Death by hanging

Hi Grit,

You will remember all the todo there was about Sadam Hussain’s hanging? I have just found another very descriptive, detailed and gruesome account of a hanging in Scotland, although without video. You might well be wondering how this could be, bearing in mind that the UK no longer have the death penalty.

The answer is that this hanging took place 178 years ago. It involved a man named “Burke” of Burke and Hare fame. You will note that the media coverage then, was just as outrageous as it is now. However, in those days at least the public did not hide their feelings, being prepared to pay 20 shillings (must be over £20,000 now) to watch the event.

Just goes to show that, despite the technological and civilisation advances, we still have the same basic instincts as we did then.

the Brit

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