Global Warming, the political battle.

Hi Brit,

As we’ve discussed before, Global Warming has gone beyond science and is now a political issue.  For instance, in today’s news I’ve found two instances of Climate Scientists being attacked by the news media and/or politicians just for expressing their professional opinion that Global Warming facts don’t fit the politically correct version of the United Nations’ lap dog group, the IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change.)

Global warming debate spurs Ore. title tiff

Del. scientist’s view on climate change criticized

If you need more proof that this issue is now all about politics, check out this poll of politicians.  Not only does it show that Global Warming has moved into the realm of politics, it makes it clear that our two parties have chosen sides. 

the Grit

2 Responses to “Global Warming, the political battle.”

  1. Mick Says:

    I’m happy the Republicans picked the right side. And thanks to citizen journalists like you two, we are getting the debate going. This was almost rammed down on us as if it were a proven fact. See sadbastards.wordpress for more Brit and Grit!

  2. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Mick,

    I’m glad to help, in our small way. Of course, I also just enjoy poking various groups with the print version of a pointy stick 😉 Of course, in this case, it would seem that we have already lost, considering that Bush and Big Business have figured out how to use it to their advantage. Still, I’ll keep jabbing at them. sadbastards is at the top of my morning reading list, and well worth it.

    the Grit

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