were’nt so brave at the start of WW2 when they were running around like headless chickens terrified that Adolf would get you and happy that BRIT soldiers lost their lives defending you. You Pols should be ashamed of yourselves, is this the way you say “Thank you” to Britain and its brave young men who made the greatest sacrifice to save your necks. YOU SHOULD HOLD YOUR GREEDY MONEY GRABBING HEADS IN SHAME. But remember
    ” what goes around, comes around”

    • Mike K Says:

      Your knowledge of history is weak. British troop played no part in the defence of Poland as it lies on the other side of Germany. How could we get troops there? We eclared war when Germany invaded Poland as we had promised, but in practical terms there was nothing at all we could do to help except send troops over the channel to help in the defence of France. We were lucky that Polish pilots managed to escape to Britain and help us in the Battle of Britain.

      The other problem Poland had was that the Russian invaded from the other border at the same time, pretending to be friends at first. They surrounded elements of the Polish army, took all their equipment and send the officers to a place called Katyn. Perhaps you’ve heard of it?

  167. Anonymous Says:

    Your knowledge of history is weak. British troop played no part in the defence of Poland as it lies on the other side of Germany. How could we get troops there? We eclared war when Germany invaded Poland as we had promised, but in practical terms there was nothing at all we could do to help except send troops over the channel to help in the defence of France. We were lucky that Polish pilots managed to escape to Britain and help us in the Battle of Britain.

    The other problem Poland had was that the Russian invaded from the other border at the same time, pretending to be friends at first. They surrounded elements of the Polish army, took all their equipment and send the officers to a place called Katyn. Perhaps you’ve heard of it?

    • albert tatlock Says:

      Listen, a hell of a lot more Pols would have died if it was’nt for British intervention,. What about the liberation of the concerntration camps.

  168. bbanjo Says:

    listen up u english speaking disease : u played no part in fight for our sovereignty. you are the reason why half of europe ended up under the soviet boot. you betrayed your brothers in arms at the end of the war. you think you won the war? nothing can be more misleading than that. ruskies won it for you and the yanks. your pathetic little battles on the western front are nothing
    when compared to german war effort in the east. landing in normandy, which is the biggest battle in the west, barely makes it to the top ten battles of ww2. all that your ruling elites did was wheeling and dealing with uncle joe at the expense of millions of central and eastern europeans. you had no right to wager the lives of innocent people for yor own benefit. you are the most murderous nation on the face of the planet. soviets or khmer rouge were homicidal maniacs but you, throughout your history, were “so called
    respectably democracy”. propaganda charlatans nothing more.
    how about those denuded highlands of scotland or plains of ireland and their people in penal colonies in nova sotia or australia, people of south africa rounded up like animals and sent to concentration camps (proud english invention) where they died by thousands, enslaved and ravaged indian subcontinent, exploited and addicted to opium people of china so that queen and her henchman sassoon could make their fortunes, how about forcibly displaced cajun people of lower canada, not to mention the anglo-american annihilation of north american natives – the biggest genocide in the history of human race. The list is long and very “distinguished”.
    you are a vermin and scourge of human race and solely because of your pompous ignorance should be taken out of human gene pool.

    i do not approve of poles living and working abroad. i think we should all be back home working for the greatness of our homeland.
    we had a thriving commonwealth in 15th century when british “democratic thought” was still in infancy. history likes to repeat itself and we are the hardy breed ready for change of tide. thousand of years being stuck between numerically superior germans and russians and we never lost our identity. this temporary time of national misfortune is going to end soon. whatever goes down has
    to come up and vice versa.

    down with anglo-american propaganda!

    • albert tatlock Says:

      Go back to school and get an education, then you won’t appear so uneducated and missinformed in print

      • bbanjo Says:


      • albert tatlock Says:

        Go and make something of your own country instead of harvesting what others have built. People like you make me puke. Your so called nation jumped at the chance of stealing from Britain and the British people and you certainly did just that. Then you don’t like it when the Brits start fighting back, The Eastern Europeans days will soon be numbered, enjoy while you can,

    • Mike K Says:

      Well what a surprise. Not.

      For every English Nationalist Arsehole there’s a Polish Nationalist Arsehole.

      I wish Nationalist Arseholes of every stripe would fuck off and die, and leave the rest of us reasonable human beings in peace.

      And for what it’s worth, Slav Nationalist Boy, I married a Polish girl 17 years ago and we have lovely mixed Anglo-Polish kids.

