This is crazy.

Hi Brit,

London Prison Changes Direction of Toilets in Respect to Islamic Law

There are several things we can learn from this story.

1.  You Brits are crazy.

2.  Muslims and Islamic Law are crazy.

3.  Muslims in the US, like our typical citizens, don’t know enough about geography to find Mecca on a map, let alone know which direction it’s in while in the can.

4.  If these people are really that faithful to a religion, then why are they in prison?

the Grit

6 Responses to “This is crazy.”

  1. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Grit

    The legal system has to be politically correct to terrorist prisoners over here as well!

    the Brit

  2. icanplainlysee Says:


    Authorities claim remodeling of the bath and toilet areas were already planned.

    This is not, I repeat, NOT an attempt to appease Muslim Islamist jihadi extremists.

    Muslim brothers and sisters are regularly discriminated against. Police routinely profile Muslim youths and overreact to mild ” boys will be boys” activity. Ask the American’s how easy it is to sweep up innocents in a zeal for order.

    As a young brother once asked…”Why do they hate us?”

    (Could I work for CAIR or what?) lmaoo

  3. britandgrit Says:

    Hi i,


    the Grit

  4. Lord Crimson Says:

    Hi Grit

    Toilets facing Mecca… what is going on?

    I read this and had to ask why would they even advertise this knowing the bad feelings it would generate? Members of the government must set up at night devising new ways to keep the citizens divided. But why?

    My guess is that if enough of us put aside our differences long enough to really observe and understand how our leaders are sticking it to us on a daily basis, in oh so many ways, then said leaders may find themselves dealt with the same way the Italians dealt with Mussolini after WWII.

    Heck, I vote we try this out with Edward (the swimmer) Kennedy anyway.

    Lord Crimson

  5. britandgrit Says:

    Hi LC

    We have developed a system in the UK over recent years. We are required by law to be politically correct unless the recepient is a white UK born British citizen.

    Whilst I am not racist, I take exception to the only rights being eroded for that band of people.

    the Brit

  6. Lord Crimson Says:

    Hi Brit

    What foreigners couldn’t do through war they have achieved success through PC guilt. What a shame to give away a wonder land like the UK without at least putting up a fight. Just remember that it’s “Patriotism” not racism when citizens want to protect their country and way of life from destruction.

    May we find the strength to overcome political correctness before it is to late.

    Lord Crimson

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