Hi Dixie Twits!

Hi Brit,

I suspect this will confuse and bore you, but I have to get it out of my system, sorry.


 The musical group, Dixie Chicks, who made their name as a country-western group, screwed up several years ago and let their lead singer open up her fat mouth about politics.  She,  Natalie Maines, during a concert in a foreign country just had to go and bad mouth President Bust.  Of course, the vast majority of their fan base, including me, were conservatives, and their music quickly dropped off the play list for country music radio stations.  To me, this was a great shame, as I really enjoyed their music.  Of course, after they associated themselves with a political ideology, it totally ruined the experience foe me, and several million other people.  This action has put a major hurt on their career ever since.  However, their new liberal friends have tossed them a bone, in the way of five Grammy awards.  Of course, this is probably not that much help, as liberals are hardly likely to purchase their music, let alone enjoy it.  In my view, all entertainers should learn a lesson from this, and keep their political views to themselves.

the Grit

38 Responses to “Hi Dixie Twits!”

  1. Kurt Says:

    The Dixie Chicks are an enigma. They did abandon their fan base by their remarks. I personally thing they went too far. Still, this is America, and free speech is more valuable than gold records.

  2. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Kurt,

    I concur. However, I do morn the loss of an entertainment industry that let it’s work speak for itself. To me, if musicians can work a bit of political prodding into their work, that is admirable. When they have to resort to stopping the music and making a political speech, well, it ruins it for me.

    As to free speech, you have a good point, but, if a public figure wants to exercise that right using their status with the media, tyeing their work to their personal beliefs, they have no cause for complaint if the consumers, the public, decide not to buy their bundled product.

    Personally, I feel that, if performers want to be politicians, they should run for office.

    the Grit

  3. Thomas Says:

    Wow! You really feel this way just because they said they were ashamed to be from the same state as that idiot in the white house? Seriously? God forbid, they don’t like him. They didn’t go in depth with the whole issue like you are. They simply said they were ashamed of him! As is most of this country!

    And if you really wanted to know what they think about people like you… I suggest you listen to “Not Ready To Make Nice.” It’s their response to all you bigots in America who are stupid enough to boycott amazing musicians because of the freedom to say whatever the fuck they want to say, weather you agree with it or not!

  4. robert meringolo Says:

    Thomas said it all. A country that prides itself on free speech and then red neck assholes boycott the dixie chicks for exercising that right don’t have a clue what this country is supposed to be about. Turns out the chicks were right on the money. They should be admired for speaking out not boycotted. It is an act of patriotism to speak out when you think your country is doing something wrong. Here is something to chew on. “When facism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag carrying a cross”. Where were the patriotic germans when the Nazis were frying six million jews? They were listening to Wagner!

  5. Aaron Says:

    The Dixie Chicks should have been smart and kept their mouth shut. They should have known that if they opened their mouths about this, then they would lose a bunch of fans just because at the time a lot of people supported Bush. I agree with BritandGrit saying “When they have to resort to stopping the music and making a political speech, well, it ruins it for me.” The Dixie Chicks should have been prepared for the consequences that come with saying your opinion.

    P.S. If you’re going to leave a quote at least tell us who it is from, Robert Meringolo.

  6. tmulcahy Says:

    Oh, that’s a real good idea. Just keep your mouth shut, especiially if it’ll possibly cause you fianancial hurt. There wouldn’t even be a United States of America if all those patriots hadn’t spoken their minds, under threat of losing their entire livlihoods, and their lives. Many of those early patriots were under threat of death for treason, and many were so executed or died for their beliefs. One of those beliefs was that we all could say what is on our minds withour fear of reprisal. Those who bash the Dixie Chicks for exercising that basic idea, one that drove many people to die for this country, do not understand either liberty or patriotism.

