The real face of liberalism

Hi Brit,

I’ve been mulling this story over all day.  It’s such a disgusting saga that I almost skipped it, then, it hit me that we can’t progress as a people by sweeping the dirt under the rug.

Anti-war protesters spray paint Capitol building

Add that to the scene of Hanoi Jane back in action, and, without an extreme act of will, I would be leaning over the rail on the back porch puking my guts out.  Our country has a putrid, festering boil, and its name is Liberal.  Sadly, it seems that the only effective treatment will be lancing.  The future seems unusually bleak today.

the Grit

14 Responses to “The real face of liberalism”

  1. icanplainlysee Says:

    On a bright note:
    Burlington, Vermont

    Flying these days has become the equivalent of taking a greyhound bus. Travelers no longer wear a coat and tie, dresses and hats, but instead wear sweats, tennis shoes and t-shirts as though on a visit to the local convenient store or gym.
    Robert Pierce, an American in Burlington on business, but dressed casually, was asked to remove his t-shirt which read “IMAGINE…NO LIBERALS” with a giant yellow happy face inbetween the words, so as not to offend liberals potentially onboard.
    When accosted by airline officials and threatened with loss of his flight privileges, Pierce said calmly, “This is America jerkoff…if I miss my flight, I’ll sue your ass”
    Mr. Pierce was allowed to board and the flight was completed without incident although a round of applause followed Pierces’ statement.

    A true American!

  2. britandgrit Says:

    Thanks i,

    Now, if only the plane had landed on Hanoi Jane 😉

    the Grit

  3. kayinmaine Says:

    I agree this is a disturbing story. It gives me the same reaction I had when I had learned that Dick Cheney used the ‘f-word’ on the floor of the Senate. Can’t people just have some self-control please!

  4. britandgrit Says:

    Hi k,

    Well, the difference is that the incident at the Capitol building was a planned action. I strongly suspect that almost all people have blurted out the occasional bit of foul language. However, accepting anarchists into your political party and encouraging them to commit vandalism as a political statement is much more revealing of the true nature of liberalism, than a slip of the tongue is of the true nature of Dick Cheney.

    the Grit

  5. Brian Says:

    There were, by some estimates, over 100,000 people in DC to protest the war. This was obviously a small group of people who were referred to in the attached article as a “splinter group”. They do not represent the entire Democratic/Liberal party, no more than the men who kill abortion doctors represent pro-lifers.

    You won’t find many Democrats or liberals that believe in or promote anarchy, and we don’t exactly have a screening process to keep undesirables out of the party. There are plenty of extremists in the Republican/conservative party, as well, but that doesn’t mean that the whole party is at fault.

  6. icanplainlysee Says:

    Hi Brian,

    Despite your attempt to inflate the number of angry bitter demonstrators, you seem convinced that the average person at these things represent average citizens. If thats so, then the average democrat would seem to hate America, find America at fault always, find America racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic and of course Islamophobic. (how do democrats keep all those nasty terms straight ?)

    Everything from anarchists to radical feminists to communists attend these “peace” rallies and anyone willing to accuse this nation and it’s leaders of war crimes or any other percieved slight is welcome to the mic.

    Frankly, patriotic dissent doesn’t exist anymore. Loving the country and it’s military while disagreeing with policy isn’t what these types are screaming into the mics.

    Whether you like it or not, the Dem party has been usurped by extremist special interest groups licking their chops over any percieved American shortcoming and working to undermine and eventually destroy the nation.

    How you can glibly sit by and apologize for these people is shameful.

    If I’ve hurt your feelings, tough.

    Grow up and smell the commies.

  7. Brian Says:


    I have made no apologies for anyone, and I certainly won’t be apologizing from my personal beliefs about the war or the president.

    I also did not “attempt” to inflate the numbers. Notice I said, “by some estimates” in my previous post.

    Anyway, the average American is opposed to this war, as clearly shown in various polls and in the conversations that we have with people from every party and walk of life, so to assume that opposition to the war is somehow unAmerican is simply inaccurate.

    I will agree that special interests groups have overrun the Democratic Party, but they have also overrun the Republican Party. It goes both ways.

    And don’t worry. You haven’t hurt my feelings. Years of being gay around radical Republican conservatives has given me a rather thick skin.


  8. britandgrit Says:

    Hi y’all,

    Brian, if you to get a really thick skin, try being an atheist in the middle of the Bible Belt 😉

    As to opposing the war, a huge majority were in favor of it going in. Sorry, but that’s a decision one can’t change after the fact.

    Now, as an experiment, someone describe the average American for me?

    the Grit

  9. Brian Says:


    The average American wants a good job with good pay, readily available health care, unobtrusive government, clean water, plenty of food, a home, and a strong defense against our enemies. We want freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and the freedom to make our own choices (even if they’re the wrong ones).

    That’s pretty much what every human wants, right?

    FYI, I opposed the war from the beginning. 😉

  10. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Brian,

    You left out cable TV and beer, but that’s a good start. Anyone else?

    the Grit

  11. Brian Says:


    I forgot DVR. That should be a basic human right, no? 😀

  12. britandgrit Says:

    Hi Brian,

    Also high speed Internet access and clean socks.

    the Grit

  13. Lord Crimson Says:

    Hi Grit

    Clean socks… what kind of wish is that? May I add the need, no the basic right of a cable channel that shows nothing but NFL games. 24 hours with the choice of watching any game that has ever been played.

    Clean socks… you still crack me up.

    Go Colts!

    Lord Crimson

  14. britandgrit Says:

    Hi LC,

    I like clean socks. Even better are new socks, fresh from the package, but I didn’t want to be greedy. Also add a cable channel that shows all soccer games. Also, also, add an extra 8 hours a day so I can keep up.

    Colts rule!

    the Grit

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