The face of liberalism comes into focus.

Hi Brit,

Here, Democratic Committee Member Quits Caucus Post After Confrontation, we have yet another example of violence and racism in the Democratic Party.  Alvaro Cifuentes, it would seem, got a little tired of the shabby treatment minorities get at the hands of the DNC (Democratic National Committee), and let his true nature shine through, long enough to try to physically intimidate an aide to Howard Dean, and managed to get in a racial slur, calling a black man “boy,” before being physically restrained himself.  What darkness lurks in the minds of men, the liberals know.

the Grit


6 Responses to “The face of liberalism comes into focus.”

  1. M. Rodriguez Says:


    Im dont want to make a judgment call on the action of Alvaro Cifuentes, and cant tell his honest intention, but in Puerto Rico is very common the use of term Muchacho in a way that varies from the original meaning, usually when your talking to someone and want to call their attention or identify with someone, no matter their age and its not charge with any racial meaning

    The term muchacho means young adult, and theres no word in english to translate it, one of the closest one is boy.

    This is a casul term and i dont approve its use in a formal conversation or in the context that it was use. But when it comes to intercultural communications i think both parts should make an effort.

    Cifuentes was in the United States and he should have had more considaration to the meaning and offensive conotations the term has to a black person from USA, even when the term dosnot have any racial meaning in Puerto Rico, but everyone should be aware of that, or any differences in expresions from diferent cultures, when there going to value intentions and character.

    At least it started conversations in Puento Rican colleges, school and media, about history, meaning and understanding. Too bad its not until something like this happens.

  2. britandgrit Says:

    Hi M,

    Great comment. Unfortunately, Political Correctness doesn’t take these things into consideration. Still, according to the news report, keeping in mind that I wasn’t there and the news is all too often not complete, it would seem that Mr. Cifuentes was angry and intended to be insulting. However, you make an excellent point, which I will keep in mind when reading any further reports on this incident. Thanks! The Brit and I try to stay open to new perspectives, so don’t be a stranger.

    the Grit

  3. Manuel Cruz-Horta Says:

    The fact that ‘muchacho’ has no bad meaning in Spanish is no excuse. Mr. Cifuentes has been around DC since 1993 and should know better. I’ve studied in the US during my high school and college. I also know Mr. Cifuentes from Puerto Rico. Like him I am fully aware of the meaning of “boy” to black Americans. I have no doubt that he meant it. How to I arrive at this conviction? Here it is, way back in 1993 when he was the governor’s chief of staff a hold up took place in old San Juan and the perpretator was shot. He went to the scene and said “good that’s what trash like this deserves” or words to that effect. In other words he was expressing approval of a man’s death. He was also known as a tyranic person at the law firm he worked for previous to becoming chief of staff. To me that is enough evidence to show the man is capable of racist, mean and insulting words. He is also suspect of helping others, like the DC law firm he joined, obtain millions of dollars from Puerto Rico in exchange for favors for him and his crony ex-governor Pedro Rosello. He is an influence pedler and corrupt. Latinos are very lucky he is gone from the DNC.

  4. britandgrit Says:

    Hi M C-H,

    Also a great comment. I’d just like to point out that Mr. Cifuentes is still with the DNC. He only resigned as head of the Hispanic Caucus. However, if he is kicked out completely, and your assessment of him is correct, I’m sure the UN will welcome him with open arms 😉

    the Grit

  5. Manuel Cruz-Horta Says:

    He should be removed from the DNC period….you should do some research on his sheenanigans in DC using the people’s monies. He does not represent everyday Puertoricans at all. Just like he does not represent Latinos either.

    By the way are you suggesting that the UN harbors racists, tyrants who are also influence peddlers? Mr. Alvaro Cifuentes is a synister person and all the comments I’ve read about him are obviously written either by persons living in the US totally removed from reality here in Puerto Rico or clearly made to order to favor this person.

    His buddy Mr. Rosello has FORTY members of his cabinet in jail serving terms for bribery and other crimes related with stealing money from government projects. Mr. Cifuentes is suspected of helping devise some of the schemes through which the monies were obtained that is: masterminding them. Example: when working as chief of staff for Rosello he awarded a multi million dollar contract to the law firm that he worked for and was a partner in even before his holdings in that firm were liquidated to him. In other words he was awarding a contract to himself because he was a co owner (partner) of the firm when the award went through with his approval. As well as other instances similar to this one. Do RESEACH. . .

    This man is corrupt! He is getting more attention than he deserves because of the money he and Rosello spread around DC.

  6. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Manuel,

    Good suggestion. 40 cabinet members in jail!? That is now on my list of things to research. As to the UN, that is indeed my suggestion.

    By the way, we’ve moved to our own domain, in case you want to keep an eye out for future posts on this subject. It’d be good to have comments from someone familiar with Puerto Rico.

    the Grit

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