Disorder in the ranks of Global Warming fanatics?

Hi Brit,

It seems that the Church of Global Warming should pick a High Priest to coordinate things.

On one hand we have, Congress eyes legislation to fight climate change (which I mentioned previously,) many countries are trying to implement the Kyoto Treats, and the EU is in the process of adding all sorts of new environmental laws.

On the other hand, we have, Climate Change Verdict: Science Debate Ends, Solution Debate Begins.  While I contest the “Science debate ends” part, having posted about this several times in the recent past, I point out the “Solution debate begins” part, as it relates to what I just mentioned above.  If there is still debate, even among the ranks of the faithful, as to what to do about Global Warming, then a rational person would have to question how our politicians can know what laws to pass to fix it?  If they understand things better than the Climate Scientists on who’s’ knowledge rests the concept and proof of Global Warming, perhaps they should write the IPCC reports on the subject.  Wait, sorry, I forgot, they did.  Still, one would think that some scientific basis would be needed to formulate solutions to a real problem.

On the gripping hand, I found this, UTSA researchers examine effects of global warming on Antarctic.  Now, call me crazy, but I thought this was “settled science,” and we know that the Antarctic ice is melting.  So, a rational person must ask, why are we waisting money examining things we already know all about?  Shouldn’t those funds be going to find a solution to Global Warming, or at least to implementing the solutions the politicians already seem to know about?

I have to say, Global Warming fanatics, y’all really should anoint a High Priest in an effort to get your act together.  How about AlGore?

the Grit

One Response to “Disorder in the ranks of Global Warming fanatics?”

  1. Earl E Says:

    For the first time we now have a religion rooted in science. I am so happy. Instead of having to teach my kids that God rained manna from heaven I can now tell them that when we burn our forests to the ground we pollute the air.

    And for the first time, I know its true. My religion isn’t fanaticism, it is observational.

    Want to see a miracle, look at that solar panel!

    Want to see another?

    The price of a gallon of gas breaks five dollars a gallon. Oh, that’s prophecy right now.

    If you live in Maryland, don’t plant rhubarb this year. (Last few years have all wilted and not made it)

    Still more prophecy…

    Wildfires out west will be larger than those massive ones from last year.

    Las Vegas will lose its hydro-electric power when Lake Meade drops below the intake for the generators.

    Get out now while the gettins good.

    Florida will be covered by a cat 5 hurricane and remain flooded throughout.

    Over a billion will die from an antibody resistant strain of influenza.

    The drought in Africa will subside with reduced oil consumption due to higher prices.

    This year the corn crop will just be appalling. Prepare for the most expensive food bill you ever imagined….

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