Political corruption does not affect voters

Hi Grit

This latest comment from Tony Blair has to be shows just how contemptuous politicians are of their voters. In a speech to the Labour party’s National Policy Forum he will tell them that the voter will not pay any attention to the “cash for honours” or any other political scandal for that matter.

Obviously we, the voters, have no morals and do not expect our politicans to be trustworthy. Despite that, we of course will be dumb enough to believe that these corrupt people will make decisions that are in our interests. The contempt with which the current crop of politicians hold the public beggars belief.

Over the past decade or so politicians have introduced stringent corporate governance laws and regulations onto commercial enterprises to stop corruption and ensure transparancy, as well as introducing extensive big brother tactics to monitor the behaviour of citizens. In my opinion it is high time that these were made applicable to the politicians themselves.

the Brit

4 Responses to “Political corruption does not affect voters”

  1. kayinmaine Says:

    Americans took note of the corruption here along with the incompetencies of the republican party as a whole and voted them all out. I think Tony Blair is just fooling himself to think that Brits aren’t paying attention to corruption and don’t have it in the backs of their minds when they’re in the voting booth. No wonder Tony and Bush are so close. They’re both delusional at times (Bush way more than Tony I may add!!).

  2. britandgrit Says:

    Hi k,

    Actually, only a few Republicans were voted out. The Republicans held a slight majority in Congress, and the Democrats hold a very slim majority now. The Senate is 51D – 49R and only 31 out of the 435 seats in the House changed party. We are a very evenly divided country.

    the Grit

  3. kayinmaine Says:

    Good point, but at least stuff can get passed in the House for the most part. It’s the Senate that is definitely the problem and it doesn’t help that Joe Lieberman is so republican right now!! He is a thorn in my side for sure.

    Great blog by the way! I’m adding you to my blogroll. 😉

  4. britandgrit Says:

    Hi k,

    Thanks. I’ve been bitching about the Republicans not being able to get legislation through the Senate for several years now, for just that reason! As to Joe, if you sway left, be thankful that he didn’t jump sides after the Democrats tried to kick him out. After all, now that he is an Independent, his vote could have switched control of the Senate to the Other Party. Just to make things clear, I am a reluctant Republican, mainly because I think they are more likely to leave me alone than the Democrats.

    I, and the Brit if I may speak for him, are very glad you like our blog. I’ll add you to ours at once.

    Just a final note about our country being so closely divided, it reminds me of the ancient Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times!” It would seem that we are.

    the Grit

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