  7. Grititgay Says:

    Dixie Chicks rock FREE SPEECH

  8. S.D Says:

    To All,

    I thought that the great thing about this country was our freedoms, isn’t that the reason this conservative president said the terrorists hate us? As for opening her mouth, Natalie, and ANYBODY has the freedom to open their mouth wherever they want, it is not limited to this country ( which has abandoned our freedoms). It seems that the only freedom of speech that people here are interested in is the speech that they agree with. If you don’t agree with the Dixie Chicks that is ok but what makes it fine for you to bad mouth them, but they can’t bad mouth a lame duck president who has repeatedly lied to the WHOLE world! Get over it and move on.

  9. Matt Says:

    All of the posts against the Dixie Chicks have many mis-spelled words and bad grammar. Odd how the people who used to like them don’t now for using free speech. I still personally like them and see no reason to boycott them, here is a great idea all the whiny inbreds that are using free speech to piss and moan about them take a cue from yourselves and stfu. In all relations it is the exact same thing they stated an opinion and you whine about them using a freedom, but now you are slandering them and using the same freedom. You hicks need your helmet’s strapped back on and sat down in classroom clearly the first 12 years didn’t work.

  10. Shauna Says:

    “Freedom of speech is fine, as long as you don’t do it in mass public or off American soil” this was a comment made by a protester at a Dixie Chicks concert when this whole controversy went down, does that not sound extremely dumb to you? Hypocritical even as he’s stating his opinion on camera?
    What Conservative America did to these women, what radio did to these women, was atrocious and disgusting. I am all for educated opinions but when a major broadcaster Bill O’Reilly has guests on his show saying these women deserve to be hit, strapped to bombs, calling them names like the Dixie Bimbos or Sluts, you’re a disgusting human being. Is that the definition for conservatives? None of these people were banned for saying such things. And Bill O’Reilly eventually apologized to the Dixie Chicks for the slander he brought against him because THEY WERE RIGHT.
    And now the whole world knows Bush is a idiot, and he has completely trashed the American economy and has also sent thousands of his citizens to their deaths for a war that didn’t exist. Now whoever has to clean up this “war on terror” will leave a gaping hole in the innocent people that are over in Afghanistan.

  11. Patrick Says:

    Sorry,but she was absolutly right ! Bush is a lier! A lots of lies to justify his war in Irak….!
    Tell that to all the families who’s lost a child,a husband,a dad in Irak. Al this for lies….
    Pink sing the truth about Bush….” Mr president ”
    nd believe,here,in Europe,we ‘ll see Bush like a puppet! He have a place in the Muppet Show;not as guest,but as a real puppet.
    Nobody love Bush in Europe….

  12. Becky Says:

    Saying what you believe, whether it’s mainstream or not, is inherently American. It is what this country was supposed to stand for when it was originally founded, if you care to employ the traditional American myth. To stay silent, or be silenced, is irresponsible. The beauty of this country is supposedly the right to say what you want without fear of punishment. There is nothing un-American or un-patriotic about criticizing your country. In fact, I would say that anybody who DOESN’T have the balls to criticize this country for SOMETHING is not only uninformed of our history and the traumatic effects our foreign policy has upon other countries, but is also highly disillusioned with “patriotism”. What a shame. And the fact that the Dixie Chicks were ostricized by the country music community is pathetic – a laughable outrage for everyone else who isn’t stuck in the neo-conservative rut that is damning this country to hell. They deserved all the grammies they received – they are a music legend, incredibly talented and beautiful, and if the country music community can’t get off their high fat horse and recognize talent where it is, and all the contributions they made in the formation of the country music identity, they don’t deserve to be given even a second’s worth of the Dixie Chicks’ music. Funny that there is nothing wrong with prolaiming your desire to go to war and rip other countries apart, but you can’t say anything to the contrary without being so severely punished. What an accomplishment for those “conservative” country music fans. I’d say they’re more idiotic than conservative. The censoring on the part of the country music community reminds me of dictators that kill off whoever is against them – the very people we are supposedly ousting in other countries (another joke in our foreign policy). Of course, the Dixie Chicks weren’t physically killed, but if you listened to their new album you’d know in an instant that they have suffered greatly for their comments. So thank you for continuing the most un-American practice of them all – punishing someone for speaking their opinion. And, by the way, I’m a very liberal thinker, and I am perfectly capable of enjoying the Dixie Chicks’ music. They are one of my favorite bands.