      I love Poland and England both, so a Pox on you and a Pox on the English Nationalist dickheads who post here too.

      • albert tatlock Says:

        If being proud of my country is being an arsehole then you are correct I’m a nationalist arsehole and proud of it, for thousands of years mankind has fought to protect or his or her territory against those who seek to invade and take advantage. You call yourself a reasonable human being yet you are very happy with your own little world of me me me, I feel very sorry for you and traitor through and through.

      • Mike K Says:

        I was talking to bbanjo mainly.

        Nationalism, though, is a disease the Human Race could do without. Not sure what’s me me me about my post, perhaps you’re projecting? If I’m a ‘traitor’ for marrying a Polish girl, then that tells me all I need to know about you, Albert.

  169. bbanjo Says:

    i do not live in your country. i visited london during my university years in 90’s – long before the current influx of polish immigrants – and liked it. it is not paris or barcelona but it is ok nevertheless.
    my life unwound in a certain way and i ended up on the other side of the big pond, currently outskirts of toronto. over here, everybody is an immigrant but certain inherent tensions exist due to multicultural composition of local population. i have had a plan, for a few years now, of returning home but it has nothing to do with me being a polish nationalist. it is a more subtle and natural process of completing a full circle in life and coming to a conclusion that anglophone world is not for me. that’s it and nothing more.

    i am simply an anti-anglophone and am against your everyday bullshit propaganda as promulgated by your mass media.
    propaganda that portrays you as peace loving democracy, nurturing, sensitive, civil and humane society that wants nothing else but to help a fellow man and improve the world. just ask your neighbours to the west (“those fenian bastards”) how civil and humane you were over the centuries. you are the biggest warmongerers in the world and i stand by every word i wrote in my initial post. those are the historical facts and no matter how strongly you choose to oppose them, you will never be able to change it. your own karma is about to bite you in the ass. you are drowning in a sea of uncontrollable third world immigration and there is nothing you can do about it.


    maybe it is because the brightest and the most educated of your kind decide to leave your god forsaken island en masse and live somewhere else. some sources quote up to 10 million britons that left uk in recent years, which equivales to beheading you as a nation. you are the headless chicken of europe running around clueless and there is no wonder that those left behind, with brains unable to master proper spelling in your own mother tonque, are incapable of rectifying the doomsday scenario which you, as a nation, face right now. the battle of britain in 1940 was a piece of cake when compared to your current battle for survival as a nation. my heart feels sympathetic to your cause but my brain says : hang your head down (just like johnny cash’s song) and die. there will be no central europeans coming to your rescue this time around. we will watch you die slowly until britain becomes another sultanate at which point most of the abhorred recent christian arrivals are going to leave (the so-called comfort of having a second passport and a place to return to) and leave you to your own devices.

    having a sultanate in europe seems to be unimaginable but having it on an isolated island is somewhat palatable to those europeans who do not favour more radical and extreme measures. french or germans could even encourage their muslim population to relocate to british sultanate from continental europe. I personally like the idea very much. let the sick and dysfunctional member of our species die for the benefit and survival of the rest of us.

    that is all. beam me up scotty. you can now unleash your full
    frontal assault of slurs and low blows … or you can hang your head down and, at least try to, drown with dignity. maybe through dying with honour you can win some respect of those you betrayed.


    ps. the idea of immigrants stealing from you is an absurd.
    your country is based on wealth stolen from other parts of the world,
    based on pain, suffering and misery of other nations. therefore
    stealing from a thief, if you want to call it that way, is hardly a theft.

    pps. mike k. your seed is already 50% erased and there is not much that you can do about it either.

    • Springheeled Jack Says:

      You quote ” maybe it is because the brightest and the most educated of your kind decide to leave ” I take it then that we are overflowing with bright and educated Pols? I hear our useless government are now sending £1 million a week to Polish kids living there. So I think yes they are stealing what they hav’nt worked for or deserved. If you hate our country so much why come here in your university years? Sorry to burst your balloon but we don’t need others to fight our battles for us as we have demonstrated for hundreds of years of British rule, obviously something that you are angered by, we have still got a backbone and we’ll soon be on top again old chap 🙂 I find your very childish and uneducated comment that sick and dysfunctional should die for the benefit and survival of the rest of us, is’nt that what Hitler and the Nazi’s carried out to thousands of handicapped people. I hope if thats the case you never produce children who are less able than the rest of us. I pity you for your weird and obscure take on life.You clearly need educating.

