Queen Pelosi?

Hi Brit,

I knew when the election results came in last year the Pelosi would be a constant source of inspiration.  I didn’t think it would be this good though, Speaker pursues military flights.  The key to this story is not that Queen Pelosi wants free rides in military planes, being secure and staying in contact with Washington is part of her job as Speaker.  However, she is also demanding, “regular military flights not only for herself and her staff, but also for relatives and for other members of the California delegation.”  Sorry, Nanny Pelosi.  You’re are Speaker of the House, not royalty.  Family and friends have to fly commercial.  That’s the price you pay for the new ethics rules.  Besides, you shouldn’t be flying anyway.  Don’t you believe in Global Warming?  Aren’t you concerned about the size of your carbon footprint?  Oh, I forgot.  All that stuff only applies to us peasants.

the Grit

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