Kylie and a mini affair

Hi Grit

I have this question to ask. What is a mini affair? The reason I ask is because I have read today that Jean Claude Van Damme claims that he had one of these in 1994 with Kylie Minogue.

I am sure that he cannot be referring to the small car that is often and, therefore, I assume that he is talking about some romantic interlude. If this is the case then I would have thought it would be classed as an “affair”, because either one is physically involved or not. Surely there is no half-way house in these matters? On the other hand I suppose there is a chance that there little “affair” took place in the small car he is referring to, but it would seem a bit un-celebrity like.

the Brit

5 Responses to “Kylie and a mini affair”

  1. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Brit,

    Perhaps, my friend, it was not the car that was a “mini?”

    the Grit

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