    • MikeK Says:

      50% erased, LOL. You’re as much a Nazi as these other cunts.

      • Springheeled Jack Says:

        I was refering to bbanjo, how does your logic explain me being a Nazi ? Shall we try to have an intelligent conversation without childish name calling, if thats possible

    • MikeK Says:

      50% erased, LOL. You’re as much a Nazi as these other cunts.

  170. ss germania Says:

    Fuckin english cowards cannot even fight for their country, and soon all of you will happily pray to fucin allah stupid english poms, making disaster coming to Australia, fuck off back to rainy gloomy fuckin shithole called britain

    • Polski Puncher Says:

      Give me a gun and I’d fight for Britain any time, You will never see a proud British person ever bow to a Rag head.

  171. gerhard Says:

    move all muslims shit to britain from germany we dont want them all!!!

  172. irish!!!! Says:

    make the fuckin english protestant dickheads and their stupid brainless women pray to allah all everyday:)

  173. shitonapol Says:

    Fucking Eastern Europeans know where to come for free health care that they never paid a penny for, free housing and handouts, burn their shit shops with them inside.

    • MikeK Says:

      This comment brought to you from the Adolf Hitler School of International Diplomacy

      • Anonymous Says:

        I have recently left the armed forces and have served and fought in afghanistan. after de-mobbing i moved to crewe and lost my part time agency job to a pole. i have been searching for work and cant find any. what frustrates me the most is that i saw a job advertised in an agency window which i was more than qualified for and upon enquiring was told that the vacancy was for poles only. the more i looked around the more i noticed the impact. im not racist or predjudiced, but i am down right angry that i was and many others alongside me willing to go and fight in a foreign field for the security of our country just to return, leave the forces and find out just how much we have been shafted. the local council and jobcenter signs are all written in polish. our grandparents in many cases fought against a foreign power pent up on rage and violence and prevented them from invading. the way i see it now is that we (the british) have put a terrible government in power who have openly invited an invasion of a another sort to this country. as an ex serviceman i feel now that ww2 was for nothing i dont think it would of made any difference if the germans invaded or not. 60 odd years down the line britain is now being invaded and nobody will do a damned thing 2 stop it. i have met many ww2 veterans and you would not believe how betrayed they feel. britains borders should be closed and britain should return to being british before its too late.

      • Albert Judd Says:

        We hav’nt needed eastern europeans before and we don’t need them now, as a child in the 50s living in the East end of London I felt safe although we had nothing, everyone was white and British and all shared a great sense of looking after one another. It makes me sad to see what has happened to our once fantastic country and how people don’t seem to care anymore. Our government it seems have gone out of their way to destroy its own people in order to accomodate foreigners who really only want to help themselves to what was set aside for the British (jobs, benefits,pensions,free housing etc) How these people have the nerve to come here knowing that we have a shortage of work for our own people and consider that they have a right to undercut and make jobless thousands of British people is beyond me, or to milk our benefits system and harvest Britain and its people leaves me speechless. We know what will happen in the future, Gt Britain will become a huge Poland full of thieves scroungers and drunks
        For gods sake rebuild the wall and send them back then we can start putting our country back together again.

      • nine elms Says:

        How do you know when a Pollack has been in your back yard?
        Your garbage is gone and your dog is pregnant.

        What’s the most useless thing on a woman?
        A Pollack.

        Why does a Pollack carry a little turd in his pocket?
        For identification

        Why do they throw shit on the walls at a Polish wedding?
        To keep the flies off the bride.

        Why is there glass in front of the monkey cage at the Warsaw Zoo?
        The Pollacks throw shit at them

        How can you tell a Polish neighborhood?
        By the toilet paper hung out to dry

      • NEMISIS Says:

        For the Att of MikeK

        The man who pauses on
        the paths of treason,
        Halts on a quicksand,
        the first step engulfs him.

        Aaron Hill 1723
        Henry V

      • MikeK Says:

        Ah, Nemisis (do you mean Nemesis?), you understand nothing.

      • nine elms Says:

        Yes, Nemisis is correct, in your mind I know nothing,
        But throughout history you are but another addition to a shamed list of turncoats.

      • Nemisis Says:

        With respect nine elms, I can speak for myself.

        This principle is old, but true as fate, Kings may love treason, but the traitor hate.

