Global Warming, following the money trail

Hi Brit,

I’ve said before that the case for “Global Warming, end of the world so we must act NOW” is motived more by money and politics than science.  It seems that I am not alone in this belief, On Global Warming: Follow the Money Indeed!  However, even though the lie of Global Warming is now so entrenched in the public mind that there is no stopping these fear mongers from winning, we can still learn some lessons from this gigantic and corrupt conspiracy.

1.  Always follow the money before trusting anyone’s motives.

2.  Never, under any circumstances, ever, trust anyone either employed by, or connected to, the United Nations.

3.  It’s past time to question why scientific research needs to be funded by the Government.

4.  It’s way past time to question our continued funding of the UN.

5.  Most politicians get their jobs by being good liars.  Why do we expect them to change their ways once they get in office?

6.  We, as a country, have few friends outside our boarders.  We should start acting like it.

7.  Almost all fanatics, be they religious, political, or environmentalists, are evil and should be dealt with accordingly.

the Grit

4 Responses to “Global Warming, following the money trail”

  1. Kurt Says:

    You’re right, we do have few friends. Bush needs to do some serious fence-mending.
    Also, the U.N. is a vital cog in international stability. We may not always get our way, but we are not alone, we are part of a community, and we need to start acting like it.

  2. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Kurt,

    I see your point, however, I would point out that we have done our part for the global community, and more. When there is a natural disaster, who is first on the scene with help, we are. Who has protected Europe for decades so they can spend their resources on socialism, we have. The same for Japan and South Korea. For that matter, who hosts, funds and turns a blind eye to the corruption of the UN, again, it is US. Being by a long shot the largest economy on the planet, we dropped our trade barriers to give everyone else a chance, but do we get any thanks? No. Through long years of sacrifice and strong will we crushed the Soviet Union and saved the world from Communist hell. After that, we just wanted to get on with life and business, but were attacked by religious fanatics, which would gladly kill everyone here and in Europe, but do we get any cooperation from decadent Europe, no. They actually cooperate with our enemy!

    While I love to be harsh just for fun, in this case it is more than justified. What, I ask, has anyone done for us lately? We develop genetically modified crops that have the potential to solve world hunger, and other countries ban them. We develop miracle drugs that save millions of lives every year, and other countries refuse to share the development cost. Since other countries refuse to invest in their own defense, we are forced to spend hundreds of billions on our military, which others are all to willing to call on when they have problems, but are all too willing to bitch about when they don’t like what we do with it.

    Seriously, my personal preference, assuming we had the national will, would be to tell everyone to kiss our collective ass, and, if they wanted our services, military, medical, emergency aid, etc., they are available for a price. A stiff price, I would add.

    So, it seems to me, and a few others, that, the reason we have so few friends is that, we give our friendship regardless. Generally in life, and apparently in international relations, this is a good way to get abused. I, for one, am tired of it. The rest of the world, in my opinion, can kiss my ass. Truly, there are many more important things we should be doing, instead of cleaning up the mess the rest of the world makes.

    the Grit

  3. Mick Says:

    This is a keeper, Grit. You have a deep understanding of the pompous asshats in politics today.

    Al Gore should be the poster boy for the Special Olympics.

  4. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Mick,

    Thanks. Speaking of Algore, Fox is going to do a piece on the carbon footprint of his big Global Warming Aid concerts. It seems that all the Big Names, including The Father of the Internet, are all flying in on private jets. Tisk, tisk.

    the Grit

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