Tony Blair double standards

Hi Grit

As you may be aware Tony Blair is not only Prime Minister, but also the leader of the labour party (I think they are similar to your republicans). One of the key policies of this party is equality for the masses and the working class. However, from a recent news article that I read it appears that this equality does not apply to ones beloved rulers.

The article in question informed us that Tony Blair and his wife are buying a new house. In itself that may not be noteworthy. However, this is not his only property, nor it is his second or third. In fact, it is his fifth home! At £800.000 ($1.6 million) it is obviously not your average two up two down terraced house either.

Correct me if I am wrong my friend but I do believe that this is a blatant case of double standards.

1) Part of Labour policy is to eradicate homelessness, but he has 5 homes, which denies 4 families a

2) Many labour politicians have complained that owners of second homes are the main cause of rural community destruction. Does this mean that there are at least four communities that Blair does not like?

3) Part of the Global warming concern is land use. Blair’s occupation of five homes in my view, signifies his lack of commitment to this project.

4) Another aspect of the Global warming debate is conservation, particularly of energy. Bearing in mind that, by law, every one of these homes has to be protected by our secret service, which by the way continues after he leaves office, has Blair not increased by fivefold his personal carbon footprint?

5) First time property buyers in the UK are being squeezed out of the market by house price increases. House prices are influenced by, among other things, the income of the people who move into the area. Celebrity status, whether we like it or not, affects house prices. Is Blair therefore not contributing to the class divide?

Funny how I have a complaint to match each house. However, whilst the price tag is no problem for his and his wife’s joint income, I have to say that this level of irresponsibility only contributes to the public’s anger over the politicians actual double standards. How can they expect the really important people, YOU AND I, to trust their judgement and words when they so blatantly promote one law for the politicians and another for us?

I should add of course, that there is a glimmer of hope that Tony Blair will increase his number of homes to six in the near future. This might occur if he is charged with a criminal offence over the “cash for honours” scandal. One can but hope.

the Brit

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