        Thomas Dekker

      • MikeK Says:

        It’s the ‘burn their shit shops with them inside.’ bit which is a little on the Wermacht side. I agree there are too many Polish people here and they shouldn’t be allowed to send benefits back to Poland.

        My wife agrees with this and she IS Polish. Mind you, she’s not from this current influx, having been here since 1996 and had to go through all the Immigration hopops when we married, including her having no right to work or claim benefits for a few years.

  174. nine elms Says:

    bbanjo says……… your own karma is about to bite you in the ass. you are drowning in a sea of uncontrollable third world immigration and there is nothing you can do about it.

    Not so, nothing a bit of four be two across your crust won’t cure me old china 🙂

  175. Anonymous Says:

    the only way to get these fuckers out to to hope that we can leave the EU and they change the immigration laws

    • bill Says:

      Well according to the bill of rights 1689,its written that this country cannot be ruled or controled by any other country so whats all this eu shit really about?

  176. warlock Says:

    The Polish and Eastern Europeans think that they will be accepted by the British if they stay in our country long enough, The blacks and Indians were invited to Britain and created their own jobs by building their businesses and working on the public transport systems. The Poles have done nothing but steal from us since the EU and our fucked up Government let the scum invade our country, they have no interest in helping to rebuild the UK only to help themselves to what belongs to someone else, to me they are the filthiest maggots that ever crawled into Britain and the British will remember what these vultures have done til the end of time. I curse the Eastern Europeans and wish them nothing but pain and suffering until they leave the UK.

    • Darious Says:

      I am writing this from Bournemouth Dorset. The Polish are everywhere you go everyplace you look, any place you go there is polish, polish , polish, polish , polish, polish, polish, polish, polish…
      Enough is enough is enough. There are herds of the most scummiest Slavic type coming to England from Poland. We have polish tramps here! all sorts all of them alcoholic. They have just arrived yesterday but they are already well clued up with all the housing and social security laws. Down the Citizen Advice wanting a flat…. Enough is enough . THERE HAS TO BE A BALANCE. You don’t see a Chinese man around every corner. You don’t see an Asian around every corner. You don’t see etc etc around every corner BUT YOU DO SEE A POLISH AROUND EVERY CORNER. Around every corner all around the British ISLE… There is POLISH POLISH POLISH.. ENOUGHH IS ENOUGH.

  177. faggotcock fuckwit Says:

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    i subscribe for a blog site? The account helped me a acceptable deal.
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  178. Anonymous Says:

    Time to stop immigration. We are full and the doors need to be closed. Send the Polish back too. I’m fed up having to see Polish shops everywhere I go and hear their annoying language when they talk on the phone very loudly. The Poles are “hard working” is a myth. I know that because I have to work amongst them (they are the majority at my workplace) and they sit around doing nothing and leave early. They also get the same wage as everyone else so they are not “cheap labour”. Too many of them are breeding as well so that they can claim benefits which the taxpayer, like myself, has to pay for. So many people talk about the Polish as if the sun shines out of their backsides and it sickens me. The Polish need to go back to Poland and leave the jobs and housing to the British people. Enough is enough.

  179. gb for life! Says:

    The polish really piss me off I like all the races and I know its wrong to generalize but the polish are the worst they are so rude cant speak english and act worse than chavs I aint met 1 decent pol and ive met alot I dont even care that your taking jobs and living off my wages its your fucking attitide that stinks!

    • Anonymous Says:

      They can’t handle money because they are not used to having any, thats why they are so greedy, a race of scroungers and losers who think the world owes them a living. Nasty people. Kick the spongers out along with Cameron and his team of backstabbers of their countrymen. we’ll keep our jobs for British folk, Lets get UKIP in to save the UK.

  180. biggus cockus Says:

    i have poles living next door, on dole and sitting in sun smoking wacky backy all day,2 others work, non speak english at all, “me no speaky english” when you confront them, cooking fish on a barby in evening, 4 in a 2 bed house,,,,??? wtf,the house is a shit tip, they can fuck off back to the dump they come from, big up the edl,,

  181. John Says:

    if the Brits do not want immigrants then maybe you schuld leave the Spain and other countries?


    • Anonymous Says:

      Gotta get rid of english speaking disease and the world will be a better place for all other people. as soon as they die off a renaissance of human kind will commence.

