Political correctness hits Mother’s day

Hi Grit

The crazy march of political correctness is continuing to gather pace in the UK as it bulldozes its way through every aspect of our lives. The current issue in line for PC demolition is Mother’s day celebrations. A headmaster in a school in Wales has banned the children from making Mothers day cards. Her reason is that 5% of the children have little or no regular contact with their birth mothers, or have suffered bereavement.

From my point of view this is another mad decision on two counts. Firstly, it is just another case of the minority beating the majority. Secondly, has it been considered that this small number of children might wish to make cards for the ladies that are now looking after them, be those step mothers or other carers.

Why is it that every good tradition in this country is being attacked by PC gangs?

the Brit


9 Responses to “Political correctness hits Mother’s day”

  1. Lord Crimson Says:

    Hi Brit

    You are right the minority is beating the majority.

    Why is the majority silent? Because the majority have become a bunch of wussies afraid of their own shadow. If there is blame, then we should look no further than the person staring back at us in the mirror. If we don’t soon grow a spine and say enough is enough there will be no traditions left to defend.

    Lord Crimson

  2. britandgrit Says:

    Hi LC,

    I started saying that back in the 70s. Unfortunately, no one seems to listen. As you can see, at least I am persistent 😉

    the Grit

  3. britandgrit Says:

    Hi LC

    That is why we are hitting these things so hard on this site. Perhaps, if they do not start imposing conditions on the Internet, we might be able to at least encourage some people, us included, to start kicking up.

    the Brit

  4. Lord Crimson Says:

    Hi Brit and Grit

    I’ve always found that both of you speak from a position of strength. You tell it like it is and no one can ask for more than that.

    Rock On!

  5. britandgrit Says:

    Thanks LC! Speaking of rocking on, did you notice my post about The Who? It gives one (me) who has hit 50 encouragement as to the years that follow.

    the Grit

  6. Lord Crimson Says:

    I was able to see them back in the seventies. If the Stones can still rock I have no doubt the Who can manage a few more tours.

    Oh by the way, I see you are a Meatloaf fan, did you pick up his latest? I saw it advertised and was wondering if it was any good.

    Lord Crimson

  7. britandgrit Says:

    Hi LC,

    Not yet. I’ve heard good things about it, but I am just now getting around to filling out my Lead Zeppelin collection. Just in time, no doubt, for CDs to be replaced by yet another recording medium! Then I have to round out my Jethro Tull selections, followed by a bit more Jimmy Buffet, some more Dylan, and some Fleetwood Mack. Then, I’ll get to the new stuff 🙂

    the Grit

  8. Lord Crimson Says:

    Hi Grit

    Your music collection sounds very similar to mine. I’ve even gone so far as to add a little ELO and Kansas. I also have the full Led Zeppelin collection which is a must have for any child of the seventies. I couldn’t get the wife to buy it for me because of our mixed marriage. She likes country.

    Lord Crimson

  9. britandgrit Says:

    Hi LC,

    You have hit on my problem in a couple of ways. My wife, at best, likes show tunes, but prefers silence more. Personally, while I love some of the new country, which has taken up the rock banner in the face of rap and grunge and other crap attempts at making music, I still am driven to gather the old familiar stuff before venturing into new realms. Of course, when I win the lottery, I’ll buy it all, and then never have time to listen to it! Such is life.

    the Grit

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