  13. Belldandy34 Says:

    People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they never use. – Kierkegaard

  14. tony Says:

    well what the f*** do you people know, im in Iraq right now most of you so called “chick lovers” dont eeven have the cohones to come and do my job and until you do who gives a F*** what you think!!! You talk about your rights but i havn’t seen you fighting for them! As far as that comment about ” inbred” people im sure that was a slander against southern culture, so dont you forget were 75% of the military is from, that would be the south! You people talk the talk but are scared sh*tless to walk the walk!

    The King

  15. titanopteryx Says:

    Up above it says, “Natalie Maines, during a concert in a foreign country just had to go and bad mouth President Bust.” Bush is misspelled.

    Kurt, you misspelled think

    Patrick, it’s spelled Iraq

    Tony, well should be Well, im should be I’m, you misspelled even, were should be where.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    You cant stop enjoying the music after Natalie made a political comment .. Their musical talents have nothing to do with politics so dont judge their music by Natalies political comment .. Thats not fair and makes no sense. If youre not going to support their music after her comment then straight up say “I dont support the Dixie Chicks anymore because Natalie doesn’t agree with or happen to like President Bush.” Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and last time I checked America is the land of free speech. I don’t necessarily agree with how Natalie feels or how she went about her comments but I still support their music because they have wonderful talent and I enjoy listening to their music reguardless of their political views.

  17. kristyn Says:

    While it is true that many of the Dixie Chicks’ fans were right winged conservatives, there are many fans (including myself) that find themselves falling on the left side of politics. I think that the Chicks hit it right on the head by standing by Natalie’s comment. No one, not even artists that are supported by conservatives, should have to censor how they feel about the half-assed job that our president has done. And actually, I think it was even smarter for Natalie to have made the comment on foreign soil. The world’s view of America has become so negative because of this war. Many people in foreign countries believe that the war in Iraq is something that we all want and support. By having a “conservative” country group that plays “conservative” country music to step out and say, “we’re ashamed that the president of the united states is from texas” is HUGE! It’s a wake up call to everyone who thinks that what is going on is okay with the American people. Because you know what? It isn’t okay. It isn’t okay in the slightest.

    Personally, I can’t wait for November and January.

  18. zoe and charlie Says:

    We are from Australia, a country that does understand the meaning of free speech, and I dont believe the right wing conservatives that trashed the Dixie Chicks have any idea what that is.
    What Natalie said in no way deserved the outrageous response -including death treats???
    Now a lot of people realize what a dumb fuck Bush is, and are forgiving Natalie for what she said. Are they deliberately missing the point, or are they just dumb fucks themselves???
    Also, if all the people who have posted above with incorrect spelling and grammar spent a bit more time at school, and a bit less time trashing a member of a singing group, maybe they would be in a better position to understand the whole Free Speech issue!!!!!!!!
    We love the Dixie Chicks, because they are great musicians, regardless of what they say!

  19. zoe and mo Says:

    We are from Australia, a country that does understand the meaning of free speech, and I dont believe the right wing conservatives that trashed the Dixie Chicks have any idea what that is.
    What Natalie said in no way deserved the outrageous response -including death treats???
    Now a lot of people realize what a dumb fuck Bush is, and are forgiving Natalie for what she said. Are they deliberately missing the point, or are they just dumb fucks themselves???
    Also, if all the people who have posted above with incorrect spelling and grammar spent a bit more time at school, and a bit less time trashing a member of a singing group, maybe they would be in a better position to understand the whole Free Speech issue!!!!!!!!
    We love the Dixie Chicks, because they are great musicians, regardless of what they say!

  20. zoe and mo fucked up Says:

    We are very pissed at the moment, and typed treats instead of threats!!!!
    So please dont reply with some lame comeback about spelling!!!!!!!!!!!Because it was a typo not a spelling mistake!