    • warlock Says:

      Good idea, then we could have Europe as a large Poland full of jobless drunks fighting and picking cabbages. You Knob !

      • John Says:

        You’re just stupid. Alcohol consumption in Poland is less than the average in Europe and lower than in England. Also, crime in Poland is lower than in England. if you do not believe me look for statistics and shut up!.

        english are racist, xenophobic and hypocrites. Leave Spain, Germany, Poland (several thousand Englishmen living there), Australia and other countries if you do not want immigrants!


        Similar in other countries where they settle.


        I’m not even Polish BTW

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  184. Darious Says:

    I am writing this from Bournemouth Dorset. The Polish are everywhere you go everyplace you look, any place you go there is polish, polish , polish, polish , polish, polish, polish, polish, polish…
    Enough is enough is enough. There are herds of the most scummiest Slavic type coming to England from Poland. We have polish tramps here! all sorts all of them alcoholic. They have just arrived yesterday but they are already well clued up with all the housing and social security laws. Down the Citizen Advice wanting a flat…. Enough is enough . THERE HAS TO BE A BALANCE. You don’t see a Chinese man around every corner. You don’t see an Asian around every corner. You don’t see etc etc around every corner BUT YOU DO SEE A POLISH AROUND EVERY CORNER. Around every corner all around the British ISLE… There is POLISH POLISH POLISH.. ENOUGHH IS ENOUGH.

  185. Anonymous Says:

    F**k the polish, all this bullshit that they are good workers etc, complete and utter rubbish, we have loads of them where i work and they are lazy stuck up assholes, this country is going to end up going down the shitter letting these assholes into are country, i can see a cival war coming on if they dont stop letting them in and taking are houses and are jobs, to the polish reading this page, do yourself a favour and f**k off back to poland we dont want you here ……………..

    • Rob F Says:

      Our country. Civil war. Our houses. Our jobs. Learn to spell in your own language you massive idiot.

      • warlock Says:

        Learn to live in yours !

      • Rob F Says:

        I’m English.

      • warlock Says:

        Sorry, thought you were scrounging Pol

      • Rob F Says:

        No worries. Just correcting his spelling.

        It always makes me laugh how people who would claim to be proud to be English/British can’t be bothered to learn to use our beautiful language properly.

        Typos are fine, of course, everyone makes those, but the post there looks like it could have been written by someone with English as a second language. Be proud of our language and learn how to use it properly!

  186. nigger Says:

    I’m nigger and I coming to England with my 5 sons. Arent we all people.

  187. smail Says:

    im a mulsim i came to britain on my own until i found my girl who she is my wife now she reverted to islam and we are happy living together i sent invitations to my all brother back ti pakistan they get their visas issued now and soon will be here in britain as well.we rule u brtis shut ur asses up 🙂

    • warlock Says:

      You are a fool sir, you and your countrymen don’t have a fraction of the courage of our British lads, I you were ordered to sign up to the forces you’d be straight back on the boat crying for your mothers (if you hav’nt cut all their heads off)
      Long live Britain and fuck you.

  188. harry Says:

    Polish, muslims, chavs and benefit cheats you can all fuck off you cunts!

    • Muslim Says:

      shut up! eNGLAND belog to muslims!

      • warlock Says:

        Do you mean Cockles or Cock less, as Cockles are a type of sea snail eaten with a pin. I have a writing book somewhere in the loft for ages 2 years and under it would be helpful for your 1 brain cell. Our British women would’nt be interested in your tiny cocks as the smell of your friends shit puts them off as I know most Muslims like travelling up the Marmite motorway.

      • Muslim Says:


      • warlock Says:

        Australia and the US and Canada were British to start with you uneducated tea towel wearing idiot, you are just showing how thick Muslims are.

      • Muslim Says:

        I don’t care! We Muslims take over ‘your’ country and we kill you. Britain is Muslims and your women belong to us Muslims. Go and die you pagan faggot!

  189. Hidan Says:

    I’m an American. I used to live in Irealand/England…. OMFG England is gay. They smell, their food is gross, they call cigarettes fags, they’re dirty with bad oral and normal hygiene, they’re just as fat as the US is now (prob moar…. go suck ur blood puddingz), their women look like sharks, and their women are disgusted with their own men and that’s why they’re euro sluts who will fuck anything at the chance to get something better than there limp-smelly-cheese-dick male counterparts.

    Irish are cool. LUCKY CHARMZ!?

