Are you over there crazy?

Hi Grit

My apologies Grit but methinks that some of you over there are having sanity problems. No! this time it is not the politicians. Whilst flicking through the news today I came across a strange piece about a funeral parlour in Madison.

It appears that the gentleman in question has filled his waiting room with stuffed animals – for the kids he says. The idea is to stop them crying. Well, excuse me, but if a child walks into a funeral parlour upset about the loss of someone close, I fail to see how spotting a stuffed squirrel, especially if they come from the country, is going to make them feel any better. Surely the reverse will be the case?

Can you imagine what the animal rights people will make of this.

the Brit

One Response to “Are you over there crazy?”

  1. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Brit,

    I can see how not only living in Wisconsin, but also being a funeral director could easily push one over the mental edge.

    the Grit

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