Mobile Technology a threat


Hi Grit

It seems that the latest technology is coming under threat from governments worldwide, especially when it comes to controlling their usage.

Recently, the UK public have been informed that the use of mobiles, iPods, walkman’s and other equipment whilst driving can lead not only a fine but also a driving ban. Now it appears that New York is taking it a step further. You fine city is considering imposing fines of $100 dollars for people who are using this equipment whilst crossing the road.

I would mention that you have a little catching up to do as our regulations extend to eating whilst driving as well. However, do you not get the feeling that before too long we, the citizens of the world, will be banned from doing everything apart from putting one foot in front of the other once we leave our front door?

the Brit

One Response to “Mobile Technology a threat”

  1. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Brit,

    I would, first, like to state my great happiness that I do not live in New York. I would, next, like to point out that, in this area, the police have more sense than to attempt enforcement of such insane laws. Of course, that is mainly because enforcement of laws around here is prioritized based on how much income it will generate for the local Government.

    the Grit

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