  21. Kaite Says:

    First of all I would like to say that I am a liberal, and this whole controversy has led me to their music, and I now love the Dixie Chicks.
    Second I would like to say that free speech applies to everybody. It doesn’t make sense to say that people are allowed to speak their mind, but only if nobody is listening. Plenty of people express their political views threw their music, including many popular artist of today.
    I understand boycotting their music as a way to express your own political opinion, and I will not say people shouldn’t do it. But, telling them to just “shut up and sing” is ridiculous. I think all the people who said the Dixie Chicks are “ignorant and don’t know what they’re talking about” are ignorant and don’t know what they are talking about.

  22. Dwyer55 Says:

    Artists throughout the ages have been villified and have had their music banned because they touched on a subject many felt but dared not to speak about. The Dixie Chiks should be applauded for speaking their minds. Mr Bush has irreputedly Tarnished America because of his lust for power.

  23. Jack Says:

    I started to buy their music because of their courage and willingness to speak their minds even when it affected their pockets. I continued to because of their talent. Interesting that their lovely song “Travelin’ Soldier” evokes the sadness of losing a young soldier in the very war the lying architects of Iraq avoided “by any means necessary.” With the traditional mainstream media giving the now self-evident liars or fools* a complete pass as far as reporting facts or performing analysis, who else has a platform to express dissent? The fact that our President was able to tap his buddy at Clear Channel to create “grass roots” events to destroy their CDs is just more evidence of his flaccid leadership. Before you simply dismiss my opinions of the criminals in the Bush Administration, know that I am not now nor have I ever been a democrat. I voted for Barry Goldwater in 1980 and his successor John McCain as both a freshman congressman and senator.

    I am all the more embaraased by this faux-Texan, faux-Patriot, faux-Christian, faux-Conservative fool because he purports to represent me.

  24. swine Says:

    Um…let me get this straight…Musicians with political opinions? I fail to see the problem with this.
    I believe that everyone is entitled to voice their opinions on the leadership, or lack thereof, of their country. This should be encouraged.
    My father, who fought in World War II, once stated that there were many people with whom he did not agree , but the whole reason he went to war in the first place was to protect the right of those people to voice their opinions.

    Open communication over propaganda.
    Logic over Dogma
    viva la mouthy musicians!

  25. Pierce D Says:

    In my opinion, if you are going to let a musician’s (or any creative person’s) personality or political standpoint ruin your enjoyment of listening to their music, then its your loss. What’s with the bigotry? Do their songs suddenly sound like crap to you just because to don’t like what they think about your president? I think a lot of people have a lot of growing up to do.

  26. Bill T Says:

    I don’t like Bush or the Dixie Chicks, but I do like free speech. However, you’ve all missed the point completely. FREE SPEECH ISN’T FREE. If the Dixie Chicks had any sense at all, they would have realized the comments would piss off most of their fanbase. The Dixie Chicks are free to say what they want, and their fans are free to say what THEY want, and also free to stop buying their albums, or smash them, as an expression of THEIR free speech. You are hypocritical fools, because you call the disgruntled fans “ignorant bigots” for expressing THEIR free speech. You protect the free speech of people you agree with, and slander the free speech of people you don’t agree with.

    Another point is this – by doing this in a foreign country, they not only slandered Bush, but also the country itself. Translation: “Oh, we apologize for our foolish country and it’s foolish leader.” They’re stupid, they acted with no tact and no sense, and they got just what they deserved.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    If anyone wants to make a remark about any politican they should have the right too. suddenly by practising the right of free speech you become a twit? Seriously, if they would have made that comment yesterday their sales probably would have boosted because nobody like Bush anymore. Go Dixie Chicks!!!

  28. twit licker Says:

    fuck all of you. as of today more than 76 percent of us agree with her. bush is a murderer and you think it’s unpatriotic. fuck bush and may he burn in hell with the rest of you.

  29. ish Says:

    I do not care for the Chicks music, and at the time of the comment I did not share their opinion… however, it is their (or at least Natalie’s) opinion – and they are entitled to it.

    I served my time in uniform, serving this country so that they could have their opinion and share it with others openly, whether I agree with it or not.

