Britney Spears knickerless is catching.

Hi Grit

It seems like the knickerless trend started by Britney Spears is catching. The latest celebrity to get in on the Act is Jemima Khan, who decided to attend her 33rd birthday party in a PVC dress with nothing left to the imagination. This from a lady who was totally covered at her wedding to Imran Khan.

Popular opinion has it that Jemima was trying to keep her boyfriend’s (Hugh Grant) mind of his ex-flame Liz Hurley. In police terms over here they would call that entrapment!

I must be getting old because I really don’t see the point of this sort of behaviour. Are all these ladies just trying to put flesh impetous into their careers?

the Brit

2 Responses to “Britney Spears knickerless is catching.”

  1. GabrielCP Says:

    Hey, new site, have all pics and videos, ITS FREE

  2. Matt Says:

    great twat

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