Speaking of double standards…

Hi Brit,

You may not be aware of the nature of our information distribution here in the States, seeing as how your Government has so much control of yours.  On one hand, we have the broadcast TV networks, which, in general, have a decidedly liberal slant on the news.  On the other hand, the radio broadcast news and commentary shows, have the opposite slant.  Over the last few election cycles, this has proved to be a great advantage to the Republican Party.  A few years ago (2,3,4?) a liberal coalition with Evil Rich backing, decided to start a radio show group with a liberal slant, in an attempt to counter the conservative advantage.  It was called Air America, and, at its peak, was carried on eighty something stations out of several thousand.  It went bankrupt last year and has finally given up the ghost and folded yesterday.  It is interesting to note that this death was not mentioned in the main stream liberal press.  However, it has had a side effect.  One of the failed stars is running for office, Official: Al Franken to Make Senate Run in Minnesota.  In normal circumstances I would say this is funny, however, the citizens of Minnesota are just strange enough that Al may have a chance.

the Grit

2 Responses to “Speaking of double standards…”

  1. icanplainlysee Says:

    Hi Grit,

    Just what the Senate needs. Al has always been in favor of anything that was funded at the public tax trough…and now he wants a direct link to the cash.

    I used to think this guy was funny.

    Now, I think he’s just a joke.


  2. britandgrit Says:

    Hi i,

    I do believe you have summed the Franken situation up very well. Of course, considering that Air America shafted him for something like $400,000, he is going to pull extra hard at the public tit.

    the Grit

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