  190. george Says:

    what is England and Britain, you all come from german sperm fucking your mothers and you need a tv show to find out who is a father, lol, and look on your streets there is no great in britain any more, don’t blame polls for that blame your government,they let them in and you are the most sad banch when you think you are great, even your queen have german roots, so


    • warlock Says:

      You sad little person, obviously you were dropped on your head as a baby.

    • Nikki Says:

      Do you mean ‘polls’ or ‘poles’? and what is a ‘sad banch’? ‘your queen have german roots’ should read ‘your queen has german roots’. Wtf has this to do with anything? The poles were nazi sympathizers during WW2, so you can go fuck yourself on that one with your big polish bellend.

      • Pinky Says:

        All this bollocks about Gt Britain is’nt great anymore, the spirit of Britain is’nt the country its the real British people born and bred here that have the spirit, pride and backbone. So whats wrong with wanting to keep our country invader free? Whats so bad about trying to maintain the British standards that we fought many wars to protect? We all know that these Eastern European things are opportunists out for what they can get ………… our jobs, housing and money, curtesy of Europe and our shitty government, look at Poland as it was, a jobless shithole full of pissheads, unemployed unwashed and crimeridden idiots. Who the fuck wants Romanians walking around our streets, they don’t even look like us ! Blacks and Pakis we are stuck with but now we are getting ragheads and Africans too, imagine what the fuck this country will turn out like 50 years from now and our Grandchildren have got to shoulder this, I feel so sorry and ashamed that they will have to live in such a fucked up country. ;-(

  191. Gallipolli Says:

    For goodness sake!
    it is either You are all racist fannies, or You’re all racist fannies.

    Saying that though, fanny’s implies that one belongs to fanny, so that bit could be correct 🙂

    Anyways, Britain is very small, and the fact is that we are full up.
    Infrastructure is creaking.

  192. Gallipolli Says:

    The first polish couple to arrive at my multiple occupancy house were really nice people, friendly and warm.

    They left, and were replaced by a polish man who drank many litres of scotch a day, and was found nearly dead after a few months and had to be hospitalised. Not sure what became of him.

    Then in the Summer, Two Hungarian brothers came to stay. Things were okay for a few weeks, but then they were joined by a Russian man who had the look of a bulldog chewing a wasp.

    Eventually, there were twelve people living in a two bedroomed flat and the neighbours started to complain about the excessive noise and many cars coming and going. The police became involved, and it transpired that they were running a brothel.
    The mother and the young daughter with a six month old baby in the flat next door to them were so scared that social services had to move the girl to a place that was safer.
    All I can say is that their cat Felix is one mean mother, as he has seen it all and remains there for the time being.

    This brothel was cleared out, but the Russian and one Hungarian remain.

    Three weeks ago, they left some candles burning when they went off to do whatever they do. Luckily I was in that day, and smelt something funny as I went past their flat. Turned out that one of the candles had set fire to the bookshelf that it was on, then had started to burn the ceiling that was on fire when the fire brigade entered the house.
    No apologies, just a dirty look and a shrug when asked about it.

    Now, in contrast to the lovely Polish couple, I have to live next to four overcrowded people taking the piss, in a one bedroom flat.
    They don’t (or choose not to) speak English, dump loads of uncovered crap in the bins that are now infested with maggots, the front lawn is now a dumping ground for any old unwanted shit and generally they do what they want without any consideration for other neighbours in the property.

    All these things could be overcome with:

    1 Decent Landlords who give a shit about society and not just the bottom line in buy to let.

    2. Landlords who give information to foreign tenants about how things are done in the UK, bin collection times and methods etc.

    3. The law on OVERCROWDING strengthened to the fullest degree now, so the UK doesn’t become full of TB and Dengue Fever and God knows what else.

    4. Immigration stopped for a period of time until UK gets back on its feet.

    5. Politicians elected who are just decent people from ordinary backgrounds and who understand ordinary folk and have good hearts.

    (Jumps off soapbox now).

    • Anonymous Says:

      We have a local car boot sale on Sundays and the Eastern Europeans almost fight with each others to dip down the rubbish bins for the crap that the stallholders throw away. Britain is turning into a third world country. And it’s getting worse and worse.

  193. Gallipoli Says:

    Well if they can make something useful with it, fair enough.
    One less ice cap melting and methane surge emission if we all did a bit of recycling instead of going for the latest iphone!

