Silence is golden!

Hi Brit,

That sound you don’t hear is the liberal chatter presented by the talk radio network Air America.  The reason you don’t hear it is that they went belly up, Air America Fire Sale.  The reason for their dismal failure wasn’t a lack of words.  After all, Al Franken alone produces more than enough hot air to fill up a normal broadcasting schedule.  No, they flopped because their target audience, knee jerk liberals, don’t listen to talk radio.  Radical left shows have been tried time and time again in markets all across the country with the same result, no one listens.  Of course, not being believers in capitalism, liberals have trouble understanding the nature of the problem, so they just keep on throwing money at it.

And now, a moment of silence for the dearly departed…………..

the Grit

2 Responses to “Silence is golden!”

  1. Larry Says:

    I heard Rupert Murdoch was buying any left wing radio network he could get his hands on to stifle progressives, since his side lost so badly.

    That is a frightening thought.

  2. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Larry,

    While I have no idea as to the validity of that rumor, assuming it’s true, then Mr. Murdoch’s quest is finished, considering that besides Air America, the only other liberal radio network is NPR, which can’t be sold due to its ties with the Government.

    Now, what’s frightening to me, is a liberal network that actually is a commercial success, since the paradox of socialists turning a capitalist profit might be enough to rip the fabric of the universe, causing all sorts of trouble.

    the Grit

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