    I also did my duty to ensure that if you do not like what they said, you ALSO have the right to speak out. If you do not like their music or their message, you have the right to boycott them, to speak out against them and share your view with others.

    They also have the right to do the same. All of the responders to this thread that resort to name calling and belittling each others opinions are allowed to do so.

    However each slanderous, insulting or libelous remark reflects a lack of understanding on the concept of “Free Speech”. Watching many of you waste and abuse the right that my Brothers & Sisters in uniform and I have spent time ensuring you have causes many of us to wish you had joined us, so that you might better appreciate what you have.

  30. Mike R. Says:

    I think that free speach is very important. I also think it is important to consider what you say and who you are saying it to. If theses coments had been made in America, I do not think the fall out would have been this ssevear. But when the comments were made to outsiders, it made me feel like they betrayd our counrty. I feel it was cowardly to hold these remarks quiet while in the US but to stop the show and make an announement in the UK was boderline treason! They had a right to say what they wanted and they did. But do not forget that the people that supported them also had the right to react to it, and they did! The Dixi Chicks are not the only ones in this situation that have rights. I have the right to stop supporting anyone, for my own reasons. The fact that we have to drag out this converstion is proof that there are many who are only concerned with their rights, and could careless about the rights of others. God help us!

  31. gene Says:

    they have the RIGHT to say what they believe

  32. gene Says:

    they has theRIGHT to say what she believes

  33. Bob Says:

    This is great. As time marchs on the original writer’s words went from from strongly backed and encouraged to the ramblings of a lunatic. As the country seemed to come around to the Dixie Chick’s point of view statements like the original writer’s look so silly.

  34. John Says:

    You red necks have had your day, too much blood has been spent, reason will out, finally

  35. britandgrit Says:

    Hi y’all,

    While I thought the notice on the home page that we had moved our blog to private hosting was sufficient warning that these posts were pretty much dead, I admit that I should have taken the brain dead element of Internet surfers into account, and checked the comments on this post more often. Sorry. My bad.

    So, to catch up and clarify, the Dixie Twits fell into the same trap that many celebrities do, which is thinking that because they have talent in a special area they also gain some sort of extra knowledge in other areas. Obviously this is a stupid idea, which says much about these people. On the other hand, in most cases it’s easy to ignore because, really, we – the consuming public – expect it. The difference between the Dixie Twits and our other foot-in-mouth celebrities is two fold. In the first place, they mouthed off in diametric opposition to the views of their general fan base. Secondly, they decided to do so in a foreign country in a time of war.

    Generally speaking, I can mentally separate the inane rantings of celebrities from their work in films and music. Still, like the traitorous actions of Jayne Fonda, there are limits. The Dixie Twits crossed the line and deserve to suffer the consequences. Fortunately, since I wrote this post some time ago, and their once booming career has taken a sever downward turn since then, it’s plain to see that I was correct.

    The moral is, if you want to be an entrainer, do so. If you want to be a political activist, do so. But don’t be surprised if the two occupations fail to mix.

    the Grit

  36. Don't Matter Says:

    Just more “I hate Bush and everything is his fault”. Seems Natalie and gang follow this same movement as do quite a number of those replying. Bush is one of three branches of the US Gov and can only be blamed for so much that goes on.

    I do wonder what would happen with support of the group if they came out with negative comments about Obama. I feel the comments above would be opposites.

  37. Neil Says:

    A lot of talk about freedom of speach – the Dixies can say what they want. The people that don’t agree can say what they like. Hell you all can say what you like. Be thankful you live in a country that allows free speach!

    Tony stop crying in your grits man no one asked you to join the military. Before you call me anything retarded – I served my country and was decorated, but you don’t hear me bleating like a damned sheep!

  38. Terry Thompson Says:

    “Thomas” obviously has a ‘tin ear.
    Who the hell would think that the dixie twits are amazing musicians.
    What a f@#$%^& joke.everyone has the right to say what they believe, that is true.
    They should think about the old saying,
    “Be silent and let those around you think you’re stupid, or
    open your mouth and prove it.”
    And them using the word ‘Dixie” in their names has to be somehow
    sacrilegious. OMG

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