  194. southaustalia Says:


  195. pinky Says:

    Lets say you claim child support and lets say you get 30 quid a week per kid. A Pol claims it for his kid in
    Poland and also gets the same. The cost of living over there is much cheaper so the money is worth the equivalent of 90 quid ……………. think about it government !

  196. Nikki Says:

    I wish all poles and pakis would fuck off back to where they came from. I hate both sets of these pilfering bastards.
    How are these cunts helping the UK’s economy? The money the poles earn is sent back home faster than a screaming orgasm.

    Poles aside, I got asked by a SLOVAKIAN RECRUITMENT CONSULTANT if I’d be willing to travel to another city for a receptionist position, and he got arsey with me when I said ‘no’. Receptionists wage – exhorbitant travel expenses = negative income.

    I also had a POLISH RECRUITMENT CONSULTANT who had the audacity to contact me after seven months to ask if I was still looking for work.

    I’m sorry, but these eastern european cunts are taking the piss working in recruitment. What a slap in the face / kick in the crotch to all the hardworking Brits currently working for shit or out of work.

    I hear ad nauseam how hard working poles are. It’s been thrust down my throat like a rapist’s cock, and it is even more sickening and debasing than having a racist’s cock thrust down your throat.


    It’s a ploy by our government to cause social unrest, and bring about the new world order.

    I’ll be royally screwed when this happens, but at least I’ve opened my eyes to it, and will fight these bastards to the end of my days.

  197. Anthony UK Says:

    I don’t like the waves of Polish invaders, their refusal to speak English, their behaviour towards british white citizens of this country, their weird Polski skips and businesses etc. These people come first for EVERYTHING pissing over white British people applying for jobs, I have been applying for jobs ever since I got made redundant two years ago and it’s FAR too easy for recruitment agencies in the UK to instantly take on Poledancing me speky no English migrants over British citizens WHO SHOULD COME FIRST FOREMOST AND FOREVER. We need to get out of Europe on June 23rd to stop these twats polluting the UK.

  198. Anonymous Says:

    HAH, lolz, lolz….. how could u blame poles for taking your job??? U LAZY CUNTS??? but anyways, some of them are ok, but unfortunately majority is quite… rude? They just don’t know how to behave… personally, i prefer polish plumber etc. couz they’re cheaper, and they do job as well as British do, however, polish waiter? not really like that…

    We need to get out of Europe on June 23rd to stop these twats polluting the UK.

    quite hard to get out of continent, init?

  199. Thomas Says:

    I WONDER WHY POLES FIGHT FOR ENGLAND. WHY THEY LOST LIFE FOR ENGLAND ? AND NOW YOU CALL POLES SCUM ! SHAMME OF YOU PEOPLE. Yes its better if Poles will come back to Poland cos you not DESERVE for white christian nation. Its better that in UK is 20 milions muslim who hate you , who kill you , who cut your heads, whu put a bombs in your city, who have 10 children and they are muslims , next muslim generation who hate you british , your are dummy !

    • Rob Says:

      We would much rather have Muslims as our neighbours than you dirty bastards with no morals, no ethics. We don’t like you. We voted you out. Now please leave and stop blaming others.

      • Polish Power Says:

        Proud Polish interpreter I am. I’ve earned 90k last year interpreting in courts and police station and I get paid from the tax payers purse. Living the dream !!! Polska Gora !!!

  200. Manual Says:

    […] Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Alabama […]

  201. plumber south east london Says:

    What type of images am I ‘legally’ allowed to include in my blog posts?

  202. Anthony Says:

    I hate polish people : I don’t like their music their attitude their culture their products their shops their behaviour and treating the United Kingdom like a shithole, that’s why I abuse them shout at them tell them to speak English etc. Most don’t report it because it upsets them and because they don’t speak English are isolated and don’t know where to turn either for help. I also refuse to be nice to Polish people and share BBQ’s / Christmas Day Dinner / Boxing Day Lunch / November 5th firework parties / Halloween parties / NYE celebrations etc and other British things they moght want to be a part of…what the Polish residents rights organisations would love British people to share with their people and as a result assimilate with them. Sooner these gets take off back THE BETTER……Poles are a burden, a nuisance, a scum, a cancer and a disease to our country – fact.

  203. Anonymous Says:

    Polish people just live in their own stupid little world.

  204. naughty young colombia Says:

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    very little bbit of it. I’ve got you book marked tto look at new things you post…

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