87,000 reasons liberals suck!

Hi Brit,

While I generally have a poor opinion of labor unions, I have an even lower opinion of liberals.  Here, DaimlerChrysler says ‘no option excluded’ in Chrysler revamp, we have a story that breaks my heart.  On one hand, the over paid union workers of the American auto industry have been, for decades, the backbone of financial support for the Democratic Party, whether the workers wanted things to be that way or not.  Now, because of the shift of the ruling liberals to supporting eco-fanatics, our auto industry is being left high and dry.  Typical do-gooder mentality, not caring how many they hurt in their effort to save the world.  The really sad part is that, those 87,000 newly unemployed workers are probably so uninformed that they will spend their copious amounts of recently acquired free time campaigning for the very politicians who cost them their jobs.

the Grit

9 Responses to “87,000 reasons liberals suck!”

  1. blackswampron Says:

    Conservatives have a horrible track record too! Ever hear of “middle of the road?”

  2. britandgrit Says:

    Hi b,

    Would that be “middle of the road to ruin?” Then, yes, I’ve watched as people zoomed along it to their destruction. Compromise is highly overrated. In this case, it would mean that only 43,500 jobs would be lost.

    However, I believe you missed where my pointy stick was aimed with this post, that being the liberal elite casting many of their best supporters aside without shedding a tear. If they will eat their own, what chance do the rest of us have if they gain control?

    the Grit

  3. Larry Says:

    The unions didn’t create the mess at Chrysler. The mess was created by NAFTA and every trade agreement since then.

    Foreign autos and auto parts flood the U.S at virtually no tariff while tariffs on U.S goods are deplorable.

    Foreign workers earn an average of 33 cents per hour and have no safety rules to protect them.

    Unions negotiated wages and benefits bring up the standard of living for non-union workers. If employers don’t provide some benefts, then workers would seek out unions more.

    The Democrats and Republicans who support free trade are to blame for Chrysler. Ford, and GM’s downward spiral.

    If you want to keep jobs in the U.S we either have to do something about the unfair trade deals, or lower American wages to 33 cents per hour.

    Which would you prefer?

  4. britandgrit Says:

    Hi All

    There are three difficulties with the DaimlerChrysler situation which have led to the current position. Firstly, the original take-over lacked synergy. This meant that the group had to spend untold billions trying to match the two organisations infrastructure. As a result funds for development and furture strategy were limited. Although a reasonable job was done at Chrysler to bring it back to profit, there were not sufficient funds available to sustain that position.

    The second issue is one that all of the auto and other industries are facing, namely the pension structures. This is a global phenomenum which is costing corporations billions and again reducing their ability to invest in the business.

    The third, and perhaps most important issue, is Daimlers own position. The original takeover was not so much driven by Daimler’s wish to develop a US auto company, as it was to give them an opportunity to attack the US market with their own European models. To that extent, the board’s concern for Chrysler is more words than deep felt concern. The Chrysler unit has opened doors for Mercedes and other high brands that Daimler owns. The political and employee fall out from shutting Chrysler plants is of no consequence to the German owners.

    Besides this, Daimler is facing severe problems in the EU as a result of the current round of “Eco-attacks” on its marques. Therefore, they will be quite happy to dump overboard (without a lifeboat) any excess baggage that will not help in their guarding of this brand. Chrysler is considered as such. Additionally, because it is situated in the US, the German board does not attract any direct political fall-out.

    By the way, the sale of the Chrysler assets have been internally assessed to achieve a good return on the original investment.

    As FB rightly says this current event is an eco-driven incident, but one also has to incorporate the political wind in the EU as part of the blame.

    the Brit

  5. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Larry,

    Labor costs are not a large factor of consideration for huge companies. What really plays a role, besides what the Brit mentioned, are the costs of Government and Legal Fees. For years now the cost of Government, in the form of taxes and gigantic masses of Federal regulations, has increased dramatically compared to countries like Mexico and South Korea. With the threat of frivolous lawsuits and insanely high damage awards added, the US is much less competitive as a place to build things. These things are, almost completely, due to liberals.

    the Grit

  6. Larry Says:

    Is it a frivolous to seek justice when a worker has a limb severed because the employer had faulty machinery?

    Is it a frivolous lawsuit for workers to seek justice over asbestos in the workplace, or harmful silica’s?

    Is it a frivolous thing for workers to seek safety protections in the workplace?

    There are far more jobs lost because of foreign imports than frivolous lawsuits.

    There are far more jobs lost because of illegal immigrants crossing the border and taking American citizens jobs at a low wage.

    There are far more jobs lost because of corporate mismanagement than frivolous lawsuits.

    There are far more jobs lost because of excessive Executive Compensation that must be paid out no matter what the reason for leaving.

    Unions aren’t the reason thousands of workers are losing their jobs.

    That honor goes to Corporate America and the members of both political parties they purchase every week.

  7. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Larry,

    First, allow me to say that you are well spoken enough to have your own blog, and a well followed one at that. That you bother to read and comment on ours, is a valued gift.

    Now, the frivolous part of lawsuits is not with the deserved compensation to individuals with valid damage claims, but to the insane punitive damages awarded, most of which go to making lawyers rich, that destroy companies rather than encouraging them to take better care of their workers. If a company is sued out of existence, as several large ones have been in recent times, it puts thousands of people out of work. Even the chance of this happening, puts all American businesses at a disadvantage to foreign competition where the same thing cannot happen.

    The same applies to reasonable safety standards in the work place. However, it is hardly reasonable for the Government to burden business with such scrutiny that one can be fined for having hand rails on stairs that are half an inch below standard. There are far too many examples to go into here, but, combined, it amounts to tens of billions of dollars per year that American businesses have to make up to compete with foreign competition. Really, it boils down to the question of, do we want the production here or do we we want to buy the goods from over seas?

    This of course answers your points about imports, Cooperate Executive Compensation, and Unions, as all of those things are trivial compared to the added expense Government puts on our companies.

    As to illegal immigrants, the only reasons they are here is, first, their countries suck, and, second, our country refuses to defend itself. However, if we can hold out on free trade for a few more years, which may cost us in the short term, other countries from which these illegals are coming, may cease to suck so bad, which will stem the flow to those who want to be here for reasons other than economics. We can hope.

    the Grit

  8. >>John Says:


  9. Frustrated with Liberal Losers Says:

    Larry is obviously one of those morons who believes in the union and other liberal pipe dreams and can’t figure out why in the hell he doesn’t have a job and just thinks it is because the BIG BAD COMPANY wants all the money,…whaaaaaa!!!!. And doesn’t realize simple economics that you can’t pay some lazy ass union slob $48.00 an hour to put a nut on a bolt. These are the same morons who are saying “WE WANT CHANGE” WHOOO! Yeh Obama!! what a bunch of totally lost and pathetic Loozers! You know if you ask anyone except the homosexually biased liberal media and these totally lost union losers you will see that this country does not want gay marriage they don’t want the education system teaching their children how to be fags. They don’t want to open the door to Islam and Hesbolah and the rest of the terriost nations, as Obama will do if elected. They don’t want anymore of these rediculous moronic liberal beliefs and they don’t want more government taxing them and telling them what to do. If you liberal geniuses could read you might take a minute to puruse the constitution of the United States of America. Thats why we are here because we got tired of lieing creeps like Osama, I mean Obama trying too force their liberal bullshit idealology down our throats, and taxing them all the way. If you losers want change go the hell to another already fucked up counrty like France yea that would be a a grest place. France is a land full of liberal fag losers you would all get along great there.

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